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  1. Hello, I've seen some of your rexist badges.

    Would you have something for sale or trade?

    Thanks and best regards,



  2. Hello Peter, Many thanks for your response. I fully agree with you regarding the poor quality of this decoration and the fact that this might not been British. Cheers Bill
  3. Hello Gentlemen, It seems that everything is back to normal. Here are two pictures of this fancy decoration. Cheers. Bill
  4. Sorry I have a hard time uploading photos for the moment ! I keep having the same message : "There was a problem uploading the file" The photo I wanted to add is in jpeg and only 394 Ko, any idea how I could solve this problem ? Cheers
  5. Good afternoon Gentlemen, Can anyone help me identified this fancy decoration, is this a movie or theatrical prop or is it related to a false Order of Chivalry (International Order as the German called them) ? It is a two parts construction, gilt and silvered bronze. There is no maker's mark. Cheers Bill
  6. Hello Chuck, Thanks for helping me. It is a rather small badge, circa 20-22 mm. It has a pin with catch on the back, there is no maker's mark. Probably circa 1930-40. As soon as I will put the hand on the badge (I have moved this summer and have no idea where are some of my badges) I will post a photo from the back. Cheers Bill
  7. Good evening gentlemen, I need your help to identify this small badge from the Russian emigration (circa 1930 I presume). No maker. Cheers Bill
  8. Good evening gentlemen, Many thanks to both of you for the informations regarding this decoration. Is it still in use, or is it obsolete since Queen Frederica's death in 1981 ? Is the small badge a 1st type of this decoration ? and how many grades are there because I have seen a "commander" of this decoration on the web ? Cheers Bill
  9. Good afternoon gentlemen, I need your help to identify these Greek decorations which I believe are not officials. Cheers Bill
  10. Good evening Gentlemen, It is possible that B stands for Bruxelles/Brussels but still there is no proof that this badge is from Belgium, there is no maker's mark and I can show you hundreds (if not thousands of French badges) with exactly the same lapel hole attachment system. B can also stand for Basque or Bayonne. Green, red and white are the Basque national colors, moreover the Basque have also used the swastika in its classical design as a national emblem. Cheers Bill
  11. Hello Don, I don't stand with Hüsken and doubt seriously that this badge is from a Belgian fascist organisation. 1. The word Motornale has absolutely no meaning neither in Belgium nor in France 2. I believe the swastika in this badge means only luck, just like for the National War Savings Committee badge : https://www.google.fr/search?q=war+savings+committee+badge&biw=1024&bih=685&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=GrytVLTiEoL0UsObgNgF&ved=0CD8QsAQ and has no connexion of any sort with National-Socialism or Fascism 3. I have never heard from any Belgian collectors saying that this is indeed a Belgian Fascist Organisation Badge. Cheers Bill
  12. Hello Chetnik1942, Sorry for this late response, I was out of France for a few weeks. Many thanks for your identification, I am eager to see your photos. Cheers Bill
  13. Good evening Gentlemen, I fully agree with Bison, there is absolutely nothing shocking in seeing a First Empire Legion of Honor in such a nice condition, of course it is rare but hopefully some objects travels through times safely. Nevertheless I believe the ribbon has been changed, and it is from a later period. Cheers Bill
  14. Hello Paja, Thanks for your opinion. Your probably right this should be the Democratic Party badge, in fact I even suspect this to be a badge from the Democratic Party in exile (that is after WWII, between 1945-48, probably made in Paris) hence the use of the Serbian flag instead of the Yugoslav flag. Cheers Bill
  15. Hello Gentlemen, I am trying to figure out what this small Serbian (or Yugoslav) badge stands for ? : Any ideas ? Looks like the cyrillic letters D and S, maybe not military but political ? Badge is 21 x 12 mm, silvered bronze, enameled, no maker, pin back. Cheers Bill