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  1. Dear Gentlemens! Now I'm working on a diary of an Austro-Hungarian seaman. He served on the SMS Erzherzog Karl as gunner. His squadron made a round trip on the Mediterranean Sea in 1908. On March 2 the squadron arrived to Malta. The diarist mentioned a British Rear Admiral and a Vice Admiral (latter the commander of the harbor) who visited the Eh. Karl. However, not mentioned the names. Anybody can tell me, who were these British Admirals? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Westlend Sea King as weekend house. Cool. Very cool.
  3. Do you have any Cuban hats or tunics for sale?


  4. If you are interested then I have couple of pairs of estonian border guard epaulettes and emblems for swap

  5. Dear Gentlemens! A little help needed about this uniform: I guess the rank is Visekonstable, the branch is signals(?), the period is the Cold War. Anybody can tell me an exact period? And what kind of headgear fits for this clothing? Thanks in advance!
  6. I guess the signs are the so-called Younger Futhark/Scandinavian Runes
  7. Photograps of the pre-1870 uniforms of the Austrian army. Of course not only the white coat infantry, but the other branches pre-1870 photos are in game Let's see! An Oberleutenant of a Hungarian infantry regiment. Pretty interesting, because the photo was made in Brünn (Brno). However a shoulder cord can be seen on his right shoulder - according these he was an aide-de-camp.
  8. An interesting postcard: a German sailor, on the cap tally can be read the name of his ship: SMS BERLIN. The postcard was made in Hamburg. However, the card was written on Hungarian language. The adress is Mágocs, a village in Hungary, Baranya county. According the wiki, the inhabitants of the village were Germans (cca. 78%). The name of the sender: Dani(el) Tillschmeister(?). Was it common, that Austro-Hungarian citizens were served in the German Armed Forces during the WWI? Thanks!
  9. Bernhard, thank you for sharing this story! The communist authorities always tried to dissuade the youth for the joining of the Legion. An "educational" filmstrip from 1960, the title is "Escape from the Foreign Legion". Greetings from Hungary! M
  10. King Ludwig was the Inhaber of the k.u.k. 62 Infanterie Regiment. He wears the colonel uniform of the regiment.
  11. This small size photo was made in Hungary before 1895. It's possible that this guy a real German Hussar, or somebody used the uniform as costume? Thanks in advance!
  12. Probably you have right. Otherwise the editors were mostly native Germans, and they regularly misspelled the ethnic names.
  13. The first mention, WIA:"Mihajlo"+"Jagodić"&provider=P02&ref=anno-search&seite=21 The second, POW:"Mihajlo"+"Jagodić"&provider=P03&ref=anno-search&seite=23