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  1. I'm looking for an example of this award from the 1870-90 period.
  2. US Spanish Campaign Medal-Army. 1898.

    A distant relative.
  3. Then it has to be pre-Centennial/ 25 year Oaks. What 1870/1 campaign medal, fighter or stay at home steel? I assume with the EK on Black/white ribbon it would be a bronze one. Still not sure about the DA since the ribbon is blue.
  4. When did medal clips come into use? I still don't see a DA as the ribbon is blue. Still it would be easy to restore.
  5. The problem with these medal clips is that things can be removed, replaced etc at any time. The DA15 doesn't go on a blue ribbon. The Schaumburg does and it is close enough to be a manufacturers variant.
  6. The ribbon is blue, not green. It came with the saxon LS medal but I don't think it is correct. I also looked at a possible Baltic Cross but the ribbon is not correct for that either.
  7. I know that. But on the flip side, it is not enough to make it bad.
  8. The red flag for Rick and his expert was that the W was upside down with respect to the 938 silver mark. I thought that was a good sign?
  9. Wagner/Friedlander pieces from the 20-40s go for $3000 or so depending on condition. They are out there and the die characteristics are well known. Godet/Schickle pieces are out there as well and slightly more expensive. An early S&L can be found as well. The later pieces (60s-today) lack quality imo.
  10. Yes he is. The point is that there are totally acceptable 20-40s PLMs out there.
  11. There are original wearer's copies from the 20-40s that make perfecting fine collectibles. Especially if you don't have $20-30 thousand to spend.
  12. I have seen it stated on other forums that these were die cast, at least the Schott badges. I have not seen period documentation to this effect. Perhaps others will chime in.
  13. I just finished this book and have to say what a great read it was. Thanks for doing the hard work to get this book out there. Anyone that wants to know what the German soldier's experience was like in the war should read this book.
  14. OK, this confuses me.......

    Perhaps a subcontractor for assembling parts into completed crosses or just a local distributor.
  15. OK, this confuses me.......

    Define grosshandlung.
  16. Suddenly 15 men of my section appeared. They had been in the bunker under the road when a heavy shell destroyed the bunker burying half of the occupants. After re-reading his account I wonder if that collapsed bunker was ever excavated and the dead laid to rest. It reminds me of that bunker they found a couple of years ago.
  17. You could think of it as a very good day for him. It allowed him to survive the war.
  18. So, on the ebay fotos. Is the image an original or reprint from a period negative? With real ones going for upwards of 100e or more it would still be a good choice if you are studying variations of the TK.
  19. What's the date on the Great Grandfather's award? Unit?
  20. Brian, notice that he has inserted the black backing directly over the field grey backing.