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  1. Hi Gents, someone out here that can enlighten me with some pins from the Deutsche Lufthansa AG? First this pin: I´m looking forward to each information. Kind regards Andreas
  2. Hi, it is a part from a greater estate, here the reverse. and the other pins I mentioned before Regards Andreas
  3. Thanks a lot, but for how many years? These for 15 and 25 years are different from this version. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi Gents, a collector friend asked me for help researching Oberst Bruno Zwick. All I could find about him is: aus Rangliste das Deutsche Heer 1939: Stammtruppenteil IR 90, Hauptmannspatent am 01.04.1934 Aus Rangliste 1944 / 45 Nachdruck: Stammtruppenteil jetzt Gren Rgt 90, Oberstpatent 01.02.1944 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold am 30.05.1942 Im Infanterie-Regiment 41 (mot) Ehrenblattspange des Heeres am 15.10.1944 Im Grenadier-Regiment 553 This is all I could find about him, no informations about WW1 career nor a photo of him. Every help much appreciated Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi Jens, sorry for my late reply, thank´s for your answer. I couldn´t find further informations on TracesOfWar.com. Kind regards and thank´s for your efforts. Andreas
  6. Hi, I don´t know why the link isn´t working. So try it here: Mobil: 0 15 78 / 9 54 46 14 Kind regards Andreas
  7. Hi Alan, https://woeschler-orden.de/impressum Kind regards Andreas
  8. Ergänzungs Kompanie? Regards Andreas
  9. Hi Gents, what else did Willy Fisch get? Did he get a Flugzeugführerabzeichen or Fliegererinnerungsabzeichen from WW I? Is there a better picture out there from him? Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi Gents, I got this Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand as part of a group of orders. Can the order be attributed to a production period or a manufacturer? I am happy about every information. Kind regards Andreas
  11. Hi Scott, rather Fahnenjunker. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi, the ribbon is yellow, so she is called ,, Zitronenorden " https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zentenarmedaille Kind regards Andreas
  13. Hi, if you are interested in literature: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Orden-und-Ehrenzeichen-des-SEHO-und-von-Sachsen-Altenburg/233141498338?hash=item364850f1e2:g:ANIAAOSwNZxcbuSO Kind regards Andreas
  14. Hi John, I think it is from WW I. Kind regards Andreas
  15. Hi 1812 Overture, should be OEK 2505 silberne Verdienstmedaille Herzog Friedrich (1834 - 1871) des Herzoglich Sachsen-Ernestinischen Hausordens hier Sachsen-Altenburg Durchmesser 38,8 mm Gewicht 30,4 Gramm Kind regards Andreas
  16. Hi Ian, I managed to find a Hermann Reinhardt from the Sturm-Abteilung des Marinekorps, he got his Militärverdienstkreuz on 24. April 1918. In 1936 he was Polizeimajor in Hamburg. Kind regards Andreas
  17. Hi Chris, http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php/Thread/80699-SMKFVM-Tr%C3%A4ger-RIR-238-Info-s-gesucht/?postID=540773&highlight=reissfelder#post540773 Kind regards Andreas
  18. Hi Gents, on a medal bar. Kind regards Andreas
  19. Hi, do there exist rolls for this medal? Regards Andreas
  20. Hi JohanH, you are welcome. Sorry, I don´t know about any list from this medal. I collect german medal bars, and sometimes you can find theses medals on a german bar. Mostly these person are servants from the Kaiser and kings. Maybe you should start a new topic only about the danish medal, and ask the danish specialists?! Kind regards Andreas
  21. Hi Johan, I think it is The Royal Medal of Recompense Christian X, Den kongelige Belønningsmedalje Christian X Kind regards Andreas
  22. Hi GreyC, it is the Ehrenkreuz für freiwillige Krankenpfege im Kriege with year figures 1914 / 1915. Would you please be so kind to provide a detail scan from the medal bar, I think your guy is the the former owner from my medal bar. Kind regards Andreas
  23. Thanks for the quick response, and here is the reason why I asked. Regards Andreas
  24. Hi, do you know the name from this guy? Kind regards Andreas