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  1. Hi Walter, passt schon wie du es geschrieben hast. :-)
  2. I wonder how this group got together? Bavarian, Saxon etc. etc.
  3. Would of course be better with a Leiberring and Edelweiss, but still pretty nice....
  4. Hi, seems to have the complete Wachmannschaft of Flossenburg... although there used to be many of them on the market as well some time ago... probably also half inched from the archives?
  5. Rare unit indeed

    Not mine and I dont know the seller.... but how rare is this!!! ? https://www.ebay.de/itm/EK-II-mit-sehr-seltener-Urkunde-Brieftaubenschlag-Nr-37/302562554045?hash=item46722230bd:g:XL4AAOSwa0VaL6eB
  6. Maybe I am late to find this out.... but the Czechs have scanned and loaded up over 1000 wehrpässer out of their archives.... quite a lot of SS http://www.vuapraha.cz/node/121
  7. My Bavarian was mobilised ans a Landsturmmann with no previous miltary experiance, then in April 1918 got the Prussian War Aid as a Bürovorstand, which I guess is an office manager.
  8. Lets not forget, men could serve in a military unit at the front, then get wounded, invalided out and then get a war aid cross. I have a Bavarian group with MVK3rd class with swords, wounded, invalided, then the prussian War Aid cross.
  9. Damn... I have checked every Schmidhuber in every branch of service 1914-18 born from 1885-1893... By coincidence, I have the company photo of the 7th compny 1909-1911.. instead of the 1911-1913... so he is not on it. There are 2 possibilities... 1) He did not serve in WW1 2) they made a transcription error and he is listed under something like Dghmidhuber, some of the entries in ancestry are really bad :-(
  10. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Portrait-Freikorps-Flieger-des-Kampfgeschwaders-Sachsenberg-mit-Scharfschutzenab/391938255452?hash=item5b41572a5c:g:t3QAAOSwfGZaIpMF
  11. This may be one of the nicest clearest Screwback pics I have seen? https://www.ebay.de/itm/Offizier-mit-Orden-EK-1-Klasse-Foto-AK-Bad-Homburg/192392017054?hash=item2ccb75349e:g:KCYAAOSwUYNaK8jn
  12. Sometimes there are strange streams in peoples lives. Especially back them when folks did not travel that much. A local collector had a large group, including the full uniforms and Tschakos of a guy who served in the 14th Jäger Battalion.... and the 2nd bavarian Jäger battalion.... how strange is that??
  13. I have been looking for the records of "Infanterist Schmidhuber" who served in the bavarian Leibregiment from 1911-1913... I have checked men born between 1887-1893 ... no hits (taht I could find) for a Schmidhuber born within that timeframe, serving in WW1, who had service in the Leib Regiment 1911-13..... I think after 1893 would be a waste of time.... but how far can I go backwards? Waht ywould be a realistic maximum age for service? Thanks Chris
  14. A rather patriotic Bavarian to keep the MVK in the 1st place on the bar even in the 1930s! :-) Was there a Bavarian Regt with the strong Reuss connection?