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  1. Perhaps he was the most uninteresting man in WW1.
  2. I would call it more probable that the hindy in not correct. It indicates he was a frontline soldier yet didn't earn anything else the entire war? And no long service medal? You would see lots of bars like this for the 1870/1 crowd but not for the WW1 guys.
  3. I think it might have had a Franco-Prussian War commemorative vice the Hindy.
  4. I think that direct hit/penetration by a large caliber shell might have had something to do with it.
  5. dond

    Machine Gun Sharpshooter

    Very nice documents. I assume the guy in the pics is the recipient of the first doc?
  6. Nice to see that it has stayed together all these years.
  7. Well earned and well worn.
  8. Couldn't that last ribbon be for a Mecklenburg LS medal?
  9. Nice series of photos showing early trenching efforts prior to the more fully developed defensive positions. One question, When did the metal trench shields come into use or were they pre-war items put to new use?