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  1. Looking for ideas on what appears to be a French badge.

    This is just a WAG, but I would go with 100% navy. The Anchor is often used for Colonial troops, but there is nothing that suggests an infantry or ground troops connection. The Trident makes it look even more navy like. Unfortunately there is no unit designation, but the French do not only have Regimental badges or official ones. There are also local ones, commemorative ones, etc. etc....
  2. HI, the photos are pretty bad, could you post better ones? This is worth a look.... http://www.medalnet.net/Godet_Pour_le_Merite_de.htm
  3. Hi, he was in the zone and took part, but you would need the regt history to see what the units active role was. There must be further entries for him, I doubt this is where his war ended....
  4. Need help:1914EK2 Dark Green Ribbon

    Maybe some chemical reaction? I am sure it is not a period green ribbon...
  5. Hi Gilles, the rings have a deep incuse relief stamp of the ILR in an oval on the back. Can you post your ring? Thanks Chris
  6. I was always fascinated by the US Army Rangers Cadence I'm not the Killer man I'm the Killer man's son Bit I'll do the killing Till the killing man comes... Well..... the Killermann is now officially in my collection!!!!
  7. Wow... I like a good mystery! Maybe the unit clerk made it up?
  8. IC II POW LIST Gefangenen EK Liste

    I assume they were approved awards to be handed out when the POW was repatriated. I have had a number of groups where a POW recieved his EK upon returning to Germany. Best Chris
  9. Nice card... bet he hit his head going through a door or two in his life.....
  10. buying medals in Kuwait

    I found a basement shopping area with 4-5 Antique/junk shops.... my haul was one north korean medal.
  11. Abreas started out in the 9th Infantry Regiment in Würzburg, but then transfered to the IV Batl of the 3rd Jäger Regiment.....
  12. Wow... I still have a way to go!!
  13. WWI Showdown

    very nice, when was it painted?
  14. Very nice, and so much more character then it would have been with a Hindenburg cross but none of the assocation medals