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  1. This was new one on me, albeit a pleasant surprise, but does anyone know anything about the baton seen in the image here being born at the funeral of the Italian Marshal Luigi Cadorna? I have never seen an Italian Marshal's baton - or what appears to be one - before , although I have seen similar batons in Royal Savoy portraiture of monarchs from the 19th century, where I had taken them to be sceptres rather than military batons. I presume it is a Marshal's baton, given its design and the fact is bears Savoy crosses. Bearing in mind that I had never seen any such officer of rank carrying one, I was wondering if it was merely a presentation piece rather than an baton?
  2. Presentation frames

    Does anyone know any English language websites that sell parts for these wonderful presentation frames, specifically the parts like the Mon or patterned mounting?
  3. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Here are closer visuals, in higher-res, for you JapanX
  4. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Yup. I agree completely.
  5. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    I appreciate that JapanX Further to any of that, I cant help but wonder if the Machukuo Collar of the Order of the Orchid Blossom also has a ‘clip’ or ‘pin’ given the Order’s Japanese antecedents, and whether the clips were Orchid Blossom crests. Alas this image of the Kangde Emperor offers no clues.
  6. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Well I’m more than willing to await tangible evidence of a half collar, despite never having seen any thus far.
  7. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    With all due respect this isn’t an adversarial debate, and I would hope that we both can discuss rather than debate this. I stand by my analysis however, and the epaulette would not be “doctored” per se, but rather the rest of the collar medallion removed and shown in what would be the natural state or contour of the epaulette, had it not a collar on it. I note there are patches of blackness on the epaulette in the image you provided, and that could, maybe, represent part of the design on that section of the collar medallion. I have never seen a Chrysanthemum half collar, and I don’t know of any other Order in history where a half collar is utilised.
  8. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Interesting. I can’t help but notice that that image looks like the old ‘studio portraits’ where they used to cut the image of the sitter out along the edges and place that image on a plain background and then print or copy the new image again, in which case they would have cut of the collar medallions and links, which would have appeared at a bit of an angle in the original portrait. It would be odd, or so I think, to remove half a collar just for a portrait. I don’t know of any chivalric insignia precedent for that across any honours system for removing half a collar. The image in the book suggests that the clips were used on whole collars. This is all a rather fun mystery.
  9. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    I am just delighted that I got this book and found out this small, but seemingly unknown - from a western point of view - detail about the collar gradeof the Chrysanthemum.
  10. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Yes indeed re Togo, but I have a theory that the pins were a later Edict whereby the collar was to be worn above the epaulettes, hence needing the pins, whereas previously the collar could be worn and fastened under the epaulettes. I note the Admiral in the image I posted looks older than he did in the image you posted, which would fit with a later decision to require the collar worn above the epaulettes. Just a theory, mind.
  11. Presentation Warrant dimensions

    JapanX, you dont know where I can find a hi-res image of the grand cordon presentation warrant, do you?
  12. General Nogi's Pour le Merite

    I happened to find this photo of the General during a visit to Berlin, where he can be clearly seen wearing his honour.
  13. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Just had a closer look at the below image, and it would seem that Admiral Togo is wearing the clips also, so it would seem it is not just Japanese sovereigns who wear them.
  14. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    I dont know the name of the book as I dont read, or speak, Japanese, alas. Here is a better scan of the page, and the cover of the book.
  15. Presentation Warrant dimensions

    Thank you JapanX, much appreciated info