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  1. This is an intriguing puzzle, another thing I have only just noticed is that the word September is misspelt ! Simon
  2. Having again looked at the images close up is the second letter definatetly a 't'? it looks like it could be an 'i' or 1. Simon.
  3. Just an observation but wouldn't a Corporal be called a Bombardier in the Royal Artillery? Perhaps we need to look further afield? Regards Simon.
  4. My latest Belgian addition

    Could we see the liner please, Lovely Helmet by the way. Simon
  5. Hello there, I take it you are referring to the Gentleman in civilian clothes, if so my guess would be David Margesson, Secretary of State for War 1940 to 42. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Margesson,_1st_Viscount_Margesson Regards Simon
  6. Keith, My Course was within Unit too, not sure there was an Army wide external course at that time, not sure if there is now. A good course as I remember, though lugging that SF tripod about along with all the extra ammunition...............completed my Course in the Falklands just to add that bit of extra hardship Simon
  7. Hello and welcome to the Forum, Completed a SF Course myself in 1985 and wasn't aware that a Qualification Badge for this existed. Certainly never saw one or ever heard one mentioned. Did you complete the course internally in Unit or was it an external Course. Can only speak for the Household Division during my Service time (80 to 92) but would say this Badge didn't exist then, mind you having gained a Distinguished pass on the Infantry SAA Course at Aldershot I was issued with a Crossed Rifles badge to wear above the chevrons but on returning to Battalion was told that it wasn't to worn! Regards Simon.
  8. Pretty sure that if this was in any way a World War 2 issue knife it would have the War Department 'crows foot' mark or Air Ministry mark somewhere on it. Any marks visible at all? Regards Simon
  9. Mats, I don't have a definite answer for you but a red band on WW2 Fire Brigade helmets denoted a Leading Fireman I believe, not saying that is what it is by the way. Could also be a Factory or Company logo represented on the front. Do not believe it represents a British Army Regiment but may be wrong. Regards Simon
  10. new member here- hello!

    Welcome to the Forum, look forward to seeing your collection and trying to help if I can. Regards Simon
  11. Peter, That is a very well painted and composed study of a Member of this famous Unit. Love seeing the old uniforms in photographs and to see them in colour is even better, Thanks for showing us. Simon.
  12. Napoleonic images

    A good site with some excellent uniform images, I particularly liked the photograph of Sergeant Taria, Grenadiere de la Garde, 1809-1815. looks like he still had a lot of fight left in him when this was taken. Regards Simon.
  13. Ottoman Soldier 1860s

    Nice image, not my field of expertise at all but you should find the answer to identification on this site https://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/1860-till-1876-ottoman-army-uniforms/ Regards Simon
  14. Strange badge, doesn't seem to have much quality about it, whats the back look like and does it have a makers name at all? An indication of size and what its made of may assist too please. Regards Simon
  15. Haven't seen anything like that before and as Peter says I see no way of attaching it to anything unless you are going to stick it to a plaque or perhaps a card holder type wallet or similar. Sorry can't be more helpful, Simon