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  1. Thanks Nesredep ! Kjell
  2. My pleasure, glad you liked it! Kjell
  3. I was also thinking commorative/ patriotic. Maybe more patriotic than commemorative, 1870?s ? It would be nice to know for sure, but still I i?m quit happy whit it! Kjell
  4. Glad you liked it, and thanks for showing the Landwehr cap badge! Kjell
  5. ksg

    1914 EKII in brass!

    I had a 2. class in brass after all. Brass frame, loop and suspension ring, but a two pice iron sheet core. Kjell
  6. What is the patch below the ring mad of ? It looks like lead.. Kjell
  7. Glad you liked it! Kjell
  8. Of course! I knew it had noting to do whit age at all ..... Kjell
  9. Any comments on this one would be appreciated ! When I got it, there were some very small pieces of treat attached to the loops. They were so fragile they turned into dust, there was also a spiders nest inside it. The engravings seems to have been filled whit red paint, there are still some traces of it. Kjell
  10. Sorry, this is a bit embarrassing, I can?t trust my eyes anymore. I clearly need reading glasses ! It?s neither a kag nor a ko, It?s 800 stamp (a very small one !! ) Kjell
  11. Yes, it's the maker mark, kag. Kjell