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  1. Pin is wrong, catch is wrong, detail is wrong. Check the above references for excellent images of original badges.
  2. Beautiful bar, especially the Baden device on the Zahringen Lion ribbon!
  3. Is it just my old eyes or is that EK2 bogus as well?
  4. I'll agree with Alex. I don't think these badges are authentic. I've never seen a Prinzen badge of this type before and the details on the badge do not look consistent with period originals that I have handled over the years, Also, I have never seen this type of badge (hollow-stamped) made as a Prinzen piece,
  5. 1870 EK recipients 8 photos

    I know you'll message me with any NC1870EK2 pix.....
  6. Now that's a beautiful frack bar!
  7. A Saxon would have not had his medals mounted in this order. The St. Henry would have been first, followed by the Albert Order, The FAM and then the EK2, LSC