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  1. Megan, the ISBN is 953-6053-18-7. Hope you will find it anywhere! greetings eitze
  2. And a view inside. The back of the cross is also enameled and has a pin back. Feel free to show your Croatian stuff here !!! greetings eitze
  3. Order of King Zvonimir, 2. class with swords in case of issue. First the closed case with imprint of the grade of the order.
  4. It is time to add new stuff First the War Commemoration Badge 1943-45 on a piece of ribbon. It was worn in the buttonhole of the uniform, just like the Iron Cross 2. class.
  5. Hello, whoever is interested in modern Croatian ODM should get a copy of the book: Hrvatska Odlikovanja by Stjepan Adanic Narodne Novine, Zagreb 1997 160 pages with colour photos of all Croatian ODM, some award documents and and many pics of recipients. Only bad thing is: completely written in Croatian! But as an collector of old Croatian NDH ODM from 1941-45, I also bought also a copy of this book some years ago.. Good to compare the old and new system. greetings eitze
  6. eitze

    Fire service medals of Africa

    And my best piece of the small collection: F.B. Gallantry Cross Interested? Wanna buy some piece? Contact me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings eitze
  7. eitze

    Fire service medals of Africa

    Here a detail pic of my second F.B. MSM
  8. eitze

    Fire service medals of Africa

    Shot a pic of the backside for you
  9. eitze

    Fire service medals of Africa

    I can show you mine Nigerian 3 medal group to a Firefighter. - Nigeria Independence Medal - Nigeria Fire Brigade MSM - Nigeria Fire Brigade LS & GC Medal Mounted by Spink & Son, London. Sorry no pic of the backside on hand! greetings eitze
  10. I think most of the Waldeck stuff in the last auction is post WW-1 Be careful with it! greetings eitze
  11. This week the German Bundeswehr lost three men killed and six wounded in two bomb attacks on 25. near Kundus and on 28. at Talokan. Among the wounded on the last date is General-Major Markus Kneip, chief of the German contingent and Regional Commander North in Afghanistan. He is the highest ranking German casualty up to now. (Picture below) And again it was a member of the Taliban, who was wearing a Afghan police uniform and so had no difficulties to walk into the Governor's Palace in Talokan RiP eitze
  12. Hi Noor, this is a nice medal and it is still payable. greetings eitze
  13. Hi Lars, that is a nice one Thank you for showing! greetings eitze
  14. And finally some Croatian ribbon bars (Feldspangen. It would be nice if other collectors of Croatian ODM could also contribute to this thread! greetings eitze
  15. The recommendation for the small Silver Bravery Medal of Police Leutnat Wilhelm Dorn, signed by Oberst Grlic.