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  1. Hi, a group of the members are watching the female mud wrestling world cup, but will hopefully be back as soon as Yemen wins..... :-)
  2. Indeed, I think as the war progressed men in uniform began to calculate the odds and made their peace with them...
  3. ... incase they jinx you... Heinrich Näpfel was born on the 7.2.1897 in Gunzenhausen. M;obilised in 1916 he joined the Bavarian 19th Reserve Pionier Company Nr. 19. He was killed on a Patrol on the Somme on the 2.6.1918 with an artillery splinter to the head. I saw this on ebay ages ago, but the "buy it now" ended and I had forgotten to buy it, So I was happy to get it this time round. Strangely he looks to have more Infantry kit although he was in Pionier units all the way through.... "A small momento from your friend Heinrich Näpfel in case I should not return"
  4. Hi Guys, thank you all very much... Johann Nauder, 20th Bavarian Infantry Regiment, Born 5.12.1892 All the best Chris
  5. Hi, is Johann's family name "Pander" ?
  6. I think these are pretty cool... notice the detail on the tiny cross in the cockade, and the cockade with splints and holes!!!!
  7. Hi, nice blades! Are the boots original?? All the best Chris
  8. hello chris...   barry...   you would let them die

  9. you im targeted

  10. come on chris are you stlll with me...  i don't understand half this .....bear

  11. Hi Uwe,, as always, thanks a million, your efforts are really appreciated. All the best Chris
  12. Hi, I realise this is a lot, but I am having problems making any progress... if someone has a lot of time... I would need it in German.... Thanks Chris
  13. Time Left: 15 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Hi, start your collection of 1870 EK pics! Some really nice ones, and all for EUR100 for the lot!


  14. Hi, he has both cockades. The photo is dated 1917 in Romania.
  15. Does anyone know what this is? Private purchase I guess.... but the top pockets seem to be totally useless? Being worn by a member of the 10th Reserve Jäger Battalion....