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  1. Been quiet here for some time. While I have added a few pieces new to me, they have been pictured before. I still enjoy picking them up and browsing this thread. Hope you all are doing well and finding new and exciting pieces. I have had this for a few years, will add it as a visual aid. Worn condition. --dj--Joe
  2. That should keep you busy for quite some time.
  3. Nicely designed day badge. (Two day badge for this example).
  4. Robert, I can't make it out but see if this fits. G. Danner Mühlhausen Thur. --dj--Joe
  5. Any more of these wonderful little items? I keep looking but have not seen any. --dj--Joe
  6. Hmmmm, I prefer the 1st version. Can't see why they chose to revise some of the organisation badges that they did. Always amazed by the number of pieces I have not seen before. --dj--Joe
  7. That is a good looking pin. Does Hüsken suggest a time period of use? I wonder what the algiz (life) rune is meant to represent. Protection/defence, health, birth or Z? Thanks for showing it Peter.
  8. Nice looking piece. IMO that's not a three dollar knock off. Not one I've seen before but can imagine a couple of different methods of suspension. --dj--Joe
  9. Robert, It looks familiar. Have you shown it before? --dj--Joe
  10. Peter, Thank you. --dj--Joe
  11. If someone would be so kind. What is the correct title of the above pin? My research materials are lacking. Regards, --dj--Joe
  12. Finland Minis

    Very nice miniatures. Thank you for sharing. If I may please I will share my only example. Order of the Cross of Liberty, 2nd class w. swds. (I believe). --dj--Joe
  13. Wow! I do like it. Better a broken shield than a broken bird. I wonder what bird it represents? --dj--Joe
  14. I assume the writting on these were stamped or a decal, (?) But the paint work on your example is superb. --dj--Joe
  15. I do remember. The wooden tinnies are a favorite collecting theme of mine. More of a hands on cottage assembled type item. The imagination can just see someone assembling and painting them. Thanks so much for sharing, --dj--Joe