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  1. No idea Robert.....interesting stickpin. One more 3rd Reich organization! Thanks for showing. Wonder if Don would know? He probably has a picture of someone wearing it!
  2. And I agree 100% with Don Scowen....also sorry.
  3. Thanks --dj--Joe.....maybe the shorthand on the tinnie is the date and place....or maybe not! I do see 1935......
  4. OK, if this is going to be Steno-Sunday, then I will post the few pieces that I have. The photograph of the grouping is poor and doesn't show the difference between gold and silver, but you get the idea. Thanks to you two for keeping the posts alive. Mike
  5. I just looked at mine Robert and all mine say is "Ges.Gesch." Sorry. Good collecting!!
  6. And I did the same --dj--Joe! It is good that the threads are kept for us to go back over and see. I just may post a few stickpins later that aren't on the thread. What special things are on your wish list? Mike
  7. It is good to see this topic open up again. Thanks to Odulf for all the documents to one person. I spent many a happy day in Friesland! (Friesland uber alles!) Here are a pair of honor badges from the same year. As Don said, the silver seems to be more difficult to find than the gold. Mike
  8. Nice Robert......we all must wait for a goodie now and then. Mike
  9. I must agree with you Don. It looks painted and the children (little eagles) look adopted. Is RS for Souval or re-strike or Return to Sender? Mike
  10. Thanks Robert.......I would like to know about a yellow one or even about one with oak leaves. Mike
  11. Thanks for the reply Jock. I am out of town at the moment but when I get home I will scan a few pages of the document. I have several of them and they list the names and ages of the children. Mike
  12. Anybody have anything to add to this topic in the last three years? I still haven't seen a yellow one or the 3-D red one or another one with oak leaves. Mike
  13. Nice one Mr Scowen! Thank you for showing it.