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  1. Indeed... i had not seen the Russian connection. Does Helen Fry's book have anything good on him? I thought she would mention him
  2. I am glad these landed up in the right hands... albeit on the wrong continent! :-)
  3. You can see the senior NCOs in this one wearing the same type of greatcoat....
  4. One of the interesting features... other than the Private piece is unit stamped, are the buttons on the front. Unlike the issue other ranks coat the buttons on the front are not functional. the functional buttons are hidden along the wearers right side.... The reason for this is (apparently) that many of the men wearing these were possible candidates for Lt d. Res.... which would have required them to buy an officers overcoat.... with this... if the NCO ever became an officer, the buttons in the middle were moved to the one side, and an extra row of buttons were added to the other side.... and there were no button holes down the middle to show it was once an coat for NCOs....
  5. This is an interesting Mantel, unfortunately to the 1st Jäger Battalion and not the 2nd, but you take what you get.....
  6. Hi, It is in my museum basement! :-)
  7. This tunic has been on ebay for some time... a nice 88. I.R. tunic... each time I look at the auction I wondered about the Jäger battalion stamps with Infantry collar and cuffs.... Then I looked at one of my 88. I.R. tunics... and saw it also started like with a different colored collar and cuff.... Mine has a number of stamps from Train Abteilungs ... It must have been a lot of work back then to turn them into Infantry Regiments.
  8. An interesting unit indeed!!! Nice doc.
  9. Hi Guys, The photo arrived, it is indeed the Blue uniform. The Leib Regiment has crowns on its buttons (Other than the Feldgrau)... this one has the silver crown buttons.
  10. Time Left: 20 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE

    A nice one for the heroes of Tsingtao EUR35


  11. Hi, are these guys wearing the dark blue or is it a field grey uniform? Thanks Chris
  12. Damn it to hell... i missed this.... should have bid a tad more...
  13. I Once got 2 groups... they came with a wife and a house!
  14. I think we place too much emphasis on the accuracy of a Vetrans medal bar. I live in a pretty thriving village of 5000 in Germany... in the 1950s there were 2 cars, dirt roads and everyones yard was full of pigs.... imagine how it was in 1900 ? What I am trying to say is, a Vet living in a rural area, or even a village back then probably had to wing it when it came to mounting his own bar... not everyone could afford to go to town and get a tailor to mount them... maybe it was 3 old vets sitting in the bar puzzling how the new medal should be mounted and Klauses wife mounted all three bars. I dont think it is a Frack bar, it looks like a normal one that at some stage had a Centenar added, as I said, i thend to think added in the wrong place by the vets wife (although of course it could have been him, his daughter or the local milk Maiden)
  15. Fantastic!!! How did you mount it? My own is 125cm by 125cm... I also mounted it between 2 sheets of plexiglass, but it always slides to the bottom. Can you somehow anchor ir in the frame?