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  1. Would the City of London armbands have had a buckle fastening? The reason I ask is I saw a red and white striped example yesterday, which had press studs with no sign of a buckle ever being attached. Many thanks, Andy
  2. With most mines the pin acts as a safety device,when it's removed the mine is armed. When it's replaced it stops the pressure plate from moving. Regards, Andy
  3. Hello, I thought some of you may like to see this badge and certificate awarded to my Grandma for making Swordfish 'planes during the Second World War. I've had the badge for a while,but have only recently got the certificate,which was found when my Mum was going through some of her Mothers things. I don't know if they are rare,but I've certainly never seen another example! Kind regards, Andy
  4. Many thanks for your help Rick,much appreciated!! Kind regards, Andy
  5. Thanks Rick! So if they were worth ?12/$17 in 1993,what are they worth now? Kind regards, Andy
  6. Thanks Rick!! It was cheap, ?12 or $17,did I do ok? Plus it's in mint condition,no mothing/tears etc. The only thing that puzzles me is the lack of maker marks,none at all,is this usual? Kind regards, Andy
  7. Hello, I picked this up today because it was cheap! Please can someone identify it for me,I was thinking Army officers parade belt,but Russian items aren't my strong point! Kind regards, Andy
  8. Hello Kvart, Please feel free to use the pictures. Kind regards, Andy
  9. Does anyone have any idea at all on this one please? Doesn't glow under UV light. Regards, Andy
  10. Thanks Paul. One good thing is that it doesn't glow under UV light. Regards, Andy
  11. Hello, I've had this for a while now,I know it's a Naval cap/hat for the Norwegian navy,but unfortunately,I haven't been able to determine what time period it's from. Can anyone help please? Kind regards, Andy
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