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  1. I am here.... just waiting for some country to hand over the reins to me......
  2. Nachname: Winkelblech Vorname: Eugen Dienstgrad: Unteroffizier Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 20.08.1914 Lamfrimbolle
  3. Democracy is totally overrated...... :-)
  4. When it comes to Militaria.... the Mailman is my "dealer"!
  5. Yup indeedy..... I have some München Beer in the Fridge and am waiting for the mailman......
  6. You are talking about Mervyn... but he passed on.... so I took his place.... :-)
  7. .... makes an Ebay buy that much sweeter....... :-)
  8. I wonder how he ended up in Frejus?
  9. Hi Rebecca, there is only one Gentleman here... and I be he! The other members are just a bunch of guys... and some gals.... so welcome!!! All the best Chris (Gentleman) ;-)
  10. I know nothing about the Regiment but I assume more Hungarian than Austrian? This is really interesting as WW1 EK docs to Foreigners are really very, very difficult to fing....
  11. Hi, If I were to use one of these in a Bavarian Blue Waffenrock... which ones would be the best and which Bayonet? Lets say "1913 style"
  12. A war face??? That is the Face of a guy driving to work, knowing his wife is using the computer to order Birthday presents for the kids.... and not being able to remember if he had erased his Browser History before he left home that morning...... :-)
  13. During the time spent in the frontline at Maurepas during the battle of the Somme by the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 7 , Private Grieshammer and Gefreiter Mütter (both of the 9th Company) distinguished themselves with exemplary courage on the 18th of August 1916. During the day they braved the heaviest bombardments of all calibers to bring messages from the Battalion to Regimental command post. When the French advanced after numerous attacks they once again made the perilous journey. Thrown to the ground numerous times by exploding shells they reached the Le Forest positions to relay a request for reinforcements and ammunition to the commander of the reserve battalion. They then skillfully guided the reinforcements through the enemy barrage using their knowledge of areas where the fire was less heavy to arrive in the front line without loss. A few hours later they volunteered again to search for the stretcher bearers. Due to fog they were not able to find them but as dawn broke they found their way to the regimental headquarters and relayed the need for stretcher bearers. They then returned through the enemy barrage to transmit a message to the battalion.
  14. Hi Mark, thanks for the information! I will indeed keep them together! I assume he was not in one of the 4 Regiments and was probably on the Brigade staff ? Thanks Chris