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  1. My first 1914 IC 1

    Hi Dansson, Thank you it fits nicely in my small collection for WWI German Awards. Chuck
  2. Hello Gents, I have waited a long time to buy my first 1IC and wanted an award piece so I chose a nice "Godet" cross. Can someone help me identify the potential years that this type of piece was produced? Thank you for your assistance, Chuck
  3. i like the hanseatic medals as they can be won by both officers and soldiers yet are very beautifully enameled unlike most soldier awards. sorry don't have any medal bars to show. chuck
  4. nickstrenk, May i suggest this site he has a wonderful article on the manufacturers of Saxon Albert Order, and you can compare the center portraits of the manufacturers. http://www.medalnet.net/Albert_Manufacturers.htm chuck
  5. Dave, Then did the NCO receive a DA at 9 yrs then the ehren medal at 12 years? chuck
  6. congratulation camelback i am still looking for mine zinc and bronze with no luck. cheers chuck
  7. Dave, Thank you for the reply. I have a nice 2nd version from the world war i era without swords but have not seen a 2nd version w/roman swords for sale for my small collection...i will keep hoping for good luck. regards, chuck
  8. Dave, Do you know how many awards with swords were presented during world war 1. Chuck
  9. Hi Camelback, That is a mistake on my part MVK i looked at the wrong number on my sheet. Deruelle is correct. I still do not have the first volume on Bavaria from O'Connor books. i just won't pay $300 on amazon which it seems like is always the price. The other volumes are more reasonable and always come up on amazon. All of his books are in paperback except volume VII. I have the same interest in bravery wards and have found his books well worth the investment in knowledge from when i started several years ago. Chuck
  10. camelback, this is what i have found for numbers mostly from neal o'connors book aviation awards of imperial germany in world war 1. Mecklenburg-schwerin 17,615 Baden silver 120,00 Gold 402 Hohenzollern 5,875, gold 640 Saxe-Coburg-Gotha silver 9,799 gold 828 Saxe-Weimer-Eisenacg bronze 12,375, silver 3855, gold 462 wurttemburg silver 201,412 gold 4,234 regards, chuck ) I also need similar "number awarded info" on these 9 EK2 medals: 1) Anhalt Friedrich Cross; 2) Baden Silver Merit Medal; 3) Schwartzburg Silver Medal for Merit in War; 4) Hohenzollern Silver Merit Medal with swords (gold also); 5) Saxony Bronze Friedrich-August (silver also); 6) Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Silver Merit Medal with sword-clasp (Gold also); 7) Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Bronze General Honor Decoration with sword clasp (silver also); 8) Reuss Silver Merit Medal with swords, and 9) Wurttemberg Silver Military Merit Medal. If anybody can help me out with any of these medals I would really appreciate it.
  11. Wow... very nice, and congratulations on the new piece for your collection. chuck
  12. Neal O'Conner book VOL II states the Prussian official changed to silver gilt by supreme Cabinet Order of Wilhelm II on November 16, 1916. i would reasonably assume that the other states also had trouble supplying gold for all the decoration and awards and followed suit after the kaisers decree. Chuck
  13. very nice. I have the Deschler zinc with swords and have been looking for the crowned version, and have not seen one for sale recently. very interesting to see that Deschler was not the only manufacturing company that changed the production at the end of the war. thank you, chuck
  14. spolei the first time i have heard of a one piece cross if you don't mind sharing your knowledge. what years were they made? only by Weiss or did others try this variation? Are these award pieces or a private purchase For the lower rank soldiers i think these are nice awards. regards, chuck
  15. Hello All, According to Neal O'Conner (Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany, Volume IV, pg16.) their is no formal order of precedence for civilian even though the Crown Order was worn in practice ahead of the Military Merit Order. To confuse the lack of published guidance a 1905 inquiry to the order chancellor states the Military Merit Order was worn in front of the Crown Order with Swords on the Orders Schnalle for officers. Interesting?? Chuck