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  1. Unless he was wearing it during the war before any of the trio was introduced? Probably unlikely, but theoretically possible?
  2. If he served in the Boer war, got his QSA, then KSA.... then in WW1 got the DCM long before the 14-15 star was awarded... it would be a possible wartime mounting?
  3. I am guessing from a Sturm Abteilung of some sort, not a S.B.?
  4. Adrian Paul Brodeur

    An interesting career... I would have thought they transferred him to the US army. Have you checked to see if he was in some way attached to the Yanks? I think many US units lacked artillery and were supported by French units attached to them... Would have been right up his street...
  5. Avatar Names; Why?

    I use my pic as I am the lord of the rings :-) As far as names go, some guys are justifiably careful.... there have been numerous break ins up to and including murder to steal collections. If you are named "John Smith" and live in a big metropolis, no worries, but for the rest, it pays to be careful
  6. Only when I see anything Alpenkorps in someone elses collection! ;-)
  7. .... und es wird immer schlimmer.... :-( ;-)
  8. Hi, It was an artillery officer who was serving as a staff officer at the outbreak of the war up until about 1916
  9. Not good IMHO.... Polish Fleamarket specials...
  10. I was happy to get the Leiber Haube to complete this :-)
  11. Here you go... I managed to pick up more items than I wanted to this month... financially painful as hell... but worth it.......
  12. I had to pay through my nose for this.... but worth every penny. I have looked for a Leib Regt Haubde for about 10 years now.... I remember Kube on the German "Kunst und Krempel" show viewieng a Prussian 1 Garde zu Fuss stamped Other Ranks Haube. (I think that would be the equiv of the ILR as far as regiments go) . Kube said he had had a number of officers Helmets to the Regt over the years, but never, ever a tamped Other ranks one in superb condition... he valued it at EUR4000... of course, that was over the top... but it says something for the rearity... unfortunately no name, but 1910 made Kammerstück....
  13. Hi, Oelhafen unfortunately turns out to be a stamped signature. Some time ago RickL identified a Berlin Document I had signed by another really nasty SS policeman... i JUST CAN NOT FIND THE THREAD SHOWING WHICH ONE IT WAS .-8
  14. I must check when i get home. It would be a bit of a relief, I did not want it to spoil the price of the group.
  15. Have said it once, have said it twice, have said it 3 times.... the Ehrenkreuz documents sometimes have fantastic gems hidden on them....