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  1. Hi guys, I visited another market yesterday, and found some cool stuff again! This time also some rare ww2 finds. 1936 artillery aiming prize (3 place), kyffhäuserbund medal and miniature, and a ribbon bar including the ribbon for the Turkish 'Order of Osmanieh', am I correct on this one? Reverse of the ribbon bar: And the kyffhäuserbund miniature and ribbons: Reverse: Reverse of the aiming prize: Furthermore, I found two interesting books, one on Moltke and a very optimistic 'history' of the World War from 1916. 'Moltke, Mensch und Feldherr' by Eckart von Naso And 'Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkreiges 1914-1916' The last WW1 item I found was a framed document for a Belgian WW1 medal for POW's. I'm sorry for the bad picture. Now for some WW2 stuff. The first item I came across was a German vehicle wirecutter. Also, I found a k98 bore cleaning chain And the rarest find from the market was this Waffenambt market Fu51 bakelite carbide lantern used by the Wehrmacht. Hope you guys like it!
  2. Nice pictures! Gun 21 looks a bit like a 7,5cm F.K.16.
  3. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    Sorry for my late reply, but thanks GregM! My search is on!
  4. Thanks guys! Lot's of markets I go to only have rubbish too, but sometimes you can find the good stuff. The most items you'll find are shellcasings in this area, most from WWII. Next weekend I'm going to another fleamarket, so if I find anything I'll post it here
  5. The second item I bought is a big portrait of a German soldier wearing a EK2 ribbon. Can anyone say something about his unit or uniform? I also found a basket for WWII 10,5cm le.F.H. cartridges, but that's not relevant for this topic. Hope you guys like my new items!
  6. Hello fellow-forummembers, Last weekend I found a nice fleamarket in Germany, and I was able to buy these two items there for a few euro's. The first item is a nice reservist schnappsflask. Can anyone identify the regiment? I believe it should be the 5th Rheinisches Infanterie-Regiment nr. 65 (http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/IR_65)? And what does 'Corsten' mean, is it the name of the reservist?
  7. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    Hello Chris, Thanks for your reply. I can read German, so that is no problem for me (I'll have to, since I study military history and am specializing on German WWII). I'll certainly look out for it.
  8. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    It was dark already when I got home today, so the pictures are not very good. I will make more pictures tomorrow when there is daylight. And I found another cross today, and couldn't resist to buying it for the price of whole 10 euros. It only misses its ring.
  9. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    Thanks for your usefull replies! I am not at home right now, but I will make better pictures when I get there tomorrow. I think this latest cross is certainly my favourite, also because it is not cleaned. Do you guys have any idea when the book is going to be published? Although I don't have the means to purchase lots of new crosses in the near future (I'm a student still), I would certainly be interested.
  10. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    Thanks for your reply! So this would be an early war type? Are there any good books where I can find references?
  11. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    And the last one. The mentioned cross is the 2nd one in this stash.
  12. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    And another picture.
  13. Dwayneski

    Heavy EK2

    Dear fellow forum members, I recently purchased my third 1914 EK2, and I immediately noticed it was way heavier than the other two. Also, the design of the core and the core itself seems to be thicker. Furthermore, the edges of the frame seem to be 'sharper' or rougher cut. The weight of this cross is 20 grams and the weight of the other two is 17 to 18 grams. Does one of you know how to explain the difference? It's the 'dark' slightly eroded one in the pictures, the one in my hand. Thanks in advance for the replies!
  14. Dwayneski

    Soviet medal collection

    Thanks Paul! I've got lots of background information about the recievers of the two orders of the red star (both from the WWII period), so maybe I will post them later in the Soviet awards section if you're interested.