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  1. Couldn't that last ribbon be for a Mecklenburg LS medal?
  2. Nice series of photos showing early trenching efforts prior to the more fully developed defensive positions. One question, When did the metal trench shields come into use or were they pre-war items put to new use?
  3. What was the date of the award? Nice maroon case.
  4. dond

    One of the rarest EK Awards...

    First a document and now a bar. I wonder how many people said it was a put together.....
  5. Very nice. Anything else with it? Soldbuch, docs, awards?
  6. Here is a great account from the German point of view.
  7. Bingo! And they pounded the crap out of Beatty's battle cruisers as well.
  8. To me it looks like Big state to little state order of precedence.
  9. I feel the same way. I've held it in my hand and am not a fan. I think it is from the "Club."