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  1. Here is an interesting study as they came from the foundry... they would then go to the jeweler to be sized, bent and soldered as a complete ring.....
  2. Hi, here is a thought..... is the Schwarzburger Kreuz something that could be worn in a buttonhole?
  3. Chris Boonzaier

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Wow.... very interesting.... I wonder if it was for the actions at Belleau wood??
  4. So many of them are posed... at least in this one you know exactly what their job is.....
  5. Ahhh... just seen that he is artillery... does not really need to shoot straight....
  6. Here are some nice pre WW1 studies of men in the regiment.....
  7. Not from "my" flag, but related to the theme....
  8. Hi, does this look like one of those BING Hauben? or just highly polished?
  9. It looks like these guys are wearing it without the chinstrap?
  10. I just received this.... It is the course plan for the Sturm course run by Sturnbataillon Nr 7 in July 1917, taking part was a Leutnant from RIT48 and this was his copy of the outline of the course....
  11. Hi the ones here... the big 12 IR are 60 by 140 the big 2 Jaeger 60by 150 the next 2 Jäger 55 by 12, the 37 IR for comparrison 47 by 120..... the ones with the metal"2" in the first pics 55 by 110
  12. I have reached the halfway mark... 7 cards out of a set that had 14...... does anyone have any others?