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  1. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Extremly Rare.Most probably Petchanac Chetniks custom design! Ретка ко роса у подне!Вероватно рађена само за Пећанчеве Војводе... Muzej-11_-_Vojvoda_Boza_Cosovic_Javorski.tif
  2. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    I bought this kokarda more than a quarter of a century ago…I was told that this is one of the earliest/rarest models from the period 1903-1914.I think I got the photographic proof recently! Ову кокарду сам купио пре више од 25 година.Кад је купих,човек који ми је продао ми рече да је ово стара комитска кокарда.Мислим да сам коначно нашао фотографски доказ за то!
  3. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Hello Dragoljub!Glad that you liked the photos,hope that other Forum members liked them as well.Couple more for you and respectable members,I think that document with General Mihailovich signature and seal of the supreme headquarters was offered for sale on Ebay recently for some unbelievable sum(6000$USA).I got mine as a gift!There is a earlier(initial) improvised version of supreme headquarters seal with scull and crossbones.I submit the scan of the document with that seal, Genaral Mihailovic`s (Chicha`s) signature is clearly visible. Photos of chetniks captured by Axis soldiers are extremely rare and consequently very expensive!To pay 10E for original photo like that is a basement bargain.GRAB IT!!! I have couple scans with similar/same subject which might interest you.Pay attention to the photos of Axis soldiers with the captured Chetnik flag. Greetings. С вером Бога,Слобода или Смрт!Равна Гора-победити мора!
  4. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Welcome on board Dragoljub!Thanks for reminding me that I have a few documents with scull and crossbones in my database.The earliest one I could find is a drawing from Chilandari Monastery depicting "Adams head".The inscription is in church Slavonic and it is signed by "Bulgarian"...The last scan is from the document in my possession with the official seal and signature of Genaral Mihailovic himself! Добро дошао на форум Драгољубе!Хвала шти си ме подсетио да и ја имам неколико документа са Четничким грбом-лобањом са укрштеник бутним костима у мојој датотеци.Прва и најстарија слика је из Манастира Хиландара са Старословенским текстом о "Адамовој Глави".Последња слика је скен документа из моје колекције са својеручним потписом и печатом Ђенерала Михаловића!
  5. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Thanks heaps Chip!Book added to my shopping cart! Pogoni shown,discussed and destroyed in Nikita Mihalkov newest masterpiece-"Sunstroke"(Солнечный удар) . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WypoUHTWH8
  6. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Hello:Бог ти помого! Мerdare; Drop me your contact address in my profile inbox in relation to my favorite Ravna Gora hero-Bora Blagojevic.I got some relevant info which is going to interest you, I am sure. In relation to daggers. I collect chetnik stuff since late 80-es.Last time I saw original chetnik kama for sale on E-bay was more than 10 years ago!It was exceptionally well made specimen which went for around 2000$USA…For everybody's info, I am submitting the photos of fakes I came across in years. In relation to prices outside "stingray"-bay:I recently bought a well made original kama without the scabbard for 400E...I got offered another original with the King Peter the Second monogram on the scabbard for peanuts,but I did not buy it!I did not want to rip the pour lady off!!!She did not have an idea what she was selling... Kind regards!
  7. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Hello everyone; My humble contribution to the subject shown below.By the way, the price of this beauty was in US$...Can anyone inform me about reference material about the Russian shoulder boards(погони) in any language(web sites,books etc...)
  8. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Congratulations Paja on good observation skills!The bronze colored,always unmarked, badge is original indeed!They are made of noticeably different material than the more common "silver" ones.And, to my knowledge they haven't been faked yet!My uneducated guess is that they are produced prior the “silver” ones,that is probably the reason why they are so rare.On the pictures below you can see my specimen and the matching breast badge which (unfortunately) I cleaned.The breast badge is the only specimen known to me so far!Breast badge is undoubtedly original it was given to me as a gift by a chetnik from the Valjevo area.And as usual, few period photos at the end. Честитам Пајо на оштром оку и бритком уму!Ова кокарда која је увек необележена и другачије је-бронзане- боје и много је ређа од сребрнкастих које су углвном-али не увек-обележене…Још нисам наишао на фасификат ове кокарде!Мислим да су ливене пре сребрнкастих,зато су тако ретке.Прилажем слику мог примерка заједно са грудном значком рађеном у истом стилу и вероватно у истома материјалу.Ову грудну значку коју сам (нажалост) очистио поклонио ми је четник из околине Ваљева.Никада ни пре ни после нисам наишао на грудну значку овакве израде! И за крај, као и увек,неколико слика из епохе…
  9. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Text translation; For memory and long remembrance from the Ravna Gora life, with my chetnik brothers. Long live King Peter The Second!Long live uncle Draza Mihailovic!Long live Serbian Army!Down with Tito and his red ustashe!Death to Tito and his bands! Radovan Arsenijevic
  10. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    My humble contribution to the subject.Original period photo...
  11. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Talking about rare war casting chetnik badges,here is one from the estate of the late chetnik officer Dushan Trbojevic.His photo from the period 1941-5 underneath...Under his photo the second badge,most probably from the same casting.These are the only two specimen in existence known to me! Ретки ратни лив,из заоставштине Дражиног Официра Душана Трбојевића,испод слика Душана из рата.Испод Душанове слике још једна кокарда вероватно из истог калупа.Ове две су ми једини примерци познати до сада!
  12. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    Scull and crossbones badge was official badge of Chetnik Association of Kingdom of Yugoslavia formed in the 1929.During the WW2 it was almost exclusively worn by the Chetniks who collaborated with Germans in Occupied(Nedic`s) Serbia.Those "Goverment Chetnik" units where under the command of Duke Kosta Pecanac who was executed by anti-axis (Mihailovic`s) chetniks because of Nazi-collaboration...In other occupied Serbian lands, it was a different story.Vast majority of Chetnik forces in Croatian SS (Ustasha)led "Independent state of Croatia(NDH)" was under the Mihailovic command, but preferred the scull and crossbones badge over official Kingdom of Yugoslavia badge.Most probably because in the official Kingdom Yu-badge was included the croatian red Checkerboard same as it was on the ustasha NDH emblem.Chetniks in Montenegro also rather wore scull and crossbones over Yu-badge.Picture #1 Chetnik veteran from the WW1 member of the Chetnik Association of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in official uniform. Group of Association members with the official flags before the WW2In this one group of Kosta Petcanac(Goverment chetniks) in WW2 George(Ђорђе)Lashich chief of staff of the Montenegrin chetniks Chetnik Duke from Bosnia Dobrosav Jevdjevic, member of the "Young Bosnia" Serbian group who assassinated Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparking the WW2.He was a flat mate of Gavrio Princip, the main assassin who actually shot Franz... And last, but certainly not least, the Chetnik spirit lives on!Photo taken in Sydney (Chetnik hub) in 2010... Chetnik veteran from the WW1 member of the Chetnik Association of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in official uniform Duke Kosta Milovanovic-Pecanac photo taken afther the WW2 And this is young Petchanac receiving the keys of the Serbian Monastery from the Austro-Hungarian officer near the end of the WW1. Petchsanac was born not far from this Monastey at 1879.
  13. Serbia - Original Chetnik items

    ​You are most welcome.It is my understanding that prices vary between 700-1400$USA.Some of the badges are only known specimens, like the gray "war casting".Stay tuned,more badges and photos to come!