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  1. Hi Christophe, China medal and Red Eagle Order yes, but no Centenary medal and no long service cross. I think some sort like staff officer. Andreas
  2. Hi Christophe, is it possible to ID the former recipient from this plundered medal bar? Every help appreciated Andreas
  3. The last one could be Phillipsorden Hessen Kind regards Andreas
  4. You are welcome! Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi Patrick, could you please show a better scan from the medal bar only?! Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi, the crest is from Danzig, and I think it´s a fake. Regards Andreas
  7. Don´t think so, my signature Major in 1943 yours Leutnant in 45
  8. Hi dante. I´ve tried to find something about Einheit Bergmann too, but I didn´t find really much. My reason for research : Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Dante, here´s my small contribution a wedding invation card Regards Andreas
  10. Hi, Hautausschlag = eczema here a link to another website with explanations of illness numbersüsselnummern-für-Krankheiten/ Regards Andreas
  11. Hi gents, I read: Reservelazarett Bad Schmiedeberg Gebirgs Sanitäts Kompanie 1./104 Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Gents, I´m trying to find out, which medals he got. What I know is his DKiG awarded on 24.12.1942, but which other medals did he get, especially Italian? Kind regards Andreas
  13. Hi Patrick, the first one is the Centenarmedaille and the Schnalle is the Dienstauszeichnungsschnalle 3. Klasse Kind regards Andreas
  14. Hi Demir, is it possible to get a photo from his shoulder straps?! Regards Andreas
  15. Hi Demir, why do you think that this guy is a pilot, he is wearing an imperial german observer badge. Kind regards Andreas