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  1. I just realized the above post doesn't have much to do with the thread topic.....maybe one of the moderators could move it somewhere more appropriate, thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, This doesn't pertain to orders but some proficiency badges I just bought on ebay AMEN......That and beer and ebay don't always mix......I had my guard down and made an offer a bit too hastily. I am posting these photos because after closer scrutiny these look really fake.....especially the reverse.....no mirror detail whatsoever..........
  3. rakkasan

    Polish 1 WDP Kosciuszco Badge

    Thanks Guys!! :beer:
  4. rakkasan

    Unknown CSSR Badge? Radar?

    OOPS....... the caption under the photo in my source ( Ceskoslovenske a Ceske Vojenske Odznaky 1922-1997 - ZDENĚK KRUBL) describes these badges as being from 1992, however after translating the description it seems they were issued beforehand, here's the translation (google translator so bear with me), "... badges for students of military colleges. They are made of anodized aluminum and have a width of 25 mm and height 43 mm (+ / - 1 mm). Attached to the uniform by a bolt nut. Validity of wearing these badges were terminated by 31/08/1991." Well, it was issued until 1991 but no information is given as to when it was originally issued. Maybe someone else can help determine when this badge was issued...1970's - 1980's maybe?
  5. rakkasan

    Unknown CSSR Badge? Radar?

    Hi Lion, That is a "Vojenska Vysoka Technicka Škola" or Military technical School badge, it dates from the 1990's. Let me see if I can translate some of the info I have and i'll post it.
  6. Hello, This badge is a recent purchase of mine and I'm trying to get further background information. Judging from the lettering and colors it should be the third type of the badge issued. I'd say it dates from the 70's or 80's can anyone confirm this? I haven't been able to find anything in my resources that states when the third type was issued. I was also wondering if this was a badge that was awarded to members of the division in later years or was it only for the members who actually fought in Lenino and Berlin. Any input would be welcome.
  7. Here is an Air Force Parachute Instructor III° class badge I purchased recently. However, a closer inspection after comparing it to the other AF instructor badge I have has raised a few doubts. It's about 1/2 mm shorter in both length and width, the blue shading under the canopy is really splotchy and coarse and the eagle lacks some of the detail present in the other. I didn't photograph the nut but it's the usual plastic "Mennica Państwowa". I realize I'm probably being overly paranoid, but I haven't seen many graded AF instructor badges to be able to compare well. Were there differences between the regular instructor badges and those graded? Could this be a later casting than the other. Does this look legitimate?
  8. I believe you're right, after having received it and gotten a good look at it (sorry no time for a photo yet) the screw post has been removed and a rough-looking pin device has been soldered in it's place.........oh well.
  9. Hello everyone, Here is a polish graduation badge from my collection, the WOSS - Wyższej Oficerskiej Szkoły Samochodowej. I think this roughly translates as "Higher Officers Motor School". However, I don't know what exactly the "motor" part is referring to, does it mean transportation-logistics, automotive engineering, or automotive repair? Any help would be appreciated. Joe
  10. Hello Everyone, I have attached a photo of the RACJONALIZATOR WOJSKOWY badge in my collection. My question isn't so much about the award itself but what it was actually awarded for. In english this is translated as a "military rationalizer". Can anyone please tell me what a military rationalizer did in the various Warsaw Pact armed forces (in this case Poland) and how one might get awarded for it?
  11. Hello everyone, I came across this pilot qualification badge recently in a lot of polish badges I am purchasing. I've never seen a badge with wings this short nor have I been able to find any documentation . Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the reverse side yet. Can anyone help? Thanks, Joe