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  1. hello chris...   barry...   you would let them die

  2. you im targeted

  3. come on chris are you stlll with me...  i don't understand half this .....bear

  4. A pastel portrait of Grace Elliot(1754-1823) by John Russell. I'm not sure if this is in fact Grace or a copy of another siiter Mrs. best/ Miss Wood. I've never had a pastel painting so it's something different. She would be 32 years old in this portrait. Grace had a very interesting life. wiki page for some info and another portrait - google books - Her Journal During the Reign of Terror grace dalrymple&f=true google books - John Russell List of 1785/86 portraits page 112 grace dalrymple&f=true
  5. Hello Chris...  I'm sober. Somewhat...  

  6. One word. brilliant... barry
  7. “All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you.”
  8. Thanks Colin & Larry. I've been searching bicorne hats most of the day with no luck. The closest was a consular hat with a similar design. Thanks again for the info. I'll keep searching and will post back if I find anything. thanks barry Top Hat
  9. Hello Larry, The red, white & blue thing left of the hat. One big hat. Maybe it's an over the shoulder sash.
  10. Thanks Lukasz, I googled every where for this and couldn't find it. Interesting read. thanks, barry
  11. Hello, A Family friend recently died and need some help. I've identified everything but the black and white shields. Any help on what they might be.... thanks, barry
  12. Those colors.  What the ....  Chris,,,

    1. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      It is the best way to wake up with a clear head! Color!!!

    2. Bear


      Better than alcohol...

  13. Hello
  14. Hello, amazing...