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  1. I saw your post from a few years ago regarding Cuban police call boxes.  I am a Gamewell police call box collector here in Michigan, and a retired LEO.  Would you happen to have a box available or even just a door?  It is a really unique item.


  2. Hi Guys! I have an EXTENSIVE collection of Cuba POLICE (CONCENTRATED on HABANA) (i.e.: ALMOST NO militaria!) items and SOME photographs from my trip there! Also metal insignia, uniform items (NO UNIFORMS!) and embroidered cloth shoulder patches plus "Diplomatic", "Minint" and "Estatal" government license plates! I am a NOVICE at getting photographs onto web-sites and would like some assistance/advice on sharing what I have! I have SOME duplicate items (shields and patches) for TRADE for what I am looking-for (below badge, cast iron door from street police call box and embroidered cloth shoulder patch from ceremonial unit)! (I am in the New York City area.)
  3. Cuba Honor Guard triangular multi-colored embroidered patch!

    Cuba Honor Guard.jpg

  4. UP-DATED ("clearer") photograph!

    Cuba Police Call Box.jpg

  5. JUST sent you a P.M.!

    I have an EXTENSIVE collection of Cuba POLICE ("civilian" NOT military) metal badges and embroidered cloth patches some shields going back 100 years that I would like to display SOMEPLACE!

    Also looking for SPECIFIC photograph of a P.N.R. sign on a post, a police ceremonial unit patch and a cast iron door from the street police boxes!

    Cuba Political Police badge.jpg

    Cuba Police call-box.jpg

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