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  1. A silly question... why does the bavarian Red Cross cross on the left hand side not have a crown? Is it postwar?
  2. Thanks Dave. I must admit that I was surprised when I realised that the Saxons were there in Ypres that early.
  3. The one set is sewn down, the other stiffend with working buttons... I assume that is very unusual??
  4. I have a really soft spot for the 12th Infantry... and the 12th Field artillery happened by chance....
  5. This is an interesting little group... a man who served in one of the divisions that were volunteered in August 1914 as untrained soldiers and were already fighting 6 weeks later. He was wounded at Zonnebeke on the 5th of May 1915 and his war was over.... the most interesting part is the EK doc, sent from the regiment to him after he was invalided out.... The "Diese Mitteilung gilt zugleich als ausweis!" means "this notifications doubles as your award document"... it is also a Generic document which can be used for any award from any state, but is a special print for the regiment...
  6. I am guessing POWs had everything "souveniered" when captured ;-)
  7. Ahhhh... thanks Karsten, that had confused me for some time...
  8. That is interesting! I assume they could simply not be worn together. I read that only one MVO/MVK could be worn, but Ritter von Epp seems to wear half a dozen at the same time!
  9. Hi thats him :-) I think the ring was given to all soldiers in the III A.K. area who lost their wedding rings incaptivity... I think maybe very many lost gold rings in captivity.
  10. I think the French stole his wedding ring when he was captured... when he got back the Abwicklungs Stelle of the III b. A.K. replaced it with a steel wedding band.... I wonder what nice medals this guy got.... :-)
  11. A nice jeweller addition to an ugly KO... :-)
  12. This is the bar belonging to Doctor Fritz Erbse, He was a native of Rudolstadt, .... The order is of course crazy, but seems professionally and period mounted? He was born in 1875, so would have been over 60 when this was mounted, and no longer serving in any capacity... so the military control of how they are mounted would not have existed... but there must have been some kind of rhyme or reason behind it. I do not know the origins of the bar, it is however a unique combination and the previous owner was able to identify it quite easily. I am not a diehard "believe the piece, not the story"... and I am pretty convinced that no collector would ever, ever, ever have made such errors if they had mounted it for some "faker" purpose, it is simply totally way out there.... but after examining it, I think it is mounted as worn.... obviously not on an army uniform... maybe redcross... Any thoughts welcome..... Here is his Iron Cross
  13. I guess the inside one was for papers and stuff, the outside one for things that may wear a hole through. It may be an officer, but I love it :-)
  14. The Bavarian 12th and 12th Reserve Regiment are ones that I really focus on (Other than Alpenkorps) and I had an eye on this tunic for ages, inspite of the fact that there is no name tag... what is also very interesting is a pocket on the inside flap. It is actually a double pocket, the back part is a regular wide pocket, then the front pocket is a leather one. As you can see, the back one opens the whole length the front one is like a pouch you put your hand into (falf of it is sewn closed)... I assume it is done in leather because of the strength, and I assume some military equipment purpose and not because he always had a pocket full of points pistachheo nuts... and thoughts?
  15. I just picked this up... it is interesting on a number of levels... Can anyone guess what it is (pretty obvious) and who he is (less obvious)