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  1. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Thanks, not only do you have to sculpt it, you have to think how you'll mould it and get the pieces out of the mould. As you understand very well - a whole skill in itself. As I originally couldn't figure out how to do it (read - couldn't be bothered) I visited a specialist company and got a price from them to mould and produce the casts for me. As they do a lot of this stuff for sculpture artists all over the country, for films, promotions etc etc I also asked them how the finished product should be priced for selling. They recommended that a piece would normally be priced at 3 to 10 times the cost for casting. For this piece, 3 times the individual cost would be £250. Blimey, and some are charging up to 10 times which would put these at £810 each (would include the jolly nice wooden stand though). How many would you like sir?
  2. Paintings

    Unlucky, a nice one. But that little bit of extra to win may have turned into a LOT more to win if there's another bidding. They'll be more coming along (and just think of the saved wall space And, no comment on the monkey...
  3. Paintings

    Stick to his stuff without the Chimps. A very talented painter worth every penny I think. The chimp studies are ok but I really don't like the chimps playing cards, all dressed up etc. No idea why his monkey pictures attract so much money while the nice stuff is really very cheap considering the age of them.
  4. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Thanks very much Gents. A sort of new line for me and am quite pleased how these have turned out. Mike - I've sorted a stand for them now so even more stable. Funnily enough the brass effect one looks better without a wooden stand. Peter - I've only cast a few so far as they are proving quite difficult to do. I will have some available for sale once I figure it out . Prices will depend on what one is ordered as the time taken varies quite a lot. Plain white straight from the mould will be the cheapest (they are produced in 3 parts - the sandbags, the rifle and then the helmet which then slot together) then the cold cast bronze, then the hand painted on the stand (which will be quite expensive). PM me if you are interested. Thanks again All
  5. That's my lot!

    Tony, thank you and yes they were the last. (even with a cup of cement). Other than the dozen or so I still have stashed away in the garage. 60 odd quid these days is a fairly good price for one of those and the paint job wouldn't be too bad to sort out. Gotta admit I like the relic look as well so I'm thinking about making some smaller scale ones.
  6. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Just to complete (someone may have an interest). The very difficult cold cast brass one is done.
  7. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Done the moulds (which wasn't simple as I needed to figure out how they were going to be ultimately poured as the rifle and helmet do not have a flat base and are quite detailed). And have done the first couple of casts. The cast needs some good plastic primer before painting (fixative or other forms of primer don't really do the job - that's the usual stuff I have hanging around). But not bad for a first go at something this detailed.
  8. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Sculpture of an SMLE and covered helmet propped in a couple of sandbags. It stands just about 11 inches high. Just have to figure out how to mould and cold cast bronze now.
  9. Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9AD

    I cut a piece off before binning. I wish the sooner would arrive, it's becoming very frustrating. Maybe go back to some sculpture for a while
  10. I have this little set of pictures, cert etc that all came together. Apparently the citation was issued when Heinrich was attached to 2 Sicherungsdivision under Befehishaber der Sicherrung West, which was based at Souverain-Moulin, Boulogne in 1941. The citation is signed by Kapitan zur See Max Freymadi. (That's what I was told when I got them). Here's Heinrich's portrait photo: Here's a couple of small pictures that came with the group: A press photo, with the reverse: A small photo of the crew all together, along with the rear where everyone has been named: And the citation for his Minesweeper badge I also have the cap tally, chest eagle, Donald duck eagle cap badge and the Minesweeper Badge. I have no idea what ship he may have been on although I did find this chart of his division. Also I did a painting of the group (sorry not really on topic but they all sort of sit together)
  11. Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9AD

    Maybe didn't hold up as well as I thought. I've killed it.......oh well, move on.
  12. Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9AD

    Thanks Gents. Chris - yes, a new difficult level. Not as difficult as the hard levels on Warface but still have to take it slow to figure out what comes next. Mike - I expect they had very big and sharp knives. Good job I'm now trying out these new ones working on canvas. I'm giving it some stick and it's holding up pretty well. Maybe get a few under my belt and I can get on with the more difficult, and bigger, pieces I'd like to do. This one is 1000mm by 450mm but I'd like to double that.
  13. "Quintili Vare, legiones redde!" (Quintillus Varus, give me back my legions) shouted Emperor Augustus when he heard that 3 Roman Legions and their eagles had been lost. Legions XVII, XVIII and XIX - totalling something like 20,000 - were almost completely wiped out by an alliance of Germanic Tribes in the Teutoberg Forest. The commander of the Legions committed suicide rather than be captured (as torture and an ugly death would have been his only future in the hands of the Germans) was deceived by a Germanic Roman cavalry officer in his ranks (Arminius) who plotted with the tribes and led the Romans into a constructed ambush. Some 30,000 tribesmen almost certainly joined by several thousand deserting Germanic ranks of the Legions. Arminius slaughtered a great number of the XIX Legion as a prelim to the battle when he rode up with his cavalry on his unsuspecting allies while they were constructing a road. Two of the Legion eagles were recaptured by invasions across the Rhine in 15-16AD and the third eagle in 42AD. It was at this time that the battle site was located again by the Romans with the dead given a decent burial. It was reported that a handful of slaves were released in a later raid who were captured in the original battle some 40 years earlier. The location of the battle site was only fairly recently discovered by an off duty British Officer with an interest in Roman history. He poured over maps and set out with his trusty metal detector. The site now has a museum with the original battlefield laid out as it would have been in 9AD. Here's the painting I've been working on over the last few weeks to commemorate the Legions push to get back over the Rhine before winter set in. There's still a lot of work to do before it's finished. I'm having real problems trying to get it to look like I want it but I suppose that's how you get better, do the stuff you can't do.
  14. WWI Showdown

    Well worth a look at Don's artwork. His studio/home is both an amazing gallery and excellent military collection. Not too much US Civil War hereabouts so would be great to see some of that as well.
  15. Display Eagles

    I expect moulding is a lot easier now than in the 17th century. But good that you are still using those old techniques, which are probably needed on the bigger items. I remember when you posted that pipe stove door. I thought it was a strange item to buy but now I see why you have it. Some nice EKs there, even one that has been de-nazified. Don't tell me you made these.