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  1. dond

    two EK1s

    Time Left: 21 days and 12 hours

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    Up for sale, 2 EK1s. The left cross is marked "G" on the pin and the right one is marked H.B.G. on the pin. $350 each plus shipping and fees if applicable. Buy both and the shipping is on me.


  2. What period would this model be from?
  3. Looking around the internet. https://www.emedals.com/europe/germany/german-states/hohenzollern/a-1895-1900-house-order-of-hohenzollern-commanders-honour-cross-g15775 Another spelled with umlauts. And more spelled with umlauts.
  4. I have what I assume to be a Hohenzollern Cross 1st class but it puzzles me. Why is it so thick?
  5. I'm looking for an example of this award from the 1870-90 period.
  6. dond

    US Spanish Campaign Medal-Army. 1898.

    A distant relative.
  7. Then it has to be pre-Centennial/ 25 year Oaks. What 1870/1 campaign medal, fighter or stay at home steel? I assume with the EK on Black/white ribbon it would be a bronze one. Still not sure about the DA since the ribbon is blue.
  8. When did medal clips come into use? I still don't see a DA as the ribbon is blue. Still it would be easy to restore.