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  1. Nice Wehrpas and interesting history on the flyer. These pilots who served prewar are always interesting from the standpoint that these flyers/crews constituted the backbone of the LW and their subsequent attrition gradually ground down the depth with respect to experience the LW had going into the war.
  2. I think I would go with KM Auxilary Cruiser badge. If you look at the negative space (void) on the upper left it seems to match. interestiing topic. jeremy
  3. Paul that looks like quite the group! when you have time would love to see scans of his Soldbuch! nice research project ahead of you. Jeremy
  4. Beautiful group and those photos are great!!' jeremy
  5. Turtle is correct about his LW rank. Without knowing his units or rank title hard to tell what specific admin branch he was attached to. Jeremy
  6. Very nice!! I would agree that not a great deal is written about these female books. You see them periodically but I think the dedicated thread is a great idea. Jeremy
  7. It is the Hungarian service or commerative medal for service in WW1.
  8. Paul Correct I am basing it on the RLM posting etc.. It appears, Kevin correct me if i am wrong, that he was not directly involved in a combat role, perhaps in the closing months, and his attachment to the Luftkriegschule would not have been as a flight instructor. Jeremy
  9. Beautiful group! I am really a fan of the LW admin. SB/WP, and this equally has a nice tight group of awards! Jeremy
  10. Beautiful portrait! Nice find. Jeremy
  11. spanferkel

    Anyone read Japanese?

    Claudius That is some great info. on this group and a nice bonus to what we already discussed. Nick excellent job of pulling out more historic data. Great stuff!
  12. Beautiful pass Paul! I will try to post some schein this weekend. Jeremy
  13. Unfortunately no. Typically the unit is listed I the upper right corner. Jeremy
  14. Beautiful grouping Claudius! I have always enjoyed viewing this complete set you obtained many moons ago......
  15. Paul as Paul noted if you have a bit more information on your grandfather i.e. unit in particular we may be able to pin down more specifics. Regards Jeremy