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  1. Craig, No, Gibraltar Police have never utilised a white helmet. They have since their formation always worn the traditional British (dark blue) police helmet. Since the early 1900's this has been identical in design to that worn by the London Metpol. and that is still the case today. Dave.
  2. Further to my last posting........... the helmets did not vary in style as such. The everyday patrol helmet was as that shown in the posted photos. However, for ceremonial occasions the cloth covered "button" top was screwed off and replaced by either a white metal (pre. 1935 approx.) or chrome plated (post. 1935 approx.) spike. The chinstraps were also swapped over, the leather one (for everyday use) replaced by a leather backed chin chain. The chrome plated helmet plate actually dates from post. 1935 when chroming became the norm. As said previously, the helmets are still worn by a number of forces in the Carribean. I've just remembered, Malta Police also wear them, again on ceremonial occasions. Dave.
  3. Brian, I'm unsure as to why you believe that the production of these helmets stopped in 1942. They are a comparatively common item of headwear even today. HM Royal Marines here in the UK wear them as part of their ceremonial uniform and all the UK dependant territory police forces (apart from Bermuda) still wear them. The Jamaica Constablulary wore them into the 1960's and the KC plates also continued to be used, again well into the 1960's. Best wishes, Dave.
  4. I am attaching herewith a photograph of a Metropolitan Police Silver Identification token which I have in my collection. As you can see it was issued to "F.W. Abbott, Deputy Assistant Commissioner". The reverse is blank apart from a Birmingham silver hallmark for 1934. It is a fairly uninspiring item. It is 1 1/4 inch tall x 1 inch wide. The small suspender ring was used to attach to a chain, probably a watch chain. Mr. Abbott was appointed a Chief Constable in the Metropolitan Police on 6th June 1930 and Deputy Assistant Commissioner in January 1935. He did not hold that position for long and retired on pension in 1936. The "Silver Identification Tokens" are mentioned for the first time in Metropolitan Police Order dated 11th November 1919, when it said that they shall be issued to all senior officers. The ranks involved are not mentioned. However, research suggests that they were issued to Deputy Assistant Commissioners up to Commissioner. They were also issued to the "Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District" (an individual who headed the Met. Police civil staff). I have not been able to discover when the practice of issuing these tokens ceased. The Metropolitan Police have only one example in their archives and that relates to a Deputy Assistant Commissioner. I hope this information is of use. Dave. My apologies, I've not been able to upload to photo (your system indicates that it is too big). If "SP" contacts me I will allow her sight of the token. My email address is:- dave.wilkinson73@btinternet.com