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  1. Hi Chris, I think it is him: https://www.dhm.de/lemo/biografie/erwin-rommel Regards Andreas
  2. Hi Lars, my medal ist the first model and bronze gilded, this medal was awarded on 11.1.1916, shortly thereafter, there must have been a change from bronze gilded to silver. Kind regards Andreas
  3. Hi Gents, a collector friend asked me for help researching Oberst Bruno Zwick. All I could find about him is: aus Rangliste das Deutsche Heer 1939: Stammtruppenteil IR 90, Hauptmannspatent am 01.04.1934 Aus Rangliste 1944 / 45 Nachdruck: Stammtruppenteil jetzt Gren Rgt 90, Oberstpatent 01.02.1944 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold am 30.05.1942 Im Infanterie-Regiment 41 (mot) Ehrenblattspange des Heeres am 15.10.1944 Im Grenadier-Regiment 553 This is all I could find about him, no informations about WW1 career nor a photo of him. Every help much appreciated Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hello collector friends, I´ve could add this ribbon bar to my collection, I have Problem with the last two ribbons. Could the blue with crown be Jugoslavian ? I´ve no idea with the red / white yellow side stripes ribbon
  5. Hi Gents, a friend has asked me for help in determining the characters, but unfortunately I could not help him. I hope that someone out here can help. I think photo 1 and 2 are tughras, but from whom? With cipher 3 I have no idea. Any help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  6. Hi Alex, the cross is from Anhalt, Friedrich-Kreuz am Bande für Kämpfer OEK 81 Regards Andreas
  7. Hi Gents, is it possible to post some pictures from the book here? http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php/Thread/79769-neues-Fachbuch-über-osmanische-Orden-OTTOMAN-EMPIRE’S-ORDER-OF-THE-MEDJIDIE-AND/ Kind regards and thanks in advance Andreas
  8. Hi, why reactivated veteran? He is wearing the golden eagles on his Dienstauszeichnungen, so 25 and 12 years why Württemberg MMM silver? The ribbon is also for the Militärverdienstorden Kind regards Andreas
  9. dedehansen

    Help identify and value

    Hi Marius, this could be from help with further resarche: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/847169379879859467/ Kind regards Andreas
  10. Hi, I think that these medals are belonging to a third person Andreas
  11. Hi Freddy, there is nobody with the name Pickel in the EK 1870 list. I found a Hauptmann Pickel in the Ehrenrangliste des ehemaligen deutschen Heeres, serving with 2. Fußartillerie-Regiment at Metz. Kind regards Andreas
  12. Hi Freddy, two different persons. Is the EK mini a 1870 version? Could you please post a better photo from the name?! Kind regards Andreas
  13. Hi Gents, not only the Dienstauszeichnungskreuz is missing, the Centenarmedaille is missing too. Regards Andreas
  14. Hi Vince, and Sachsen. The Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern indicates an Unteroffizier. Kind regards Andreas
  15. Hi Gents, if he got the SWA Medal from Steel, he was not in South West. Kind regards Andreas
  16. Hi Chris, former member French Foreign Legion?! Kind regards Andreas
  17. Hi Gents, he was a railroader. http://h2385226.stratoserver.net/wbb4/index.php/Thread/74466-Regierungsrat-Wilhelm-Arendts/?pageNo=1 Kind regards Andreas
  18. dedehansen

    Double dragon miniature group

    Thanks for the correction, of course you are right. Kind regards Andreas
  19. dedehansen

    Double dragon miniature group

    My pleasure, I believe mini 1 is St. Alexander Order from Bulgaria Kind regards Andreas
  20. dedehansen

    Double dragon miniature group

    Hi, do you have a photo from the reverse too? from left: 2. Kronenorden 3rd class 3. Rot Kreuz Medaille 3rd class 6. Centenarmedaille 7. Red Cross Japan 8. Red Cross Osman It should be moved to the right subgroup: http://gmic.co.uk/forum/71-germany-imperial-the-orders-decorations-and-medals-of-the-imperial-german-states/ Kind regards Andreas