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  1. Well, I have a stash of a few NC EK2 ribbon bars from WW!. One nice medal bar with a matching ribbon bar and my stash of NC1870 EK2 CDV's. This piece sucked me in, so I guess I'm at least looking around again. I would have been thrilled to get this piece.
  2. Now that's a nice set of bars. Rick would have flipped over those!
  3. I'll have to dig through my archives, but I used to own a cased set of both combatant and non-combatant medals from 1814!
  4. Love that packet and those cases. I've only found a few that way over the years. Nice!
  5. Finest I've ever seen. And the Non-Combatant ribbon sucked me in. I bid 125 Euro and was outbid, so someone wants it real bad. That's not a rare medal. Just spectacularly rare condition!
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