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  1. Could we pin the 1870/1 EK recipient's list to the top of this forum please?
  2. Dave, thanks for the info. I will ponder which DA I will go with. Perhaps when I go to attach the Centenarmedal it will become more clear. Everyone else, thanks for the nice comments. I'll update this thread as the restoration takes place. Hopefully by then I will figure out why my phone pics post upside down.
  3. It's GFC for Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen.As for the LS medal, the thread for tieing the award down around the ose is still present. The distance from the tie down (top of the medal to the bottom of the bar is approx 34mm. The missing medals make absolutely no sense to me because they are all common and relatively cheap.
  4. Funny thing is all the expensive ones are still on it. I have a good KO marked EK2 for it. The Centenaur should not be hard to find. I believe the LS should be the Landwehr XX year cross.
  5. If I had to guess at an ID I would say Ohio fraud parts bars. The reverse will tell for sure.
  6. Is that the whole picture in post 1 or is there more?
  7. I imagine he took the ring to his grave, literally.
  8. Looking for a Brunswick Henry the Lion Knight's Cross to restore this bar. An ebay seller split them up and I missed the Knight's cross.
  9. Not so much a grouping but a collection of items. No one else bothered to bid.
  10. Perhaps it was to convert existing peace time awards into wartime awards.
  11. That's one of those dealers you need to be careful with imo.
  12. Thoughts on this RAO2 please. No markings. Appears to be gold. Ribbon is set up so that it hangs below another neck award. Sorry for the image orientation. They were taken with my phone.