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  1. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to examine the piece at the viewing days, am collecting a few other pieces from them in the next few days so will try and make a few enquiries as to where it came from. Regards Simon.
  2. Very nice Peter, have not seen this before, any chance of an image of the reverse please. Simon.
  3. Just to keep up to date with current prices, this item hammered for £170 less commission. Simon.
  4. This Edward VII Coronation Baton currently listed in a local auction to me should anyone be interested (no link to the Seller or Auction House on my part) https://denhams.com/lot/169/august-2018 Regards Simon.
  5. coldstream

    Medium machine gun tripod ID

    Martin, Would depend on condition and date of manufacture as a Wartime issue piece will obviously be more valuable. Arundel Militaria recently had a 1943 mint condition example on sale for £195.00. Simon.
  6. coldstream

    Medium machine gun tripod ID

    Martin, Have only just seen this post, sorry for not replying earlier. Looks to me like the sustained fire tripod for a World War 2 British Bren Gun. You'll find plenty of images for comparison if you google it. Best regards Simon.
  7. Living in Surrey, the other half and I are frequent visitors to the vast Military Cemeteries at Brookwood. On our last visit we found this very nicely framed and mounted American Purple Heart Medal displayed at the entrance to the American Military Cemetery and thought those of you across the pond may like to see it. Did my best with the photo's but couldn't eliminate all the flashback, sorry. Regards Simon.
  8. coldstream

    Military Vehicles

    Don, The larger image confirms for me that it is indeed some model of Sherman Tank. Regards Simon.
  9. Thanks for the image, pretty sure this is not a Cap Badge but would more likely be a Sweetheart Brooch or as you say, an Association Badge. Rare too as this was a relatively small Unit. Regards Simon.
  10. For the benefit of other Forum Members who have not encountered this Unit before here is a link to their history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Electrical_Engineers Regards Simon
  11. Can you show the reverse please. Regards Simon.
  12. coldstream

    Military Vehicles

    I may be way off here but to me the vehicle shown on the left appears to have a gun muzzle facing the camera, there does not appear to be a muzzle brake of any kind and the smooth outline top right suggests to me that this may be a Sherman tank. The perspective of the photograph makes the figures on the left look large in comparison with this vehicle but there appears to me to be someone standing immediately next to it who would make the Sherman Tank theory appear about the right size. The vehicle on the right appears to have fairly flat slab plates and I would suggest that this could be a Chevrolet C15 Truck. IMHO. Regards Simon.
  13. coldstream

    Let's Talk British Swords

    Brian, Thanks for posting this very informative and well presented article. Your Sword collection and its display is of the highest order. I look forward to seeing more as you get the time. Best regards Simon.
  14. It appears to be a model of a Fairburn Sykes fighting knife. Take a look here and you will find all you need to know. https://www.fairbairnsykesfightingknives.com/ Best regards Simon.