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  1. Spasm

    My first Mle 15

    Leave it as it is. It's survived 100 years so another few being kept dry in your collection will do it no harm.
  2. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    More, for interest all mine, all mine....
  3. Spasm

    The humble French grease tin

    Thanks Gents and I'm glad you like it Tony. Here's the spare one you sent along with another French lady:
  4. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Remember the M42 at the top of the thread? Well, Tony sent me a cuppa cement and I cracked on with it. Here it is now. Still a liner and chinstrap to fit (should've done that before fitting the helmet belt strap as it's on there pretty tight). Spent some time trying to get it to look like the rust is coming through the paint. As usual I need a better camera but you get the idea.
  5. Picked this set up a few weeks ago to an Unteroffizer of 2./Gren.Rgt.464 Certs and medals His ID tag A few photos, one of him at Reserve Hospital I in Warsaw And his record of POW transits and camps I also found this in the leather ID holder I haven't put a micro whatsit on it but it measures by eye for a 7.92 round. It's been a while but am I correct in saying this is a tracer round? There is what could be remains of a painted tip if you look closely.
  6. Jock, yes, could be AP I suppose although it doesn't have a boat tail, just straight. Was it normal for POWs to move around quite so much in the US? Apparently they were transferred to 2./Gren.Rgt.473 within 253 Inf. Div. and surrendered to the Soviets at Mahren. However, some of the Div didn't take to that idea and marched 10 miles to the US lines to hand in their rifles. Hence the tour of the US.
  7. Spasm

    A simple Mle. 15

    Lovely original to be left alone, particularly with the chin strap over the rear rim. Great when there's some spirit left from the original user - who would even think of undoing that chin strap buckle. Nice find Tony.
  8. No worries, all of them are newly printed copies from Boots the Chemist and although the seller didn't say as much, it was pretty obvious so maybe a part pikey. I hardly buy anything original these days so they cost a mere few pennies each. I'm continually on the look out for good pictures to help me compose paintings or spark an idea. I know Mr google has access to all areas but having pictures hanging around, in the flesh, spurs me on. I'm off to a reenactor thingy (where ze Germans attack on the flat beds trucks behind a real steam train) over the weekend so will keep my eyes open for a girl in heavy DAK gear.
  9. Gents I bought some photos because I espied this one amongst the pile. A great picture that I intend to use as a basis for a painting. It came with more than 40 others that have a variety of shots from sailors to paratroopers but mostly look to be in the wilderness of the Eastern front with some showing winter camo. I'm assuming then a winter shot rather than Africa due to the goggles. Not much to go on but any ideas? Steve
  10. Seems like it was done on a large scale too
  11. Hucks, now that was good the Bladerunner CSI, GMIC forensic details are obviously the giveaway, why didn't I spot that? I was going on the printing on the back that says BOOTS. Searching on the image thingy in Goggles (WW2?) the picture is all over the place but mostly in Flicker and Pinuninteresting. The forums that also have the picture seem to assume that it is period and shows a DAK soldier. Lots of forums include it in their Bundesarchive photo lists. Normally these photos would have the little Bundesarchive printing in the margin but I can't find any that have it. So, I've searched the Budesarchive for the photo but cannot find it, no matter what search term I use. One forum titles the picture "circa 1943, M40 helmet, M43 hat and tan shenagh" - well that's wrong then - it's an M42 to my eyes with single decal. Another titles it "DAK equipped for combat sandstorm, note mesh helmet still in European colour" - combat sandstorm? Blimey. I'm probably going for the goggles and covers to be for dust rather than cold, no gloves and loose fitting. But his helmet hanging on his belt including two grenades, the helmet strap wouldn't be lasting very long. And those socks! No pack but has a single strap and what's that sleeve badge, one epaulette missing, something stuffed in his pocket, white thumbnail, wire mesh with correct twists? Dunno, still a good picture though.
  12. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Jock, not especially as I get stuck into them with sandpaper to give the paint a key. A filler primer is sometimes needed when I get a bit too enthusiastic or too heavy a grade paper. I tend to pick the first bit of sandpaper I find in the work drawer, I should probably buy more and file it. But I can't be bovvered to be organised and give myself more work cocking things up.
  13. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Thank you Larry, it's appreciated
  14. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Thanks Gents. Thanks very much.
  15. Spasm

