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  1. Army Air Corps Apache

  2. Army Air Corps Apache

    Thank you Chaps and Chapesses. A very warm welcome Squadron Girl Alli, you'll enjoy it here, very knowledgeable and friendly people. Enjoy.
  3. Army Air Corps Apache

    Thanks Gents. Paul - it's just about 15 pounds (that's what the bathroom scales say) and very unwieldy when trying to paint.
  4. FE2 and Immelmann

    Late on the 18th June 1916, Max Immelmann in a Fokker E.III, serial 246/16 encountered No. 25 Squadron of the RFC near the village of Lens. He attacked immediatley and got off a burst which hit RFC Lt. J.R.B Savage, pilot of FE.2b serial 4909, mortally wounding him. This was Immelmann's 17th victory claim. The crew of the second aircraft he closed on was piloted by Second Lieutenant G.R. McCubbin and Corporal J. H. Waller as gunner/observer - it was Immelmann's last fight. McCubbin was awarded the DSO and the DSM and sergeant's stripes were awarded to Waller. Take that.
  5. FE2 and Immelmann

    Cheers Eric Proper laminated wooden prop with riveted brass edge.
  6. Display flasks

    Been working on a few of these lately. Obviously can be done with any unit, dates, service number and name. Ha, this time next year Rodney. A few others
  7. Display flasks

    Tony, probably almost the exact time I was painting them
  8. Michael, yes you could be correct, thanks for that, I'll have another chat over the fence.
  9. Marechal Lannes

    Colin, another great piece of work from you, I expect it's now painted and joined your other guys on the shelf. I don't know if it's just the art section or overall interest. I expect admin will know the numbers. I must admit I've struggled with the new format of the site and i really don't know why. Maybe it's the same for others. A shame if numbers have fallen away. I've always liked the hotrod built in someone's garage rather than the ferrari or the custom chrome chop that the big bucks can buy. Your hand made busts are super hotrods and would get my vote. Cheers Steve
  10. Hip flasks

    A few flasks I've been playing with
  11. Hip flasks

    Peter Sorry mate, I've been a bit diverted and haven't replied, remiss of me. The Admin Staff is building a proper website for me but gets diverted a lot by knitting, crochet and cutting the grass. Nothing has been sold other than commissions so all will be available once the website is done plus quite a few you haven't seen yet. I'll also probably be binning some of the militaria I've posted as I'm not really collecting any more, it's a bit of a waste just sitting in a drawer somewhere in the dark. Steve PS, most of the old iron that will be sold is on my facebook page - skywolf artwork - if you are interested
  12. Hip flasks

    Blimey, didn't expect the pictures to come out like that! Quite a bit larger than actual size of the hip flasks - I must get a smaller brush
  13. Lt. Alexander Dunn VC, Balaklava 1854

    Colin, just another masterpiece. One sixth is Action Man sized I believe, must make for an imposing piece on the sideboard. The open mouth brings a lot of life into it and the detail on the sword is outstanding. Gold stars all round I think.
  14. In 1915, the biggest plane yet seen in Britain took flight, a twin-engine monster with a 100-foot wingspan. The Admin Staff called this "an 'orrible old piece of a suitcase" when it arrived. Now look at it.
  15. 14-18 Hip Flask

    Got a few of these to do. Will be lacquered and polished and even comes in its own box. Its also very tactile for some reason.
  16. Yep, Olive Green wouldn't be a good look for Imperial helmet's bases but it can be used for some of the camo paint.
  17. RAL 6003 is Olive Green (RAL being the German equivalent to a BS number ie a standard) RAL 6009 is Grey/Olive have a look here for some examples of base colours http://www.repuestossam.com/en/kubelwagen/paints.htm Giving anything a solid coating of the above colours looks rubbish IMO unless you have a brand new or close to new surface. Any age at all will need some depth/patina, easily available products from model shops or mixing up your own washes.
  18. Royal Field Artillery

    Battle of Pilckem Ridge. North of Ypres 2 August 1917 Really difficult to get the photo colours right as it's pouring with rain here
  19. Gents Bought these a few weeks ago and have utterly failed to find anything on the movements of Regt 161. Obviously spent time on the Somme but a few more details would be nice. Bar awarded to Rudolf Contzen of Koblenz, mostly made up of post war additions I believe. The honour cross is mounted within a hardcovered folder along with some award certs (no EK2 award doc though). No idea why the honour cross wasn't mounted on the bar other than he probably had the bar made up before he received the honour cross in 1935 (the other award certs are dated 1929).
  20. Gents A bit of help please. A GMIC member is interested in buying the above bar, folder and certs. I think I remember how much I paid but cannot honestly say whether I got it cheap or whether I had my trousers pulled down. (I always seemed to pay for the wrong thing a couple of years ago - remember the EK1 that really binned me). Can anyone let me know the value of the above bar, folder and paperwork. PM me or on here if you like so that I can give the member an honest value. Thanks in advance
  21. Gents I've been doing a bit of research for a plaque that I'm painting for work at the Army Air Corps. Discussing their history with some of the uniforms there (and ex uniforms) we thought it would be a good shout to do something to commemorate the original Glider Pilot Regiment (1942 - 1957) who trained as just about the most complete soldier there ever was (or probably ever will be). During my research I managed to find an old magazine dated 24th March 1945 which may be of interest to you. Obviously written after their operations in Norway, Sicily, Normandy (D-Day) and Arnhem. But before Varsity (the Rhine landings actually took place on the same date as this magazine). I've done some scans of the article from 'Illustrated' magazine. Knowing that pictures on here can be difficult to read, I've split the pages up into pieces so that they are easier read (hopefully in the correct order). Here's the start of the artwork for their plaque with the WW2 AAC cap badge and the title of the magazine.
  22. All unassuming men. Always very pleasant with nothing to prove. They will all be missed.
  23. Interestingly their role has been replaced by helicopters - (reconnaissance, transportation and attack) - but the thoughts at the end of the article still stand.