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  1. Good day, all. I wonder if someone would please help me with a uniform identification? I have attached a photo of my Great-Grandfather, who was born in Austria (the Tyrol) around 1880-1881. On the back of the photo it is written "In the uniform of the Imperial Guard of the Emperor of Austria" (sic) and also "...my father, served in the Austrian Imperial army under Franz Joseph for 3 years." I have doubts about him being in the Imperial Guard (Leibgarde?), but it almost certainly would be some unit of the Austrian army Based on his birthdate and emigration I would estimate the photo to be taken somewhere right around 1900. I am sorry that there isn't much in the way of insignia, ODM, present. Hopefully the cordon or what have you that he is wearing will be of some help. Thank you so much for your assistance. Chris