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  1. I actually have a sporran made of badger from the aforementioned taxidermist. It can get a bit tedious if you end up at a table with an opinionated vegetarian, who is quick to voice his/her (usually her) opinion on what you have round your waist. It's for that reason that it's always nice to keep a copy of the taxidermist's documentation in the sporran as a little 'f*** you' in the case where particularly judgemental remarks are made. I'm told it's the original gold cord that is about to run out. The last of it is being used to make three sporrans for the Argylls. http://www.scottish-sporrans.co.uk/ I think there's one pictured on his site.
  2. Just came across this thread. Just thought I'd let you know, a friend of mine is currently in the process of making the last ever officer's sporran. Sad day