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  1. The second to last - I believe - it's a romanian Order of the Star - First class - second type. It's very rare - and comes in peace/war and military/civil (at least 4 breast badges/variations) The order is between the Grand Cross and Grand Officer. Just to complicate things. :-)
  2. On the second bar, at #3 - if romanian - is a Reward for Teaching Medal - but I've never seen it with an officer rosette. There might be an austrian medal with the same red with white stripe ribbon. Edited - medal offered mostly during Carol I reign. There are Cultural medals offered for officers (with rosette) during Carol II (that I've seen)
  3. Hi, just to make things more complicated - there is a 5th version of the order (both first and second type)- given to foreign dignitaries only. It has both type of swords - war and merit (on the cross and above the cross). For the first type, I have a cavalier only, while for the second type, I have cavalier but I've seen it up to the Grand Officer. It seems that the ribbon is of the war type, with a silver/white stripe added to the middle (second type). This one was sold at auction without badge.
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