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  1. Hello Chris...  I'm sober. Somewhat...  

  2. Hehe... I am sure he had contact before he came home... but imagine.... the unit reports its death... the family and firm he works with post death notices in the newspaper.... and then they get a letter that he is still alive!... did the relief of this news make up for the terrible time they went through ?
  3. Yeah, I imagined him getting home and blundering into a wedding... his wife marrying his replacement.......
  4. This is one of those small groups that is fantastically interesting.... according to his Militärpass he took a direct hit from an artillery shell.... the letter to his family said there was no body to recover.... The local papers ran his death announcements.... in 1920 he is released from POW camp and makes his way home...... not THAT is one of those little stories of the war that you could inflate into a Hollywood movie!!
  5. Its all a question of luck.... I will look for 20 years, then meet some guy who has been collecting for 2 months and found a pair at the flea market! :-)
  6. Hi, there is no stamp on the leather tab that I can see. Best Chris
  7. I was doing some spring cleaning today and found the following.... Top left, a non magnetic one stamped Aurich Dresden 1915, unit stamped for the 12. Jäger on the botton Top Right, looks to be brass with a copper or brass center, the whole thing is patined and looks as if it is painted green. Unit stamped 32 A. Botton left, Aurich Dresden 1912, unit stamped 182. R Bottom right, steel, no stamps.
  8. Statistically the "others" have just as much chance at intereting entries as the bavarians ;-) I concntrate meinly on Bavarian Infantry, but also a sideline of assault units. I have a pile of Prussian Infantry and Arty Militärpass that I will be getting rid of if you have too many bavarian ones ;-)
  9. I like!!! I really need to get pairs of all the versions of the Feldgrau ones :-) I think my litzen are for the 1907-08 Mantel?
  10. I was happy to find this little gem on ebay, really detailed for such a small picture. It is an original watercolor.
  11. Yup indeed... I have an eye open for one of those!!!
  12. I was happy to pick these up... :-) A set of Field Grey straps are still eluding me....
  13. Ahhh... I still need that one! :-) I found a wartime Field Grey card for the 1 GzF :-)
  14. I used bigger photos, so I had to change things around a bit.....