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  1. That's my lot!

    The actual painting bit wouldn't take that long particularly compared with that outstanding Adrian. maybe a day or two compared to about 5 or 6 days. Really depends on what you want. Today's mission is 'Brooding soldier looking down on a simple cross in a poppy field with "Somme" written above' on a WW2 water bottle that has been supplied for the work. Crack on.
  2. That's my lot!

    Like my Dad said once - "if you added up all the war films they'd last longer than the bloody war did." As I said in one of my posts, there's no way I'd buy a camo helmet. I don't own any so called 'original' German helmets other than relics. The ones that are selling for £300 at militaria shows here are absolute rubbish, anything any good is up around a Grand. And $20,000 plus for a DAK Fallschirmjager that I've seen advertised is just madness. Why do you think there's fakes? Let the blokes who fork out for fantasy daggers complete their collection with AH's helmet. I like the helmet in the box. If it was real how much would it be worth? a lot more than $750. Whoever bought it has got himself something real nice for his display without having had his trousers pulled down. It's a low price for a dazzling piece given the time taken to produce it.
  3. That's my lot!

    Yes, probably right but it's still annoying.
  4. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    A presentation rotor blade to the CO of 9 Regiment Army Air Corps based at Dishforth as a commemoration of the Regiment's disbandment this year. The blade is from a Lynx helicopter that flew with the Squadrons within the Regiment. Best of luck to them all. An older mark of the Lynx helicopter tail rotor blade also dedicated to the Army Air Corps. The central design is based upon their Guidon complete with battle honours. Their historic regiment's badges are also included.
  5. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    Just been sent this by an ex member of the Regiment. Here's the blade in it's hand made oak frame (not my work) and on the wall. Looks really good I think...
  6. It's a Delaunay-Belleville. The French Rolls-Royce of it's time. Maybe a 1913 model. Probably why the French are having their photos taken with it.
  7. Having a chat with Tony earlier today reminded me that I've got to get on with some constructive things. So, as I've got a couple of these to clean up, I made a start. This one, I've always known to have a crack in it. Covered in rock hard mud, a thick layer of chalk and rust - it came from near the Lochnagar Crater, or rather the Glory Hole, as the area is being cleared for visitors (along with a newly discovered tunnel that I had a look down last month). I've always assumed that it had been hit by a plough, or some farming machine, and that I'd have to clean and then weld up to keep it in one piece. After a few hours of cleaning and getting the 'gate/hatch' to operate, here is how it looks: The crack is fairly obvious running from the top middle down to the 'stop' bolt for the hatch. However, it may not have been some heavy farming machinery that caused this thick steel plate to crack after all: Now, I'm no ballistic expert. But would you say that this is a bullet strike while this plate was in place? I can't ever remember seeing a bullet hit on a quarter inch steel plate (I've seen larger rounds on tank armour in the Tank Museum and they sort of make a gouge or a hole rather than just a dent.) So, I'm figuring that if this is likely to be a bullet hit from Tommy chancing his arm then I should leave the crack alone and not weld it up as it's part of it's story. Or am I making something up here? Any steel plate hitting experience out there?
  8. Yes, I think it was a definite hit during conflict rather than damage under a farmer's implement. And I agree, best left alone to tell it's own story in the history of things. Preserve and make a nice stand for it I think. Thanks Gents
  9. M40

    An original Quist M40 brought back to life. Had holes drilled for an applied badge and a 'orrible grey and red enamel paint job. Lots of elbow grease but worth it I think with the 1940 dated bread bag strap.
  10. M40

    Gone from M40 to M16s. This one sent home as a souvenir. You can just make out the red Censor's stamp on the parcel label. Although a stamped relic ET66, it's been brought back from the brink to look pretty good on the shelf. Just waiting for the liner and chin strap.
  11. M40

    None of it is original, all copies and fakes. A bloody good artist though I hear. Cheers my man.
  12. M40

    Thanks Tony How about this one then? Weighs in at 7lbs! Blimey, they must've had big necks.... The inscription under the rim reads: Ers.Batl.Res.J.R.Nr.11 1.K.Nr.1201.Nester
  13. Applying Lessons From History

    My Uncle Alf certainly learned a lesson at Dunkirk. This was the Uncle who used to tell me, as a child, that his dented lighter had saved his life.....with all my other Uncles, including my Dad confirming that it was true......of course it wasn't. Just Cockneys pulling their kid's legs. Some years later, however, I found that he was indeed at Dunkirk fighting and wounded as part of the rearguard. Spending some time recuperating at home he received a letter from the War Department. It was a bill for 6 pounds and 6 shillings for his rifle that he had left behind in France. Good grief..... Another great blog post Brian, please keep them coming, all are a joy.
  14. M40

    Yep, a Lebel grease tin. Grease one side and boot polish the other I think. Was also used to hold matches and the like when empty. Given to me by a good guy who gets me relics on his regular visits to Flanders. It'll be given back to him, now it's painted, at the next militaria show I see him. Only right as he's a jolly good chap.
  15. M40

    I try to keep them unobstrusive so as to not deter from the object I've painted. Larger would be easier and seeing as you've only just noticed it on yours then larger they will be. Thanks Tony.
  16. M40

    Same as that Jock, I would doubt anything that isn't just plain grey. There wasn't that much chicken wire or camouflage paint around in those days. I would put money on nearly every fancy helmet being a hobby craft one. Hardly ever did a Troopie slop paint around on his helmet and gear, it was already miles too heavy in it's original state. I've even seen textured and camouflage painted gas mask tins for sale, good grief, and at a very heavy price too. I don't doubt that some of it is the real McCoy but would I pay those sort of prices, not a hope. Stick with the skips and the known copies, it all looks pretty good in the war room/shed/cupboard/shelf/drawer/shoe box. And just how many people have actually wanted to have a look at your stuff and known anything about any of it?
  17. M40

    Another abused Quist M40 brought back to life. I had another bread bag strap hanging around so did it as a Lufty to match. Notice the brighter shade to the helmet and decal under the strap.
  18. You remember that trunk full of SS Officer's rings that have never been found, or that Werewolf unit who hid a trunk full of gold, or those looted pieces of Polish relics, or bits of the Amber room from St Petersburg............or yes, maybe a Luger.
  19. Cedar trunks in the attic that should never be opened.........blimey, I wonder what they could be hiding?
  20. Broadarrow....

    I would say the Inspector's mark.
  21. Somme 100 years ago

    Just got back from the National Commemorative Event to mark the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme. Held at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme. A very moving return to the battlefield in a spirit of reconciliation and respect. Their sacrifice and suffering will never be forgotten. - words from Prince Charles.
  22. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    Thanks Peter and yes, just about 3 weeks, the real work starts now.... Rogi, no idea where they are going but if you fancy one you can have one for the price of a new Aston Martin. A choice of three - go for the green one (you'll need an engine though but they do deliver) http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/vehicle/,95,/77744/Sea_King.htm
  23. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    Thanks Rogi, I hope it reminds him of his work with the Junglies (as the Sea Kings been retired too now) for a while to come.
  24. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    Another leaving do da for a Retiree from 848 Squadron Commando Helicopter Force over the weekend. An ex Para Major was heard to say that he may give up drink the next morning. A Sea King heli tail rotor tip painted for him to keep forever. I can imagine him in years to come with his packet of Werther's Originals and Grandchild on his knee who asks what this is replies "Well, there I was surrounded...."