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  1. And, with respect, it was also the oldies who, having joined right after World War 2 held it together for many, many years in the past but who, sadly, allowed a great organisation to degenerate into an old-boys club which failed to attract fresh blood. I hasten to add, I do not include ALL oldies, as some were very pro-active but the majority failed to act when required to do so. I recall that when I jonied (aged 40) a comment was made "We have a young-un" That said, we do have many now who are aged around 40, with some younger and a preponderance over, but overall a good age-spread and with some excellent skills and abilities.
  2. In response to (some of) this, I can confirm that I work very inconvenient hours and this includes every second weekend ...all weekend, Saturday and Sunday. This is not through choice, but contractual requirement. I also work until late into the evening, sometimes not getting home until close to midnight and I have little time to dedicate to volunteer organisations. That said, I DO give my time, where I am able and I get a great sense of comradeship belonging to a group of similar-minded individuals all of whom reject the foolishness of the recent past and who seek to rebuild on the true history and ethos of the Frontiersmen.
  3. The Legion of Frontiersmen went through a very bad patch some years ago due to weak leadership and inadequate recruiting and this allowed all kinds of disreputable individuals to join, whose only desire was for assumed glory and a chest-full of unearned medals. The Legion suffered very severely due to this and attracted the attentions of the likes of the ARRSE commentators whose only aim was (and is) to destroy what is left of a great organisation. I am confident in saying that the Legion has learned its lesson and things have been changing for the better for several years, although one or two of their membership continue to bring them down by their insistence on wearing badly-fitting uniforms and Frontiersmen issue medals. There are some good people at the helm now and things will most certainly get better.