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  1. The patina suggests that they have been in the ground for quite some decades.
  2. Dear friends, I have to get back on this topic. Last week, a metal detectorist found those two buttons on a field in Germany :
  3. Thank you. I'll ask for more pictures.
  4. Thanks for your help! I see my doubts confimed.
  5. Thank's a lot! I'm very glad for your advice.
  6. Dear All, I just was offered this South African VM, it should be a type 1, but is it genuine? I would be very thankfull for your advice!
  7. Dear All, I just was offered this czech VM, but since the features are not realy crisp, I'm not sure about it's genuinity. Is this a cast copy? I would be very thankfull for your advice!
  8. Dear All, I just was offered a Portuguese VM and tried to ID it, but have to admit that I'm a little confused by the different types. It looks somewhat like Reproduction type-4? I would be very thankfull for your advice!
  9. I just googled "deutschbein gmbh" INCLUDING the quotation marks. About the J/I matter: Remeber the problems so many people have with ID (Infantrie Division) wich appear as JD on german dogtags.
  10. My google seems to better then yours... http://www.industrie.lu/deutschbeinechternach.html
  11. Dear colleagues, in behalve of the daugther of one of this soldiers, I'm trying to find out more. Since my knowledge of details regarding british/commonwealth uniforms is quite limited, I need help establishing the nationality of these two. She belives the picture is taken in northern Germany during the early months/years of occupation after WW2. That would make them Brits/Canadians (or maybe Belgians?). Any input on this would be appreciated greatly. yours Auseklis
  12. Auseklis

    Another mystery item from a field in Germany

    Hi Ata, If've seen it on Facebook already. Thanks again! Great work. One might think this is a 1920s Rudolph Valentino related "arab romantic" bijoux belt buckle.
  13. The hallmark seems to be from Chester for the year 1900. The makers mark is difficult. It might be: E & F.B. - Emil & Frank Bauer, Jewellers, Albion Street, Birmingham
  14. Very nice items Iver! Especialy the Polish Legion!