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  1. Thank you - that is very useful information. If there is a roster of members of officers assigned to Police Ambulance duty as of 1912, that should enable us to back into a pretty good roll...? Do you know if they were were part of the City of London Police or the Met? I'm sorry I don't have a more knowledgeable background, but my experience has been with American police work, and I'm just now getting into the 1911 Police Coronation area in a serious way. I have collected those medals for a long time and only recently was able to pick up the medals to the RIC, St. Andrews Ambulance and the Police Ambulance. Now I am hot to more research. I appreciate (and welcome) any tips and info!
  2. The history of the Police Ambulance service is quite interesting, and their 1911 Coronation Medal is quite scarce. Does anyone know if there is a roll of its recipients? Or, alternatively, is the a roster of the members of the Police Ambulance service in 1911 that might enable us to back into a roll?
  3. Is there any way to flesh out the details of a name on the Royal Parks medals? It would be great to have a roll that provides the full first name and the position of the recipient. Perhaps one way might be to see if there is a roster of Royal Parks personnel for the time period of 1911-1912. Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice?
  4. Charles P. McDowell

    Distinguished Service Cross U.S.A. Numbering

    DSCs were numbered from their beginning in World War I up until 1942. A roll was kept of roughly the first 8000 DSCs, but unfortunately medals numbered above that are not recorded. The DSCs were never officially numbered on the reverse (the numbering appeared on the edge of the lower arm). I have a listing of all known DSC numbers and would be glad to check numbers for anyone who is interested.
  5. The medal roll for the Royal Parks is very helpful. Is there any way to flesh out the names and the position of the recipients (i.e., Sergeant, Gate Keeper, or Keeper)? I am also curious to know if T. Kenney and T. Kenny are actually one and the same. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.