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  1. stay well away from this. item number 272698208148
  2. one more question: what is Lazslo's "type id" of the Czech made (Reimer) "Belgian Style" medals? ty.
  3. hi Rob, thank you for your clarification. cheers, s.
  4. hi Rob, many thanks! I have contacted two of my friends -- fellow medal collectors in Czech and both of them agreed this design is rather uncommon among Czech collectors which points out to a foreign manufacture; one of them suggested Chobillion manufacture. is this type recognized by Lazslo or should I read the 'reproduction' word as 'fake'? (I do not own the book as VicMedals are not my field).
  5. hi guys, I'd appreciate your thoughts on this one. unsigned, similar/identical (but the hallmark) to one mentioned on page 3 of this thread as 'french made'. Having come across this one on ebay, I found it rather unusual a type. Ribbon I presume is a modern replacement. many thanks, s.
  6. skyeman

    WW2 US Intelligence Reports

    I should very much like to hear from them! I won't mind them sending me an email written in Czech. cheers, scott skyeman@hotmail.co.uk
  7. hi, this award is rather common (as well as the ribbon), so faking it wouldn't really pay. It was introduced in 1938 as an award for all volunteers who took part in defending (mainly) the Slovak border from 28.X 1918 to 31.VII 1919 hope it helps, s.
  8. and to answer your original posting, I suspect your medal of being of the post-war brew... 'London issue' really is difficult to acquire
  9. hi, the medal was constituted by the exiled Czech Govt. in London, 1943, however, only paperslips were issued (first issue early March 1944). In early 1945 CIABG photos, ribbons can be spotted on BD blouses. Majority of the commemorative medals was struck in Prague (3 issues), while one series is believed to have been made by Spinks in early 45. These can be easily identified, sadly, the site mentioned above does not include the 'london' issue. See the pic attached. The main difference is the loophole for the suspension ring, which actually forms the sword's pommel, unlike the Prague issued medals. (several other subtle differences (metal colour, font used on the reverse, ribbon colour) can be found, but the loophole is a sufficient and definite give-away). 4 clasps were issued to be worn on the ribbon, 'Velka Britanie', 'Francie', 'Stredni Vychod' and 'SSSR' (UK, Fra, Middle East and USSR). The abbrev. clasps depicted should be worn on a small ribbon sewn on a uniform, not the medal.
  10. skyeman

    Lt Col FJ Havel

    hi, Lt/Col F. Havel (id J-1214) enlisted the Free Czech Forces in Agde, France, on 26.09.1939 cheers, s.