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  1. Hi, I can see an EK 2 1870 on the first position, and I think it is an Mecklenburger Militärverdienstkreuz on position 8. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Heiko, I quote an article from Werner Sauer Info 59, Oct. 1988: Grün-Rot des türkischen Herrscher-Hauses, die Orange-Farbe des vom Sultan getragenem höchsten preusischen Ordens (Roter Adler Orden) red-green from the ruling Osman house and the orange from the Sultan highest prussian order Red Eagle Order. Regards Andreas
  3. Hi Demir, the Ministerium says in summary: that Kaiser Wilhelm has with highest order allowed Dr. Tobold to accept and wear the 2nd class with breast star from the medjidie order that he got from the Kaiser des Osmanen. Kind regards Andreas
  4. psb.jpg.1ea2df360e1f8c3eaf1e4c72c635891b.jpg626507512_QQ20190404164826.png.bef015d567b77f709b63607829b1e64a.png

    Dear Sir, I would like to ask about the Lippe medal in your medal bar. I want to know the conditions for its acquisition, and how much is the price? Thank you

    1. dedehansen


      Hi Sir,

      it is the silberne Verdienstmedaille from Schaumburg-Lippe

      model from 1905-1914 OEK 1236. In Germany you have to pay

      about 160 € for such a piece.


  5. Hi, I own his certificate. Cheers Andreas
  6. Hi, this one was awarded on 25.10.1916 Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi, not Scholderer other medals too ( Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1870 and Georgskreuz 5. Klasse) not Meiser another medal too ( allgemeines Ehrenzeichen ) Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi, if it is the Annenmedaille , Bretzendorfer has listed 8 recipients. No. 2 could also be the Zivilverdienstmedaille OEK 2996 - 2998. Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi, it is a part from a greater estate, here the reverse. and the other pins I mentioned before Regards Andreas
  10. Thanks a lot, but for how many years? These for 15 and 25 years are different from this version. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Gents, someone out here that can enlighten me with some pins from the Deutsche Lufthansa AG? First this pin: I´m looking forward to each information. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Jens, sorry for my late reply, thank´s for your answer. I couldn´t find further informations on TracesOfWar.com. Kind regards and thank´s for your efforts. Andreas
  13. Hi, I don´t know why the link isn´t working. So try it here: Mobil: 0 15 78 / 9 54 46 14 Kind regards Andreas
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