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  1. Fake EK1 and a fake spange.
  2. Did I miss something or did we forget Oldenburg? I have a couple of babies from them. First up is the second class FA Cross with "Vor Dem Feinde" clasp Don
  3. Let's see what we can dig up in the way of Freicorps awards for Schlesien. First up is the Schlesien Eagle 1st class with swords.
  4. What period would this model be from?
  5. I have what I assume to be a Hohenzollern Cross 1st class but it puzzles me. Why is it so thick?
  6. Looking around the internet. https://www.emedals.com/europe/germany/german-states/hohenzollern/a-1895-1900-house-order-of-hohenzollern-commanders-honour-cross-g15775 Another spelled with umlauts. And more spelled with umlauts.
  7. I'm looking for an example of this award from the 1870-90 period.
  8. dond

    US Spanish Campaign Medal-Army. 1898.

    A distant relative.
  9. Then it has to be pre-Centennial/ 25 year Oaks. What 1870/1 campaign medal, fighter or stay at home steel? I assume with the EK on Black/white ribbon it would be a bronze one. Still not sure about the DA since the ribbon is blue.
  10. When did medal clips come into use? I still don't see a DA as the ribbon is blue. Still it would be easy to restore.
  11. The problem with these medal clips is that things can be removed, replaced etc at any time. The DA15 doesn't go on a blue ribbon. The Schaumburg does and it is close enough to be a manufacturers variant.
  12. The ribbon is blue, not green. It came with the saxon LS medal but I don't think it is correct. I also looked at a possible Baltic Cross but the ribbon is not correct for that either.
  13. I know that. But on the flip side, it is not enough to make it bad.