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  1. So what kind of goods does this factory manufacturing then? Any more details about it? Thanks!
  2. Anyone knows about this issue case? Which order is issuing with this box actually? Cheers.
  3. Hi All, This is an order of red star (#608216) made by Germany for their spies. Could anyone give me some extra links about this order please. English version would be great! Any other stories about awarding red star in WW2 are welcome. Thank you all very much. Dan
  4. Hi All, My friend said this badge was from Austria. Got not idea.. Need help with it and more information would be thankful. Cheers.
  5. Hi All, This is an unfinished badge. Could anyone tell me what it is? Is it from British? Size smaller than a zippo. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! JBFloyd. Got any idea about its name? Cheers
  7. Hi All, Need help with this order. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, Got another unknown mini medal. Translations and informations needed. Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Danio
  9. Thank you so much, Hendrik. Regards, Danio
  10. Hi Hendrik, It's my friends and I am trying to get some reverse pictures from him. Could you translate those words on the medal? Kind regards, Danio
  11. Hi all, Need help with this French medal. Thanks! danio
  12. Thank you all very much. Dan
  13. Awesome! Thank you so much, Mervyn. I really appreciate it. Dan