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    Collecting Luftwaffe officer & general rank of high quality/condition, and Luft ephemera. Currently seeking uniforms, headgear, & ribbon bars. Please contact me if you know of any, or to say hi!

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  1. Hi Ron, Yes, I realize that. My point was that sometimes when names are removed, they are done less meticulously than intended. Meaning surviving clues can sometimes lead to an ID regardless. Best regards, Jason
  2. Hi Bill, Yes it is - that's what I had meant when I mentioned that the name tag was intact. Best regards, Jason
  3. Here's a wonderful Major-equivalent tunic and trousers which still retains its tailor label and name tag. Just a little soiling around the neck, but otherwise in superb condition on all accounts. Loops for a long ribbon bar and what appear to be an Iron Cross and spange. Best regards, Jason
  4. Andreas - thanks for posting the tailor label. I prefer uniforms where labels and name tags are still intact, so this is always nice to see. Too bad the name was torn out in this case. Sometimes the removed section is sloppy or incomplete and there are enough clues remaining to offer a legitimate shot at identification. Unfortunately in this case the name removal is a little more complete. Best regards, Jason
  5. Hi Andreas, Thanks so much for sharing these! Very cool to see. I love these surviving tailor-branded pieces of marketing. Best, Jason
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks so much. I've posted the photo of the original owner of the LW 8-bar (without long service decorations) before but nothing came of it, unfortunately. I'll hold onto the name of the LW 11-bar for now as I'd first like to do some research on my own when time permits. But I appreciate it. Everyone here is always so helpful and encouraging which is sincerely appreciated. I really need to start taking photos of my bars and sharing them here. Claudio - thanks for your opinion. I will go back and double check the Zvonimir ribbon with a loop to see if there's a hole there or it's just a scuff. My eyes are still great long distance, but not so great up close. =) Best, Jason
  7. Andreas – thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate it. Both awards would be in place here given the other decorations, and it’s hard to know if a ribbon denotes one award vs. the other, or if it happened the be the closest match when the bar was made. The two are similar, although I’m now leaning more toward the Roman eagle. Hopefully more will chime in one way or another. Paul – thank you. I really love all of these bars. The two without long service are Luftwaffe bars as well. One is identified by a photo (no name yet), the other came with a name which I’m researching. These are the type of bars I prefer: longer Luftwaffe bars showing first war service and/or foreign awards. The 10-bar in question here, though, is remarkable for other reasons. Claudio – you are right about the 6th decoration. It is the Zvonimir with wreath and a missing device inside of it (which I'm assuming was a crown). It's been pilfered in all likelihood. I was asking about the 8th decoration, though. Is it a Michael the Brave or Roman Eagle in your opinion? Best regards, Jason
  8. Hi guys, Please see the attached photo of bars with Romanian decorations. The 10-bar, second bar from the top, has foreign awards in slots six through ten. I wondered if you might be able to share your thoughts as to whether decoration number eight is the Romanian Michael the Brave, or the Italian Roman Eagle? I had thought it was the former but would prefer to hear opinions from you guys who are far more advanced than I. Best regards, Jason

    Here are my current LC bars - note the second from the top, the 7-er with the award in question. I never thought this bar could be identified but perhaps there is a chance if an estimated 100 Germans received this award? Best regards, Jason
  10. Bah! What a yawner. Claudio - when are you going to start posting some stellar bars for a change? As usual, a stunner. Your medal bar collection continues to amaze with each new acquisition. Superb!
  11. Hi Chip, As a Luftwaffe collector, I never venture into this forum. But I saw the thread highlighted on the side when I logged in and the topic of trousers intrigued me. Thanks for an informative and detailed thread. I had no idea trousers like the ones you have are so rare. But like another said, anything that could be worn post-war (after both wars) was indeed worn. Those with the luxury of storing them away could afford to do so. I too enjoy having trousers with my uniforms and finding them in my strike zone can be difficult. I'm very happy with all the pairs I do have. Best regards, Jason
  12. Congratulations, Claudio! Another superb (and named) bar for your collection with plenty of further research opportunities to flesh you. Happy researching.
  13. Thanks so much for the great feedback. I had previously thought that the awards for positions four through eight were as follows: 4. Order of the Star of Romania, officer's cross with rosette 5. Order of Queen Maria, 2nd class with swords 6. Sanitats Cross of Merit 7. Medel for Crusade against Communism 8. Ottoman war medal with crescent moon I did reach out to Antti and had a nice exchange; perhaps he'll contribute here. But in a nutshell, he mentioned that the Communist take-over resulted in most of the records being destroyed. He did mention this was the first time he had recalled seeing this neck order in wear by a German officer, which might make it slightly easier to identify. If we only had the rolls to the Order of Queen Maria awards! Cheers Jason
  14. Hi Guys, I'm trying to identify this officer. While it may be a futile search, there are a couple of interesting points to this grouping. The first is that the Queen Maria, 2nd class decoration is slot five of the ribbon bar. The officer was also awarded the Order of Queen Maria, 1st class, which he wears around his neck. I think it's a safe assumption, given the awards, is that he's a Luftwaffe medical officer, if not a doctor. I pulled all Obersteutnant-equivalent officers from the career summaries and narrowed down what I could. I'm still at 100 names. Anybody recognize the officer, or have any suggestions as to how I might be able to whittle down the list? Thanks, Jason