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    The Dutch Military Order of William - www.mwo.chx.nl
    The Dutch East Indian Army (KNIL)
    The Hungarian Vitez Order - www.vitez.chx.nl
    Hungarian WW1 and 2 photo's and documents

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  1. erikscollectables

    Leib Guard Bravery medals group

    WOW, great group!!!
  2. erikscollectables

    Unknown Hungarian badge

    Thanks than it will be the of the son who was a very active sportsman during his Ludovika period!
  3. erikscollectables

    Marbles Jet Fighter Pilot Knife

    And part 4: https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/gerrits-travels-part-4-eskimo-dog-sled-trip-to-dundas-mountain/ And the last part regarding Thule. Next will be regarding his 5 years in Vietnam..... https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/gerrits-travels-part-5-life-on-thule-air-base/
  4. erikscollectables

    Marbles Jet Fighter Pilot Knife

    Part three of the series on Gerrit's Travels with some of his possession from Greenland. https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/gerrits-travels-part-3-reminders-of-thule-air-base/
  5. erikscollectables

    BMEWS and Thule Air base 1963-1965

    And here is part 2 of this series of blogs. https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/gerrits-travels-part-2-missiles-and-planes-at-bmews-thule-air-base/
  6. erikscollectables

    BMEWS and Thule Air base 1963-1965

    Alert, only 340 miles further on top
  7. erikscollectables

    BMEWS and Thule Air base 1963-1965

    Hi Jean-Paul, Sounds like even more extreme conditions there! What period was this and any photo's to share? All the best, Erik PS next episode probably on Saturday.
  8. At the moment I am working on a small series of blogs.They all concern the same person who worked (as a civilian) on several military contracts. The first series will be about his life on Thule Air base 1963/65, Greenland, home of BMEWS - the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. Many previously unpublished photo's and materials from that period will appear in the blogs. After that a series will follow regarding his 5 years in Vietnam... If interestes please read the blog: https://erikscollectables.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/gerrits-travels-part-1-bmews-at-thule-air-base-greenland/
  9. erikscollectables

    AH Storm Troop items and photo's

    Would certainly say so with the grenades and helmets and other extra's. Can you make a better picture?
  10. erikscollectables

    AH Storm Troop items and photo's

    It has been a long time since there were any contributions so I'll restart the thread with a recent photo addition. Probably taken on one of the 1917/1918 Storm Courses
  11. erikscollectables

    Photos of the Ottomans and Allies decorated with the TWM

    Hungarian Officer - post 1922
  12. Hello, Recently found this Hungarian overcoat for a major and was wondering of which branch it is? I know the regular colors but not this double coloured "paroli". Based on WW1 I thought it might be General Staff? Regards, Erik
  13. erikscollectables

    Badge for sidecap or ?

  14. erikscollectables

    AH signatures (Generals etc) + Verbundeten on Cigarette case

    Thanks guys. I found out it is a Kriegsfursorge item - so not unique!
  15. Hi all, The case is made of Alpacasilber as it reads on the case itself. The front has a group of signatures around the FJ "slogan" Viribus Unitis" So far I have identified 4 of the signatures. They seem to be of the Military Leadership of the Eastern Front of the "Verbundeten". AH: Top left: Erzherzog Friedrich FM (Feldmarschall) Bottom: Conrad von Hotzendorf Gen Oberst (to which he was promoted on june 23rd 1915 - and again promoted to General Feldmarschall on 23rd November 1916 German: Bottom left: Mackensen Bottom right: Von Hindenburg Any ideas for the other signatures? And is alpaca not a cheap material compared to the importance of the signatures?