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  1. Any other bars with the Schaumburg-Lippe Medal for Merit? Perhaps there are similarities to this one from which conclusions can be drawn.
  2. Can I get your advice on a Russian Life Saving medal?  I am the owner of Lot 5158 Hermann Historica Auction #72, the estate of the Piano Composer and virtuoso Xaver Scharwenka, of which this medal is a part.  A pic is online but I can send another to you if needed.  It came on blue ribbon but not sure if correct.  I've searched all my meager references but was unsuccessful in locating anything on this item.  Do you know it and its background?  Thanks a lot.   Bob Schmidt

    1. JapanX


      Hi Bob,

      about the badge


      So ribbon is the wrong one, because there was no ribbon at all. 

      Only blue rosette.

      Example of such rosette 


      In wear 









    2. rabaduex


      The awards on the site you provide does not match the one I mention---perhaps because mine was to a civilian?


    3. JapanX


      Cross inscriptions are the same, dear Bob.  

      As for the differences - most likely yours was privately ordered.

  3. Many thanks to Komtur, Ixhas, Leutwein and of course Paul C. for assistance in this bar's identity. Bob
  4. If not as described by the dealer at the S.O.S., what other possibilities are there as to rank and status of the person who wore this medal bar?
  5. Does the wrong medal mounted some fifty years following its issue disqualify the original attribution? Besides that, what else can be gleaned from the remaining medals on this bar?
  6. Thanks to Paul for posting this for me. A recent purchase from the '16 S.O.S described by German dealer as Sanitatsoffiziers Ordensschnalle. The Red Eagle has an N on the lower arm; the Crown Order stamped ZEHN; Prussian Kriegsdenkmunze 1870/71 is non-magnetic (a later private purchase by the veteran from the 1895 era?); steel China Denkmunze. Does this help?
  7. thanks for the enlightened commentary. As the old timers might say, its a "hard row to hoe". I have had experience in the past but it does not make this experience any easier. A couple years ago, a well-known dealer at all the Shows in the US sold me a silver Prussian flight badge that was not silver (confirmed by a jeweler) and had all the peculiarities of being fake after I bought and read Imperial Sky by Stephen Previtera. The dealer refused a refund but did do a trade with me, though I know I came out short. I am not one to pass along such an item just to get ahead. The other time, back in the eighties, I collected 3rd Reich photos and bought from a then well-known auction house. When I was streamlining my holdings, I presented the same photos to the same auction house and was refused as he said the photos were not original. I quit collecting and did not re-emerge until 25 years later. For middle age men of some means who want a new challenge to collecting for their last twenty or so years, these episodes are a killer.
  8. Talking of dealers---may I get some commentary on a problem which I now intend to tackle. In 2012, a trusted dealer sold me a Ottoman Army Flyer's badge that I suspect to be a fake. I am referencing "Imperial German Flight Badges Vol. II" by Robert Pandis in this assessment. I have contacted the dealer by e-mail (no response yet) and will do a follow-up at the SOS in person. (I still have the invoice) My question is---as, presumably, he not obligated to do anything (ie. refund, trade, partial refund, etc.) in my satisfaction--- what is the general outcome for this type of difficulty by members of this Forum.
  9. Thanks for your insight.
  10. I have seen but few mentions of the Freikorps organization, Hanauer Burgerwehr. Does a photo exist of this insignia in wear and can others comment on the authenticity of insignia in the marketplace?
  11. I don't understand the last post and still still desire the auction data. Bob
  12. Does anyone have the Prices Realized for this Auction? Seeking the hammer price on lots #15 & 16 Orden fur Kunst und Wissenschaft. Thanks Bob
  13. Is anyone else surprised that Kraus did not receive decorations from other countries like France, Italy or northern Europe. Seems as though a man of his standing would be recognized elsewhere. Also are there other bars to professionals like him known to the Forum. How do they match up.
  14. A few pages of Fiehler's interrogation of June 15, 1945 is in Nuremberg Interrogation Records (fold3.com) helpful mostly to assess his travels before surrendering himself to the Americans. He downplays his role in wartime.