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  1. Leaftree

    Boris Prokozov

    Fascinating read, thanks for posting.😊
  2. I'm struggling with this one. It has to much tarnish for me to see some details. The hammer and sickle do look off, the sickle goes all fat looking where it meets the hammer.
  3. Possibly for a disability during the war. I have one in the serial range 7678xx for this, received in June of 1970. Served in the 77th Rifle Division,109th Rifle Regiment.
  4. Either that or shill bidding.
  5. Outstanding updates! Thanks for taking the time to post gentlemen.
  6. I'll echo the others, outstanding job on the research. Most of the time when I try and follow up on the towns/locations mentioned in award sheets, I can't find them.
  7. Duszs,You have posted your first post in the wrong section. Try the 'Old sale forum' at the top of the forum list.
  8. My guess is still issues from the change over. Check your email. Regards,
  9. Check your pm's sturm. Sent you a message but it didn't want to go through?
  10. It's on page 25 of the Avers 8 catalog, # 158. Unfortunately I do not read Russian and the copy &paste function doesn't work....can't throw it in to a translator. I think... a 1930's Stalin supporter badge. Regards,
  11. Yes, I think the serial number is altered. I see faint lines running horizontal with the numbers (arrows in red) and the makers mark is uneven in depth (yellow arrows). The serial number is for a screw back, but there was 'reissues' given out at the end of the war for the Victory parade, (and I would assume for various other victory functions at that time) these do not have a 'D' marked on them. Here is a link from another forum on the topic: http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/orders-medals-badges-decorations-corresponding-documents/confused-about-order-red-banner-26467/ Regards,
  12. Please post some better quality pics when you can. I can't see enough detail to come up with an opinion. Regards,
  13. Just to clarify, We are talking about the first pic, the right ORB is the fake, and in the second pic, the fake is the left one? Regards,