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  1. Eric, Very nice-I'm glad I'm not the only one with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Then again Chris has the issue to with German Gas masks. Joe Sweeney
  2. Latest addition to the collection is an example of the PHG Helmet---1.7Million wee produced in the first half of 1916 and then withdrawn when the SBRs came out. These were specifically designed for the artillery. This type provide protection against tearing agents that the normal PH helmet would not. Hope this is of interest Joe Sweeney
  3. Johan, Looks great--more to add to the library. Joe Sweeney
  4. Actually its a bit of a controversy about which units are the oldest. All of these are still current and fairly large with multi Battalions: King's Own Immemorial Regiment of Spain, formed in 1248. The French 1st régiment d'infanterie de ligne, created from the ancient "bandes de Picardie" first established in 1479. Swedish Life Guards formed in 1521. I think more claim ancient lineage too. Joe Sweeney
  5. Correction the LMG15 info is in Issue 308 http://militaria.histoireetcollections.com/en/publication/2607/militaria-308-march-2011.html
  6. It actually sold for $32,200--a real bargain (not). I'll never be able to collect WWI autos (And I live in a friendly state) at those prices. Although a Chauchat went for under $5k. Joe Sweeney
  7. There is a great deal of info on these LMG15's in Militaria Magazine no.310: http://militaria.histoireetcollections.com/en/publication/2629/militaria-310-may-2011.html Joe Sweeney
  8. Yes that is a nice helmet and the MGK association. Joe Sweeney
  9. Chris, Nice helmet is it complete or just shell. By the way is this that MG fanatic--this one is in Lorraine: http://lagrandeguerre.cultureforum.net/t69995-mitrailleur-mgk-ir-97-1914 joe sweeney
  10. They were Steingrau. I seem to remember them being at around 4900GBP. If so that would be more like $8000!!!!! Joe
  11. Did the M87 kochgeschirr have the provision for carrying the spork as the later models? Thanks in advance Joe Sweeney
  12. Eric, I saw those too----unbelievable but a nice pair to have in a collection. Joe Sweeney
  13. Very nice content and the way displayed. I'm a bit jealous. Interesting bits from the 139th IR. I have an interest in that unit, mainly do to a few items that I have. Thanks for sharing Joe
  14. Kornel. Thanks for the review I think these will be purchases. Joe Sweeney