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  1. Hi Gents, sorry Andy, as I already have written, that I have found only one Rittmeister Schumann who served as Rittmeister with the schleswig - holsteinische Armee 1848 / 49, I thought this was the key message. Hi GreyC, here is the scource I talked about: http://www.academia.edu/30717033/Das_schleswig-holsteinische_Offizierskorps_1848-1851_2004_ maybe this is from interest?! Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi Andy, I would love to believe you, but the A. Schaumann I am looking for, has only these medals: Dienstauszeichnungskreuz Preußen Kriegsdenkmünze 1870 / 71 Kämpfer Langensalza - Medaille Erinnerungskreuz an die schleswig - holsteinische Armee 1848 / 49 Maybe there is an other A. Schaumann out there? Thanks Andreas
  3. Hi gents, I am looking for the personal and military data from A. Schumann. What I know for sure is that he was an officer who served: Schleswig - Holstein 1848 - 1851, not sure if he served the whole time Hannover 1866 Prussian army 1870 / 71 I found a Rittmeister Schumann from Dragoner Regiment 2 Schleswig Holstein Army, but there is no first name, so I am not sure if it is him. Every help highly esteemed. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi GreyC, he is wearing the Ehrenzeichen des DeutschenRoten Kreuzes 2nd class, this medal was founded on April 28th 1922, but was awarded the first time in 1924, please have a look here: http://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/weimarer-republik/ehrenzeichen-des-deutschen-roten-kreuzes-1922-kreuz-2-klasse.html Kind regards Andreas
  5. Moin Jens, I am happy with any information you want to share. Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Jens, thank you for adding this informations, much appreciated. May I ask you, if you have a picture from him, wearing his WW2 medals? Kind regards Andreas
  7. Sorry, this is not right, see post 1 Kind regards Andreas
  8. Hi Gents, I think ribbon 3 is for the Erinnerungskreuz for 1866 from Sachsen. Kind regards Andreas
  9. Hi Schießplatzmeister, in the meantime, the book has arrived at my home, and I am very happy with my purchase. I hope, that you will be satisfied too. Kind regards Andreas
  10. Sorry ixhs, I do not believe, that the bearer can be determined. Kind regards Andreas
  11. The Order of the Redeemer

    Hi nickstrenk, my Redeemer Order is from the medal group of a Danish writer. Thank you for showing. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi, Humbert sounds good, he ended the war as Oberstleutnant and Kommandeur Landwehr Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 254. Kind regards Andreas
  13. Hi Wild Card, do you know, who the former owner from this medal bar was? Kind regards Andreas
  14. French Army Badge - ID/Info Requested

    Hi Greg, like this one? Kind regards Andreas
  15. Hi Alexander, this Tamara is equivalent to a Tamara with secured provenance from my photo archive. Kind regards Andreas