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  1. Glad it's clear to some. I'm somewhat lost. It is a difference of opinion on marked vs unmarked correct? Side by side is there any distinct difference? --dj--Joe
  2. Adlerhorst, I second the motion in wishing to see some of your collection as time allows. Thank you for the information on the pins. Regards, Joe
  3. Thank you, Don. Good to know. --dj--Joe
  4. They look great all together Don. Is the wreath a separate addition or is it a one piece badge? --dj--Joe
  5. Appreciate seeing them, thank you. --dj--Joe
  6. Been quiet here for some time. While I have added a few pieces new to me, they have been pictured before. I still enjoy picking them up and browsing this thread. Hope you all are doing well and finding new and exciting pieces. I have had this for a few years, will add it as a visual aid. Worn condition. --dj--Joe
  7. That should keep you busy for quite some time.
  8. Nicely designed day badge. (Two day badge for this example).
  9. Robert, I can't make it out but see if this fits. G. Danner Mühlhausen Thur. --dj--Joe
  10. Any more of these wonderful little items? I keep looking but have not seen any. --dj--Joe
  11. Hmmmm, I prefer the 1st version. Can't see why they chose to revise some of the organisation badges that they did. Always amazed by the number of pieces I have not seen before. --dj--Joe
  12. That is a good looking pin. Does Hüsken suggest a time period of use? I wonder what the algiz (life) rune is meant to represent. Protection/defence, health, birth or Z? Thanks for showing it Peter.
  13. Nice looking piece. IMO that's not a three dollar knock off. Not one I've seen before but can imagine a couple of different methods of suspension. --dj--Joe
  14. Robert, It looks familiar. Have you shown it before? --dj--Joe
  15. Peter, Thank you. --dj--Joe