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  1. Yes, as others have said, this document doesn't look any good. That is not Von Kanitz's original signature...
  2. I hope you did not pay much for it. It is a copy.
  3. Hi Les, it has been a long time! Thank you all for your comments. It is a nice piece though, and I will keep it until more information is known. I will look under a microscope as you say Les. I know exactly what you mean. The cross on the right has such marks of movement. George
  4. Thank you for your replies.I can see that there is still a disagreement about this type. I wish more people comment about this. I am still confused a bit as to how old this piece could be. Some other details.
  5. Hello guys, I seek the advice from the experts here in relation to the following Pour le Merite. It is definitely not a Wagner/Friedlander, or Godet, or even pre WW1. It looks like a S&L, but this one is silver gilt (800 mark on lower arm), and of better quality than most of the S&L PLMs frequently seen. This one is very well done and looks very nice. It measures 54mm by 53mm. I do not have the weight at this moment. I will post more photos. The question is, could this piece be pre 1945 or post 1945? Or, what is it then?
  6. Claudio, thanks for posting these photos. I have seen this collection when I visited Neal in his museum in NJ back in 1994. He was a wonderful person and a good friend. His books are outstanding. The uniform belonged to Boelcke as Les said. Jacobs medals are original, and he got them directly from Jacobs himself back in the 70's. Berthold 's medals are original too. Interesting to note that his PLM has a joined "ur"
  7. What a loss! My heart sinks when I see groups broken up like this ???? sad, sad????
  8. I?ve updated MvR?s awards dates. MvR received Bremen?s Hanseatic Cross on Sept 25, 1917, three days after receiving L?beck?s. I guess Hamburg followed shortly.