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  1. I was always fascinated by the US Army Rangers Cadence I'm not the Killer man I'm the Killer man's son Bit I'll do the killing Till the killing man comes... Well..... the Killermann is now officially in my collection!!!!
  2. Wow... I like a good mystery! Maybe the unit clerk made it up?
  3. IC II POW LIST Gefangenen EK Liste

    I assume they were approved awards to be handed out when the POW was repatriated. I have had a number of groups where a POW recieved his EK upon returning to Germany. Best Chris
  4. Nice card... bet he hit his head going through a door or two in his life.....
  5. buying medals in Kuwait

    I found a basement shopping area with 4-5 Antique/junk shops.... my haul was one north korean medal.
  6. Abreas started out in the 9th Infantry Regiment in Würzburg, but then transfered to the IV Batl of the 3rd Jäger Regiment.....
  7. Wow... I still have a way to go!!
  8. WWI Showdown

    very nice, when was it painted?
  9. Very nice, and so much more character then it would have been with a Hindenburg cross but none of the assocation medals
  10. I find the quality terrible... I can only imagine Spink & Son subcontracted the making out to cheapshitt & Son .... Terrible clunkers.....
  11. I have read the book this week and had the same thoughts! :-) They would have supported the Leib Regt when Schörners 12th Company took Höhe 1114!!!
  12. Fantastic I.R. 88 EK2+1 combination

    Hi, unfortunately not, there are 2-3 pages about the fight at Champien, but no mention. I think if he had been an Lt. he would have gotten a mention....
  13. Fantastic I.R. 88 EK2+1 combination

    Hi, for many years I had advanced the theory that there must have been an order in 1916 that recipients were to recieve Preliminary documents as there was a hugs wave of documents in early 1916 for awards made in 1914-15. Wernitz managed to dig up info confirming this in his book. The Germans had planned a standard postwar award document as had happened in 1813 and 1870, so many units did not issue docs at the beginning of the war (although many others did on their own initiative) then in 1916 orders came down that all units should.... which is what happened here.
  14. I picked this up last week.... I have a great weakness for this division and have an article up about them at Bertrix... http://kaiserscross.com/41815/41824.html He was the 5th EK1 of the Regt and the 1st NCO to get it... and for actions rerally early in the war indeed....