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  1. Gentlemen, It's been a little over twenty years since Gerhard Konopka passed away on January 29,1997. Can you fellows post pictures of Gerhard Konopka after World War II especially some that are taken shortly before his death. I already seen one postwar picture taken in 1974 of Gerhard Konopka on page 261 in a book called "The Faces of Courage". He was bearded and dressed up in a black suit. Were there other photos of him? I like Gerhard Konopka clean shaven. I tried other forums but no luck. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  2. Gentlemen, Do you know there were any young recipients of the Bundeswehr who were holders of the German Great Federal Service Cross(Neck Order)? I mean those who were in their forty or more years of age. Most of the time it was the Bundeswehr Generals and Admirals in their late fifties and early sixties of age that were the holders of that German neck order. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao P.S. Although not in the Bundeswehr, Col. Ulrich K. Wegener was a holder of the German Great Federal Service Cross at the age of 48.
  3. Gentlemen, I guess will never know for sure about how many recipients of the DKiG and DKiS that joined the Bundeswehr. I kind of knew that these holders of the German Cross that were in the Bundeswehr outnumbered those who won the Knight's Cross that were in the Bundeswehr. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  4. Gentlemen, That's better than nothing. I sort of knew it was going to hard to find detail information about his military career. Thank you. Edward L. Hsiao
  5. Gentlemen, Heinz Otto of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 506 was awarded the German Cross in Gold on June 1,1944 and the Army Honor Roll Clasp January 7,1945. Do you have anymore information about him during WWII and his post war fate? I think his last wartime rank was Hauptmann. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  6. Gentlemen, These German soldiers had been awarded both the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat Clasp in Gold from 1942 to early 1945. There were Helmut Hellinger,Franz Ingenbrand,Josef Obermeier,Karl Peter Vehlow,Gustav Vormdohre,and Fritz Willno to name and few. My question was what was the fate of them and if they were recommended for the Knight's Cross before WWII ended for them? Or claimed to be awarded the KC? I remember that Josef Obermeier was recommended for the Knight's Cross at least two times. There was no final outcome of there recommendations. I know there were others who were holders of the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat Clasp in Gold that claimed to be holders of the Knight's Cross but without confirmination. SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Emil Huber of "Das Reich" Division,was one example. He was the holder of both the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat in Gold. He truthly claimed that he was also a Knight's Cross holder but without firm proof. I couldn't help being a Knight's Cross fan. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  7. Gentlemen, How many DKiG and DKiS (German Crosses in Gold and Silver) holders approximately were in the Bundeswehr? I can't find a website that is dedicated for DKiG and DKiS Holders whose service were in the Wehrmacht and the Bundeswehr. I had to admit that I like the 1957 versions of the DKiG and DKiS better than the ones with the Swastika. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  8. Gentlemen, When was Robert Weber became Kapt.z.S? I knew he directed the big guns of the battleship "Tirpitz" against targets of Spitzbergen on September of 1943. Did he got any foreign decorations during his service in the Kreigsmarine? Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  9. Gentlemen, Anybody have a picture of Wolf Junge with all his decorations that includes his DKiG? For a Kriegsmarine officer who was only 41 years of age to command that huge mighty battleship called "Tirpitz", was really a big responsibility! Junge must have won his DKiG for fighting off plenty of air attacks against his big ship for much off 1944. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  10. Gentlemen, I wonder what was the highest german medal that a Bundeswehr NCO could win for peacetime merit? The Verdiestmedaille? I don't know if their were any NCOs that won the Federal German Cross Second Class. Certainly not the First Class. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  11. Gentlemen, I know there were plenty of German Cross in Gold holders that severed in the BGS. It will be petty interesting to see photographs of Wehrmacht veterans serving with the BGS wearing their German WWII medals or ribbons on their uniforms. Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  12. Gentlemen, Do you have any pictures of Gerhard Konopka in RAD uniform? I suppose he wore his RAD uniform while in command of a regiment of 2.(RAD)I.D. "Friedrich Ludwig Jahn" during combat in Berlin of 1945. Also do you have any postwar pictures of Gerhard Konopka wearing his decorations in the 1980's or 1990's? Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  13. Gentlemen, So many Wehrmacht veterans who went to serve the Bundeswehr after World War II for many years probably never got any important decorations from their own country of Federal Republic of Germany. I think plenty of times it was the NATO countries that did all the awarding of decorations to Bundeswehr (ex-Wehrmacht) servicemen. A lot of these men never wear the foreign ribbons on their uniforms. Just the ribbons from World War II,1957 made. Yes it was too bad the Bundeswehr service crosses that were in prototype forms in 1964 were not approved. Edward L. Hsiao
  14. Gentlemen, At a risk of being rejected,I think that picture of #141 is the U-boat commander Hans Rose of U-53,this time clean shaven. I recognized that parted middle line of hair in the middle. Also he had shaved sides round his head. This picture looked liked Rose was in the Kriegsmarine. I barely saw the Nazi eagle on Rose's left side of his uniform. I'm doing this by memory! Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
  15. Gentleman, I agree that's good research on this Pour le Merite U-boat commander. One thing that I'm puzzled though. For so many years,I knew this PLM man that named Hans von Mellenthin. This year of 2012 I found that he was named Hans-Joachim von Mellenthin. I wonder how this Hans-Joachim came about? Sincerely, Edward L. Hsiao
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