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  1. Hi Douglas, it could be the hessische Tapferkeitsmedaille. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Nicolas, the last ribbon is Stanislaus order or medal, and the bulgarian ribbon is for military merit, therefor in front of the Hindy. Could also be NCO / Deckoffizier. Kind regards Andreas
  3. No, they are definitely for an Oberst, a Hauptmann has not these fringes. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi Wild Card, small addition from my collection. Happy Easter! Andreas
  5. I am afraid, this is not possible, it must be a Kreuz für Kriegshilfe. Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Paul, I´m rather sure, that it is this combination. Kind regards Andreas
  7. Glad to have helped, always again Regards Andreas
  8. Hi Alex, Hessen, Militär - Verdienst - Kreuz 1870 / 71 Schaumburg - Lippe, Militärverdienstmedaille mit gekreuzten Säbeln auf den Band Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Simon, yes he is a native bavarian, you can see two classes from the Militärverdienstorden and his long service cross is bavarian too. Regards Andreas
  10. Thanks for showing us this genuine and extremely rare Leopoldorden. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Demir, thanks a lot, this will be helpful for me. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Jock, Kreuz zum allgemeinen Ehrenzeichen and allgemeines Ehrenzeichen. Kind regards Andreas
  13. Hi, I believe that it is for the Ordine dei SS. Maurizio e Lazzaro Regards Andreas
  14. Sorry to say, your theory is wrong, the Gefechtsspangen were not awarded. You had to buy and to pay for them oneself, so if you would not buy one you could wear your medal bar without Gefechtsspangen, despite you were allowed to do so. Regards Andreas
  15. Mützenband Seeberufsfachschule Ärmelschild Seeberufsfachschule Essen - Werden Regards Andreas