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  1. Does anyone have any further details? Thanks and best regards Karsten
  2. Hello all, do we really have a FAM-ribbon? The ribbon looks like the saxon "Erinnerungkreuz" for 1866: http://orden.100ossi100.bplaced.net/24a6bc96790dcbe01/24a6bc97a510ac401/index.html The last ribbon could also stands for a swedish decoration! best regards Karsten
  3. Hello Andy, thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately I couldn´t find any details about the city where he ´s buried. Kind regards Karsten
  4. Hi Andy, Erwin Immanuel Fischer was born 26th October 1866 in Smazin, Kreis Neustadt (West-Prussia). He married Clara Toni Hirschborn on 21st November 1903 (born: 15th April 1884) divorce from his wife Clara on 22nd July 1918 He received his bavarian citizenship on 4th January 1919 He died on 5th Ocotber1938 Regards Karsten
  5. Hello all, thanks a lot for your great research Andy. He's mentioned as Oberstleutnant a.D. on his gravestone. So he was never Oberst. It seems that he has also lost his prussian citizenship. He received a bavarian citizenship at the beginning of 1919. He married a second time but finally he was destitute. I will take further research. But now I have an evidence. Thanks to Andy =) Thanks a lot and Best regards Karsten
  6. Hello all, I need research-help for Oberstleutnant Erwin Immanuel Fischer (Patent Oberstlt. with 27th January 1914) In 1914 he served in 3. Großherzogl. Hessisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 168 I have the following informations according to his award documents: till Ocotober 1914: Chef des Generalstabes des Gouvernements der Festung Metz till December 1915: Chef des Generalstabes der Armee-Abteilung von Strantz He held this position till december 1915 and was replaced by Wilhelm Wild I have no further informations for his service in WW1. I hope someone, especially Glenn J and arb, can assist. What was his last rank? Where did he served after december 1915? I couldn´t find him in Ehrenrangliste des Herres 1914-1918 Thanks and best regards Karsten
  7. Hi all, it was allowed to wear different classes at the same time when they were awarded for different wars. vEpp received his MVOs for service in China, Southwestafrica and WW1. Best wishes Karsten
  8. Hello all, it´s Kurt von Schleinitz! You will find his biography on that website also: http://www.germancolonialuniforms.co.uk/ Best regards Karsten Ek2 = MMV2 Last order = RumSt5 -> see
  9. Hello again, thanks for your input. But I was not asking for the rule of successions. I was asking for your argument with 5 and 10 years.... But don´t forget that there were also exceptions, see attached photo (from my ex-collection)! It shows a saxon NCO (Unteroffizier) with: GSWA-medal/ MEZ2 and sFAM A proud saxon with his saxon award on the last position So never say never! Best regards Karsten
  10. Hello, could you please explain 5 and 10 years for both FA-medals. I can't follow you in that case. FA-medal in bronce was awarded to enlisted men and FA-medal in silver was awarded to NCOs You wrote: the saxon medals should always come first or second, but never be third after an medal from the colonies. Are you sure? We have seen some bars wir the craziest succession of medals/ decorations But I don't like also the shown medal bar, due to other reasons. Best regards Karsten
  11. hello all, the photo shows Bayme Mohamed Husen! A former Askari. He fought together with his father for Lettow-Vorbeck in WW1 His father was KIA and Bayme Mohamed Husen was taken POW in 1917 The photo shows him as an acteur for the movie "Die Reiter von Deutsch-Ostafrika"! Best regards
  12. Hi, it could be identifiable. We have the Stanislaus ribbon on the last position! So it could be the Stanislaus 3rd class with swords. Some german fighter's received that award for their participation on the battle of the Peitang-Forts! Not many of them fought also in German-Southwestafrica! So may be identifiable. Best regards Karsten
  13. Hi all, I would suggest a "Marine-Oberstabsingenieur" or something like that. Most of them had the combination of RAO4 and KO4 Best wishes Karsten
  14. Hi all, and here the second one. It shows a unknown saxon colonial official with a nice combination of awards: KO4Xw DSWA-Denkm. for fighters SA3bX On the right side (next to his leg) is stamped the year 1908.....So we have to search for someone who had the nice combination of KO4Xw and SA3bX and who served also in Halle/a.S. in 1908! He has to be one of the following candidates: ProvAmtAssistent Bannier Karl DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ProvAmtInsp Engst August R. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 Intendanturreg Kemter Georg DSWA Feldintendantur KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1907 ProvAmtAssistent Kießling Karl F. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 Feldlazarethinspektor Posselt Eduard DSWA Romansdrift KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ObVeter Scholz Paul DSWA 1. Feldregiment (beritten) KrO4xw 1906 SA3bx 1906 Proviantamtassistent Schulze Emil O. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ProvAmtskontrolleuer Hille Ernst Hermann DSWA Karib KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 and Ober Intend. Sekr. Seifert who received also KO4Xw and SA3bX who is shown in "Rangliste der Intendanturbeamten für 1914 ". Seifert was born in 1873. So we have 9 candidates in total.I hope that of of them served in Halle/a.S. in 1908 Thanks a lot and best regards Karsten
  15. Hi all, after the sucessful identification of Hptm. von Schlichtegroll: I hope that´s also possible to identify the following two colonial officials. For first the prussian one. The photo shows a prussian colonial official with the following nice award-combination: KO4Xw AEZ DSWA-Denkm. for fighters Centenary-medal The photo was taken in Oels (in Silesia/ near of Breslau) Only 4 candidates are possible....Those candidates are: Kaserneninspektor Annighöfer--> received KO4Xw in 1907 Lazarettinspektor Blümel--> received KO4Xw in 1908 but retired also in 1908 Lazarettinspektor Dybilasz--> received KO4Xw in 1906 Kaserneninspektor Sasse--> received KO4Xw in 1906 but served in Plön (cadet school) after his colonial service After those infos I would tend to Kaserneninspektor Annighöfer and Lazarettinspektor Dybilasz but of course we can not exclude Kaserneninspektor Sasse and Lazarettinspektor Blümel. So I hope that one of those 4 candidates served in Oels between 1907 and 1914. It would be great if someone could give back a name to this nice photo. Thanks and best regards Karsten
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