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  1. Here's another, wrecked KV1
  2. Yes, having just attended a show today, pack and price everything up, try to get it all into the car, set up display tent in field without it blowing away, set up tables, put everything out on display, enjoy the talking to loads of people, and then only sold stuff out of the 'junk bin' for a few quid (not even enough to cover the entrance fee) I'm thinking the same thing. But maybe also moving on a bit.
  3. Thanks very much Gents, very much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  4. It seems as though you would drive through snow storms to attend shows but, it seems, happily walk round without any dough about your person. Is there some form of plan here? Or is it just a collector's thing? I'm interested, as I do have the occasional stall at events with painted objects for sale and no one ever seems to have any money. I've always wondered why that is......
  5. Thanks Egorka, it's mixed media as I use a sprayed intercoats to protect the layers of pencil drawing and washes as I progress, particularly if I'm airbrushing (not that I use much airbrushing these days - I can't be bothered getting it out and cleaning the thing afterwards). All the colours are acrylic paint. Yes, I had problems with keeping the items on the side of the T34 but superglue and gaffer tape sorted that out
  6. Painting of a small group I have to a sailor who was awarded the war badge in August 1943. I have a few of his other photos, one of which includes all of the crew with their names written on the reverse: A Commando service certificate overlaid with campaign stars, a marine cap badge and a mint FS fighting knife: And, my painting of a group to a Senior Sgt. tank driver who was awarded the Stalingrad Defence Medal. Along with his award certificate and a few other bits and bobs:
  7. Thought I'd copy ya'll into a few more recent paintings: First up is a painting of a Panzer Badge and Cert that I have. Interesting in that it is dated early January 1945 and to a member of the Lehr Div Jager Abt. 130 who were in action around Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge: No idea who the signature is though. Next up is a Purple Heart certificate and medal overlaid with a WW2 M4 M1 bayonet. Made by Imperial but came with a late 1960/70s WD made scabbard. Next is a painting of a Hindenburg Widow's cross and the original certificates bought from a GMIC member Painting of a Guardsman's medals, memorial scroll, King's letter and plaque complete with all the envelopes and postal stamps:
  8. These are the books that are worth a look. Volume II is probably the better, given that it is the later war period. Pretty expensive but if you have a search they can be had a lot cheaper - I've seen them for less than $50 on ebay. Sorry I don't have them. I am tempted though.
  9. The whole lot, including medals, is about $300 from a re-enactment supplier. Depending on what size jacket you'd like The 4.SS were mostly around the Balkans at the time of the defence of the Bridgehead. So I wouldn't have thought they would have been entitled to the Kuban Shield. However, the owner could have transferred in from another unit who were entitled or even a member visiting the area for official or even non-official duties could have got roped in. Award of the shield wasn't just the 60 days for being there, it was also for being wounded or involved in a major operation at the bridgehead. They lost their police badges and heer eagles in 1942 having been 'adopted' into the Waffen SS. Which, I suppose, is when they got their SS arm eagles. I have seen on a forum that they had at least 2 Panthers later in the war - both of which were broken down (there's a surprise). But I suspect mostly Stugs and Panzer IVs but they also had Panzerjager regt later on so maybe a few tank killers as well.
  10. Ah, ok. That's a Close Combat Assault Clasp. Could be Bronze Silver or Gold.
  11. I believe (always say that as there's always someone who is more knowledgeable than me) that they are: 1 is the ribbon for the War Merit Cross 2 is the Kuban Arm Shield 3 is the SS member's tunic breast badge for those who were not entitled to wear the SS collar badge Cheers, Steve
  12. Yes, that's what I'd be thinking. Probably no Schwere (heavy) tank Battalions but I'll keep looking. There's at least one photo of the Stugs with 4th SS riding on board from the Bundesarchive: Stug IV with riding 4th SS near Lake Balaton, Jan '45.
  13. Made up from capable members of the Ordnungspolizei (ordinary policemen?) in Oct 1939 and assigned to the Waffen SS but most not holding SS membership. Fought at the Maginot Line in June 1940. Then joined Army Group North in the advance on Leningrad, involved in heavy combat in the first half of 1942 in the Volkhov River sector. Fierce fighting in both the 1st and 2nd Battles of Lake Ladoga late '42 and early '43. Most of the Division then withdrawn to Greece to rebuild while a combat group remained behind in the North until early '44 when it rejoined the Division. The whole Division was involved in anti-partisan operations in Greece until it was committed against the Red Army in the Banat (an ethnic German area of Yugoslavia) in Oct '44. Withdrew into Slovakia in late Jan '45 and transported North to Stettin and then onto the Danzig area and involved in heavy combat. It was evacuated by sea in April and thrown into the Oder front North of Berlin. Retreated to the Elbe River surrendering to American forces in early May '45. The Division was made up of: SS Polizei Panzer Grenadier Regt 7 (Former SS Polizei Infantry Regt 1) SS Polizei Panzer Grenadier Regt 8 (Former SS Polizei Infantry Regt 2) SS Polizei Panzer Grenadier Regt 3 (late 1939 - early 1943) SS Polizei Artillery Regt 4 SS Polizei Flak Battalion 4 SS Polizei Armoured Signal Battalion 4 SS Polizei Panzer Battalion 4 (formed from SS Polizei Assault Gun Battalion 4 in July 1944) SS Polizei Armoured Recon Battalion 4 SS Polizei Anti-tank Battalion 4 SS Polizei Armoured Combat Engineer Battalion 4 SS Polizei Assault Gun Battalion 4 (retitled SS Polizei Panzer Battalion 4 in July 1944) SS Field Replacement Battalion 4 You may already have this info but it looks like a couple of armoured battalions but I'll do a bit more digging in the few books on the shelf. Cheers, Steve Damn, all above is available on Google. Should've checked before I took a book off of the shelf. Pffft. I'll get my coat.
  14. Tony, thank you my man. I had to look up Poilu Beer - yes, isn't that the hero from Valiant Hearts. Now, if you haven't played Valiant Hearts on the computer machine you really need to go have a look. Probably the best WW1 game ever. Anyhows, here's a few more - from the left - 101st Airborne 327th Glider Inf Rgt - 82nd Airborne Military Police - General Matthew Ridgway's helmet - 35th Infantry Div Medic