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  1. There are a number of great docs, but the Patent Commission and EK docs to the Freiwillige Motorboot Korps are rare... they were civilian boot owners who were commissioned and given a special uniform, they and their boots patrolled inland waters lakes and rivers in the operational areas... it is just a coincidence that he was in the Marinekorps as well
  2. Here arer a nice selection of naval ground troops..... anyone spot the really rare one?
  3. No, they were an official model, issued as such. There was no need for troops to pay for this themselves. It is of course essentially a Mutze with an added peak, but factory made and issued as such, that is why it has an official designation. Best Chris
  4. It is very possible that it is early Tirol... most of the men do not yet have Mountain boots yet.....
  5. Chris Boonzaier

    Zeitfreiwilligen Regiment Leipzig

    " decided at a meeting of the general student assembly to end the semester on April 12 and close the university, so that the students could provide a volunteer unit to the existing Reichswehr formations in case of need. " ... super, that confirms the tiny bit of Info I know, the wifes GGF was a WW1 Infantry officer, but was a Medical student at the univercity. The Grandmother used to say he went to classes in the morning, and guard duty in the afternoon.
  6. On the notebook photos a button is usually open to accommodate the booklet, I dont think one can be squeezed in here. I thought maybe some glasses or a watch, but once again the bclosed button is wrong.
  7. Hi, it may be possible that it is black, but the Leiber have red, and that comes out as Black on BW photos, so either is possible..
  8. Probably a Hornist, but i thought they were for all musicians?
  9. It was hard to see on the auktion... but it seems this is no Leiber... i am thinking it is the Propeller on the strap... and it looks like a fliers badge ring?
  10. Yeah, I wondered the same, impossible to see on the pic....
  11. Yup... extra rations for the Tuba Player!!!!
  12. This is a pic of a salty bunch of Leiber of the 6th Company of the Leib Regiment. It was sent home by a soldier on the 10th of June 1916... he was killed at Verdun on the 26th of June 1916. Interestingly, I am assuming he is in the pic, and all are wearing the edelweiss... he was however not in the Tirol... he joined the regiment for the Serbian campaign....