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    1. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      Hi, thanks for the heads up... Nice tags, but I think it is Landwehr.

  1. He could have been a front fighter in WW1. He just didn't earn any awards. Maybe a young draftee that showed up in the final months only to be part of the retreat.
  2. I would call it more probable that the hindy in not correct. It indicates he was a frontline soldier yet didn't earn anything else the entire war? And no long service medal? You would see lots of bars like this for the 1870/1 crowd but not for the WW1 guys.
  3. I think it might have had a Franco-Prussian War commemorative vice the Hindy.
  4. I think that direct hit/penetration by a large caliber shell might have had something to do with it.
  5. Very nice documents. I assume the guy in the pics is the recipient of the first doc?
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