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  1. Hi, He never got to the front with the 442 Best Chris
  2. Another one....
  3. I think it may have been sold by Jeff Floyd, Best ask Paul C on this.
  4. Hi Guys, Nice topic! I love 1. Garde Regiment zu Fuss, one of the Regiments I actively collect! Here are some links...
  5. Hi, copper is unusual, but forged and/or tempered blades are not usually found in the area, mine had soft iron blades
  6. Hi, I picked up a few similar ones in Tchad in 91, mine were a terrible quality. Abeche, ooooohhh... my stomache has bad memories!
  7. DNW have Kitchener's victory medal on their next sale!!!
  8. Hi, unfortunately I could not touch, feel or look.... but I must admit, I learned something, I went home and looked it up.... the white shoulder boards for the Bavarian Leib Regt were new to me!
  9. It depends on the Unit and the man..... there is a huge room for variation in British prices....
  10. This Tunic from the Infantry Museum in Hammelburg... I like!!!!!
  11. These Edelweiss used as Freikorps Collar badges seem to be the same as the Bavarian Princes on the Leib Regt Haube in the Bavarian Army Museum....
  12. From the Infantry Museum in hammelburg
  13. You can see the size next to the French Greatcoat and MG Ammo boxes. This a nail cross, people paid money to knock a nail in, the money was collected for the war effort.... this is a really great quality piece... and very "Grand"
  14. ... a few months ago to the Haunau Historical society for their 1916-2016 display. Unfortunately I did not take photos of the Navy or Airware sections, but the Army part were pieces from my collection....
  15. Interesting story of pond scum...