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  1. Hello Here is a romanian holster I have in my collection. It's dated "1987" but the lock looks uncommon. I would like to know if this holster was used by officers or for a civil use ?
  2. Euronymous

    Romania RSR officer shoulder straps

    After some searches on Internet I have just to find a pair of shoulder boards from artillery with golden stars and insigna, the backroung is yellow. Nevertheless artillery is for combattant units, ranks and insigna should be silvered. What is your opinion ?
  3. Euronymous

    Romania RSR officer shoulder straps

    You are right guys, soviets used the same system !
  4. Euronymous

    Romania RSR officer shoulder straps

    Thank you very much for the documentation Carol I. You are right, shoulder boards with withe background are for non-combatants units.
  5. Euronymous

    Romania RSR officer shoulder straps

    Yes, I know the first one is for communications officer and the second one for a medical officer. But why one has a yellow backgroud and the other one a white ?
  6. Hello I have shoulder straps on my officer uniforms. But I noticed one has a yellow background with silver stars and the other one has a white background with gold strars. Could you tell me why that difference ?
  7. Hello I have a romanian academy badge (RSR type) but the pin is uncommon. Somebody has already seen that kind of pin ? Thanks in advance for help !
  8. This used jacket belonged to a colonel but when I got it there was not any trace of a hole over the right pocket. I suppose there was only the Academy badge (needle model) to this place because all models of specialist insigna have a screw on the back. Do you have a photo from an officer wearing a specialist insigna (communication, tank, air force ...) ?
  9. I have got a daily jacket from a colonel who worked in the communications but I only have the academy badge over the right pocket. Tell me if I have to add the specialist badge grade 1 next to the academy badge ?
  10. Thanks Kevin for this nice informations but in fact I would like to know if this examination of specialist was compulsory ? For exemple, are there some officers who never passed this examination and thus never received this insigna ?
  11. Hello Somebody could tell me if all officers were obliged to pass the examination of specialist ? Or its was an option ?
  12. Euronymous

    Albanian Cap Star.

    You know why the date it's not written ? Communist period or after ?
  13. Euronymous

    Albanian Cap Star.

    Hi Artan Thanks ! I found a photo from a cap on Internet showing an another label. I suppose the factory is "NPV" but the date is not written next to "data prodhimit", Do you know why ?
  14. Euronymous

    Albanian Cap Star.

    Hi Artan Thanks for these interesting informations. A friend of mine was in Albania for job in the last weeks and yesterday he brought me a nice cap. It's the only military item he could see. Have a look here and tell me your opinion. It has its factory label inside "NPN" with a logo showing a cap with a star but I can't see any date. Can you date it approximately ?