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  1. I thought this was an interesting card.... I assume most of Ernst Röhm possessions were destroyed... I wonder how this survived?
  2. Funny to see how "field grey" this became.... the Jäger Green cam only be seem in a few folds and on the inside under the lining!!
  3. It is of course 100% supposition, but based on a number of the cases I have had with the 2nd Bavarian Jäger.... it is very possible for a guy to have been in the 2nd Jäger, then land up in an infantry unit, then to return to the Jäger at demobilisation. It is possible that Gremmels was only in the 10th Jäger for a short period of time, although the hat is well worn....
  4. Hi Bernhard, Thanks, the tip with the double M nailed it. Gremmels is not a comman name and seems to be mainly found in the Hannover area. I combed all 3 volumes, it seems he was not an officer, not an EK1 recipient and not KIA... otherwise I cannot find any name lists? Best Chris
  5. This is a nice one.... especially the makers logo!! And of course the Alpenkorps connection with Goslar....
  6. I am having trouble finding this name... Gremets Geemers ... I cannot find a combination that fits.... does anyone have a clue?? Thanks Chris
  7. Hi, apparently he has lived in the states for many years.... On a rhodesian group they confirmed he was in Rhodesia.... but in a home guard kind of unit. I assume he used his very probably fake USSF credentials and some possibly BS Legion credentials to get in the Rhodesian army.... I would guess his US Special Forces credentials are the easiest ones to disprove?
  8. Hi, do you have a specific date as the composition would have changed throughout the war. Best Chris
  9. Hi, The best way to get the ball rolloning is a 2 prong assault 1) Post your goodies 2) Invite your friends Best Chris :-)
  10. Yup, the group itself is super cool, especially as he was an MG guy from 1914 to 1918 and missed none of the major actions... the ring may be a rather "niche" item... but is waaaay sexy!!
  11. Very nice indeed... and as Ostpreussenmann says, rare to a gefreiter. I have maybe only 8-10 docs to such "lowly" ranks. Bavarian EK1s to lower ranks are scarcer than Prussian as Bavarian units had other awards they could give out instead of the EK1
  12. Hi, sorry, was a bit fast off the bat there, he spent one month with the II. Batl, then seems to have gotten sich and transfered out. So the month with the 442 was his only front experiance. There are no other relevant entries. There is an entry that he is only Garnison Dienst fähig. The question is, if a probably wimpy guy arrives in the unit, spends a month there then goes hom sick... what unit would recommend him for an EK ? I think its impossible to say, maybe the 442 service was what ge got it for, but he seems to have had a more active time with the Reichswehr?
  13. Hi, sorry. had not posted the whole set yet.....
  14. Yup, and they are all army sidecaps with army eagles and the Skull from army panzer wrapper collar badges... all thrown together to be SS sidecaps..... and a big bunch of them!!!