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  1. I think I can my my questions easier now as I have had some extremely useful and full details regarding the mess dress issue. It therefore leaves just the issue of the breeches to be worn with undress patrol jackets when mounted. Accoring to the regulations (which are there to provide a framework to deviat from in Indian Cavalry regiments!) it should be "bedford cord, same shade as the men's pyjamas". This would mean white for Skinner's - does this seem right? Strikes me as a little formal for undress and I seem to recall a photograph of Punjab Cavalry officers in mounted undress wearing drab bedfrod cord breeches. I know that there are key differences between regulations for each Presidency's cavalry but I was hoping that someone here might actually "know". Thanks again. Mike
  2. My thanks Mervyn. The response we've had to our group (into our 4th year now) both here and in India has staggering. As you say, although Skinner's is such a famous regiment so much knowledge has been lost. In my experience, however, there always tends to be someone who knows! Regards Mike
  3. Dear all Please let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Trevor and I run an equestrian group re-creating the officer's of Skinner's Horse in the late Victorian period. As part of this I am always looking for information/items that can assist in my research. In my ongoing quest to reproduce the full range of Skinner's Horse uniforms of the 1880's a young man's thoughts turn to summer mess dress and undress patrol jackets. I would be grateful if anyone can help me in my research. Mess Dress My copy of the 1886 regulations is missing the relevant page(!) however I am pretty certain that the 1901 version shows the way. I am confident that the plain white drill jacket (same cut as the winter one) was worn with a stiff fronted shirt, imperial collar (?) and regimental cummberbund. The 1901 regs state that if a cummberbund is worn then so is a black tie. Given the jacket is the standing collar, hook up at the throat type I'm not sure it would be a bow tie, but maybe a string tie - I would be extremely grateful for any thoughts, guidance or pictures. So far I have drawn a blank. Patrol Jacket I have seen a few photos which give me most of the information I need coupled with the dress regulations, but the bengal knot on the sleeve is referred to as traced "as per the plate" - unfortunately, my copy of the regs doesn't have the plates and photos seem to show it is not traced in the same style as the full dress version. Also, I have not managed to track down any pictures of the back, although the dress regs description is fairly good. Any help that can be offered here is also gratefully received. The other question here is what breeches would be worn when riding in this order of dress? I think it could be drab bedford cord, blue with gold stripes or even (according to the regs) white. Most perplexing..... I am not a militaria collector myself but am always on the look out for Skinner's Horse badges, buckles, shoulder titles, etc. as it greatly aids their recreation if we can access originals. If anyone has items they would be willing to let us copy we woould be extremely grateful and happy to recompense you! Thanks Mike Trevor www.skinnershorse.co.uk