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  1. Hi Ian, I managed to find a Hermann Reinhardt from the Sturm-Abteilung des Marinekorps, he got his Militärverdienstkreuz on 24. April 1918. In 1936 he was Polizeimajor in Hamburg. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Chris, http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php/Thread/80699-SMKFVM-Tr%C3%A4ger-RIR-238-Info-s-gesucht/?postID=540773&highlight=reissfelder#post540773 Kind regards Andreas
  3. Hi Gents, on a medal bar. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi, do there exist rolls for this medal? Regards Andreas
  5. Hi JohanH, you are welcome. Sorry, I don´t know about any list from this medal. I collect german medal bars, and sometimes you can find theses medals on a german bar. Mostly these person are servants from the Kaiser and kings. Maybe you should start a new topic only about the danish medal, and ask the danish specialists?! Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Johan, I think it is The Royal Medal of Recompense Christian X, Den kongelige Belønningsmedalje Christian X Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi GreyC, it is the Ehrenkreuz für freiwillige Krankenpfege im Kriege with year figures 1914 / 1915. Would you please be so kind to provide a detail scan from the medal bar, I think your guy is the the former owner from my medal bar. Kind regards Andreas
  8. Thanks for the quick response, and here is the reason why I asked. Regards Andreas
  9. Hi, do you know the name from this guy? Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi gents, recently I could aquire this danish medal bar: - The Home Guard Long Service Decoration - The Police Long Service Medal, missing - The Soldier Association "The Blue Berets"'s Peace Prize Medal - The United Nations Emergency Force Medal area Sinai - The United Nations Medal Operation UNFICYP area Cyprus - The Cross for the Four Day Marches am I right with my research? Every help and additions appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Micke, your are right, the former Owner was Edvard Alexander Svedstrup, born 1864 and died 1930. His medals Kind regards Andreas
  12. dedehansen

    G.K.S.D. collar tab

    Hi G Garde K Kavallerie S Schützen D Division Kind regards Andreas
  13. Kind regards Andreas Hi, not for the F-P war, as Paul already has explained, for genaeral service. These medals were awarded until 1918. Kind regards Andreas
  14. Hello ÖSTA, unfortunately your claims are not correct. I recommend the appropriate specialist literature: https://www.amazon.de/Hausorden-tragbaren-Ehrenzeichen-Gro%C3%9Fherzogtums-Oldenburg/dp/393153331X Kind regards Andreas