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  1. Hi Peter, many thanks! Best wishes Chris
  2. Hi, that´s really great! Many thanks! Best Chris
  3. Hi Mike, that´s interesting. Can you tell me something about each one? Many thanks, best Chris
  4. Hi, sghort question, is this the correct forum? Best Chris
  5. Hi Gents, I wasn´t online for a long time, but I´ve received new British medals. 4 of them are marked is this from 1 Person, or father and son? The number on the WW1 Medals: J.62019 H.G. Kimber ORD. R.N. The number on the later medals: 756372 S.SGT. H.G. Kimber R.A. I hope someone can help me. I´ll be very happy. Thanks for reading, best Chris
  6. Hi Mike, many thanks for you Answer. Best wishes Chris
  7. Hi Mike, many thanks for your anwser. What value do you think is it about? Best wishes and many thanks Chris
  8. Hi guys, this order is offered to me, but I don´t know how old it is, or what it´s worth. I hope you can help me! Cheers and many thanks Chris PS: I don´t know how to upload Pics?
  9. Hi, amazing! Many thanks. Best wishes Chris
  10. Hi Mike, many thanks for your great work! So he got to the regiment during the war or came back from Bombay to fight in France? Best wishes Chris
  11. Hi Guys, I´ve received a new British medal. "THE GREAT WAR OF CIVILISATION" I know, that´s very often, but maybe you can help me with the rewarded: 106155 PTE. E. N. ALMOND. Notts. & DERBY. R. Thanks a lot and best wishes Chris
  12. Hi guys, many thanks! Best wishes Chris
  13. Hi Michael, many thanks! Maybe someone els can say something about the age. Best wishes Chris
  14. Hi Michael, many thanks. Can someone help with the medals? Best wishes Chris
  15. Hi Guys, many thanks for your informations. Best wishes Chris