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  1. Brett The CIH is indeed a fine regiment with a rich & proud history. A little bit on the origins of this Regiment : The operations to suppress the Mutiny in Central India, and to round up the last of its leaders, were conducted in part by a number of ad hoc units which sprang up almost spontaneously and under the inspired leadership of young officers of junior rank. Amongst these units were Beatson's Horse, Meade's Horse, and Mayne's Horse. In time, these evolved into the 38th and 39th Central India Horse. In 1921, these two Regts merged their common roots and similar traditions to become the 21st King George's Own Central India Horse.
  2. Upon India's independence, the Central India Horse (21st King George V's Own Horse) was allocated to India, although a Muslim Punjabi squadron was transferred to the 19th King George V's Own Lancers in exchange for its Jat Squadron . When India became a republic in 1950, the regiment was renamed The Central India Horse. Here is a First Day Cover of a postage stamp commemorating 150 Years of this Tank regiment.
  3. A regiment by this name still exits in the Indian Army.