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  1. Chris Boonzaier

    Document help needed

    Hi, there seems to have been a decree in about 1916 that guys wounded enough to have been invalided out of the service recieved an EK2, I have seen this in quite a few groups, even guys wounded in August 1914 badly enough to be invalided out. I do not see a trend to award the EK as an ersatz for a wound badge for regular wounds. POWs accounted for a good number of awards, For the "catch up" awards, applicants had to provide some proof that they deserved it, witnessed by officers of their unit. Best Chris
  2. Chris Boonzaier

    Miniatur Eisernes Kreuz

    We often brush the minis off as "mens jewellery" but I used to know a DKiG winner who told me on leave he was in civilian clothes and was stopped by the Feldgendarmerie, they checked his Soldbuch, and he got into trouble for not wearing the minis of the awards in the Soldbuch. I am not sure if that was an official regulation, or just a MP screwing a guy around, but it did cause a problem for him
  3. Those are nice, I used to have an early 14-18 one out of 800 silver, and a TR era 14-18 one, but never had a 39-45 one.
  4. Chris Boonzaier

    very rare Schinkels

    I have an EK2 from my wifes grandfather... but I have never seen a straight 9 EK1 in the flesh
  5. I made a pact with the devil, as long as I keep adding bavarian Jäger headgear to my collection I can never die... :-)
  6. Chris Boonzaier

    For Chris B! Post your solo mounted EK2's

    Very nice indeed... I used to have exactly that on a black ribbon with a Godet button on the back
  7. Chris Boonzaier

    Why so few EK doc collectors?

    That was a lucky find. If it had been WW2 Fallschirmjäger or SS it would have sold ten times as fast!
  8. Chris Boonzaier

    Why so few EK doc collectors?

    veeeery nice indeed! How did you source the last one???
  9. Here is our dude.... back row in the middle.....
  10. He was only Promoted to Lt d Res in October/November 1917, So I am a bit surprised at the shoulder board style. In fact, From the last week of September 1917 the unit was send to Flanders and was in the line for the battle of Passchendaele. on the 15th of October he was promoted to Lt. d. Res., on the 20th of November he is wounded, goes to a field hospital where he seems to have caught the Spanish Flu, staying in Hospital until he died on the 28th of December 1917. So he was basically promoted in the middle of a battle, served for just over a Month, then a month and a half in hospital until he died. The Tunic has his June 1916 awarded EK ribbon, the MVO4th Class was awarded but he died before he received it, so no MVO ribbon. He was promoted from Vizefeldwebel, there are no signs of Tressen and no signs of wear so it is safe to assume that this was not his old Bluse upgraded to Officer. Originally a Mannschafts bluse with both the Bandage and Soldbuch pocket, I think it is not to far fetched to assume that it was organized for him at the front and was as good as never worn. There are only the lightest of signs on the liner that it was worn.
  11. A dealer had bought it at a show about an hour before I arrived, the items were already on display, but I think it would have been split if I did not do my superhero thing as the Haube and Bluse were already slightly separated on his stall. I think he was happy I took it to keep it together
  12. A pile of letters to him, and from him to his family, and an interesting letter with the certificate for his MVO4th class. The officer sending it says he knew it was getting approved but died before the award went through, he was forwarding the Award doc to the family but as the recipient had died he had to return the award to the army and could not send it.
  13. The Bluse is not tailor made, it comes from a Uniform Factory, so it is probable that this was his mannschaftsbluse upgraded. The Officers Bluse is supposed to have a seam running down the middle of the back, on this one it does not have the seam . (what looks like a seem on the photo is actually a crease). The liner is standard issue with size stamps 45 41 80 92 63 Factory stamp "Verband der Damenschneider-Geschäfte Geschwister Trell"
  14. This is a Bluse from a Bavarian Fus Arty officer, the cap band is exactly the same as his collar