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  1. Hi Gents, very nice pieces. Igor. do there exist award rolls from all ever awarded crosses? I am looking for a prussian recipient from 1870 / 71. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi, must have been a soldier, there a two Wehrmachtsdienstauszeichnungen on the bar. Regards Andreas
  3. Hi Steve, this is a Dienstauszeichnung für 9 Jahre für Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi misiu, here is an example from a medal bar: Kind regards Andreas
  5. Sorry Chris, no idea. Regards Andreas
  6. Hi Chris, S.E.s.V.M., sächsische Herzogtümer silberne Verdienstmedaille des Sachsen-Ernestinischen Hausordens EK1 and EK2, Preußen SFAM silberne Friedrich August Medaille E.K. mit Schwertern, Sachsen Ehrenkreuz mit Schwertern Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi Laurentius, are we talking about peacetime or wartime awards? Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi David, these are epaulettes from a Major, a Leutnant had no bouillons. Kind regards Andreas Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Gents, someone here with a Hof- und Staatshandbuch 1918 from Württemberg? Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi, it is Ernst. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Jannis, - Austrian because there is an austrian wounded medal on it, a German would have gotten a Verwundetenabzeichen. - NCO because I have learned, that the Verdienstkreuze, depending on the class, were only awarded to non-commissioned officers and enlisted ranks. - The order of the medals is so, because the Austrian army was taken over by the German army in 1938, and from that time the order of the medals are correct. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Jannis, I do not believe that an EK2 is missing. I think that this is a NCO bar, and then there should be the Krieger Verdienstmedaille. Kind regards Andreas