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  1. Indeed, so you have to factor in a lot of Bavarian Infantry in the Vogesen z.B. as well as divisional sturm Units in the Areas of the Units above etc...
  2. Hi, I have seen regular infantry wearing the leather patches, I used to think automatically "Sturm bataillon!" but in retrospect there were lots of guys with leather on their knees.
  3. From the source, this may have been souveniered by a French soldier during the war and escaped the visorcision
  4. Hi, it is B.A.I. 1917 From the dealers photos it looked like a Schirmmütze, only when it arrived in a flat box did I see it was a Dienstmütze. Apparently these were collected in 1917-18 and reworked into regular ones without the peak? I am pretty happy as I read they were maily made for Train etc. so one in Infantry colors is just perfect for me.
  5. Hi, Looking at this, the whole thing is built like a Dienstmütze, not like a Schirmmütze.... can I assume it is a Model 1908? It also flattens our like a pancake, unlike a schirmmütze.... According to Kraus they were initially for Train, Medics etc, but were also very common in the Alpenkorps
  6. Hi, I think they would be way too big for the Waffenrock, and would be sewn in. The ones in the middle are greatcoat ones
  7. I just picked up a new set (Left), I assume for the Blue Litewka?
  8. My wifes great grandfather was also in the 101st for a while... 1917 I think.
  9. Prins Dschero Khan - US special forces?

    Hilarious! :-)
  10. Here is a Grandfather, Father and Son group out of my trade box.... unfortunately it seems he did not get an award document or he lost it... the family knew nothing about it... but there is a WW1 and WW2 EK2 doc as father or son Combo!
  11. 2nd curious find of the week

    Fantastic find Tony!.... the letter is heartbreakingly naive....
  12. Hello Chris

    Have been trying to track down a contact address for you. I am writing a small book on the kS98 bayonet and I believe that you have a very nice set of photos showing the kS98 on Bavarian troops in one of their Schneeschuhbataillone. Would it be possible to use one of two of these in the book?

    Please have a look at this site http://www.imperial-german-bayonets.net to see my previous imperial bayonet books under the pen name of Ian Jackson.

    Best wishes,

  13. Unless he was wearing it during the war before any of the trio was introduced? Probably unlikely, but theoretically possible?
  14. If he served in the Boer war, got his QSA, then KSA.... then in WW1 got the DCM long before the 14-15 star was awarded... it would be a possible wartime mounting?