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  1. No luck uploading files! What gives?
  2. Upload of photo of replica bar failed. Can't delete post!
  3. Waiting for one more medal to post photo of replica medal bar.
  4. Wasn't von Ribbentrop adopted by some noblewoman to give him his specious 'von'?
  5. As to my original question: regimental uniform for generals was without the extra buttons worn on the general's blue uniform. Certainly the buttons were the same for field gray as for any other officer.
  6. I make the Red Eagle without swords only because it's not distinct enough with the resolution I'm able to get on enlargement.
  7. The first medal has no clasp. Any guesses that it's not the 2nd India General Service medal? I make the order: 1. Maybe India General Service? No clasp in photo 2. Crimea with Sebastapol clasp 3. China with Pekin and Taku Forts clasps 4. India Mutiny medal with Lucknow and Relief of Lucknow clasps 5. Ashanti medal Coomassie clasp 6. South Africa medal 1879 clasp 7. Egypt medal with Alexandria 11 July clasp 8. Victoria 50th Jubilee medal 9. Kehdive star 10. Turkish Crimean war medal The French Legion of Honor and Turkish Medidjie medal 5th class mounted above and over the Khedive Star and Turkish Crimea medals, which to my eye, is a very attractive complication and solution for an otherwise unwieldy long bar.
  8. Mike: Thanks! This is a help. It doesn't conform exactly to the bar shown above (e.g., no Canada General Service for the Fenien Raid expedition), but both miniature bars together help confirm pretty much all the ones shown in the photo. I may be wrong about the Canadian medal; it wasn't awarded until 1899 and may not have been included in this bar. The photo, as far as I know, isn't dated. NOTE: The picture is probably circa 1895, which explains the missing Canada medal.
  9. Last medal is the Turkish Crimea medal, following the Legion of Honor and the Medjidie?
  10. Thank you! Can you tell if it's with or without swords?
  11. Can anyone tell what the bottom order breast star is? Looks like a Prussian Black or Red Eagle to me.
  12. Here is a display of his medals: What is the first one? His first posting was to Burma. This doesn't look like anything awarded for that (not sure anything was); is it the 1854 India General Service medal?: http://thisisalix.blogspot.com/2012/11/curators-national-army-museum.html
  13. Do you have the URL for this? I have read several online and print bios and can guess at some of his medals but not all. The Wikipedia bio has a summary that allows guesses for the medals but it's not clear how these are presented on the bar in the photo. I was hoping someone had particular knowledge of this medal bar in the photo. The first medal is difficult to see.