    Painting stuff

    Keven Welcome to GMIC, nice to see you here. Thanks very much for that, high praise indeed. I've never really thought of doing a video - I normally run away from cameras. But you never know youtube can't be that hard, can it? If you are ever over this side of the pond, or I come over there, we can sort some live lessons, I'll bring me paints and brushes. Feeling a bit humble now, thanks. Steve
  16. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Here's the completed water bottles as requested
  17. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    We've stepped into that difficult area that we've tried to discuss before. One that I've thought about over the couple of years that I've been doing my thing with some paint and brushes. I'll try to keep my thinking short as pointing to the problems could fill a book no doubt. There are a few areas here, discussing the replica/original rebuilds, restorations, fakes and then reselling, along with the continued questions of sourcing relics, historical value etc etc. The restored relics that are more hole than iron are easily recognisable as restorations no matter how good the work is to restore them. If the intention is to sell as a fully original item then the work becomes so difficult that it would be easier to manufacture a new one or using a good quality original. Using a good quality original item, adding paint/engraving/decal etc. to make into something that is more than it was originally will be carried out while the want is there. The effort in making these items requires great skill, experience and a lot of resource. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to mark these items to stop them being 'amended' in some way so that they are not accepted by some guy down the line as an original. The work done to create these objects in the first place made the faker's work a lot easier. It may be as easy as just wiping off some paint or filling an engraving or grinding down a weld. Some years ago it wouldn't have been worth doing the work to create a copy as the originals were relatively cheap. These days, collectors either do not have the dollars or the desire to spend half of their life savings on an item. Therefore, there will be a market for copies. As an original item's value increases then the copies will get better as the skills and resources can be increased also. I have no problem with good copies as long as they are sold as such. And in the collecting field I think they are very real value for money given the skills that have gone into making them. Who has an original VC on the wall? The problem we all have are the people who knowingly sell copies or enhanced items as originals. I've been robbed by them and I'm sure a lot of others have been also. That problem won't go away, unless you walk away from them with your money still in your pocket.
  18. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    The actual painting bit wouldn't take that long particularly compared with that outstanding Adrian. maybe a day or two compared to about 5 or 6 days. Really depends on what you want. Today's mission is 'Brooding soldier looking down on a simple cross in a poppy field with "Somme" written above' on a WW2 water bottle that has been supplied for the work. Crack on.
  19. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Like my Dad said once - "if you added up all the war films they'd last longer than the bloody war did." As I said in one of my posts, there's no way I'd buy a camo helmet. I don't own any so called 'original' German helmets other than relics. The ones that are selling for £300 at militaria shows here are absolute rubbish, anything any good is up around a Grand. And $20,000 plus for a DAK Fallschirmjager that I've seen advertised is just madness. Why do you think there's fakes? Let the blokes who fork out for fantasy daggers complete their collection with AH's helmet. I like the helmet in the box. If it was real how much would it be worth? a lot more than $750. Whoever bought it has got himself something real nice for his display without having had his trousers pulled down. It's a low price for a dazzling piece given the time taken to produce it.
  20. Spasm

    That's my lot!

    Yes, probably right but it's still annoying.
  21. Spasm

    9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    Just been sent this by an ex member of the Regiment. Here's the blade in it's hand made oak frame (not my work) and on the wall. Looks really good I think...
  22. Spasm

    9 Regiment Army Air Corps

    A presentation rotor blade to the CO of 9 Regiment Army Air Corps based at Dishforth as a commemoration of the Regiment's disbandment this year. The blade is from a Lynx helicopter that flew with the Squadrons within the Regiment. Best of luck to them all. An older mark of the Lynx helicopter tail rotor blade also dedicated to the Army Air Corps. The central design is based upon their Guidon complete with battle honours. Their historic regiment's badges are also included.
  23. It's a Delaunay-Belleville. The French Rolls-Royce of it's time. Maybe a 1913 model. Probably why the French are having their photos taken with it.
  24. Yes, I think it was a definite hit during conflict rather than damage under a farmer's implement. And I agree, best left alone to tell it's own story in the history of things. Preserve and make a nice stand for it I think. Thanks Gents