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  1. Sorry, only just viewed this. His Medal Index Card shows that Leonard Tomblin indeed served with the Regiment and is entitled to the Medals in your possession. He entered France as first theatre of war on 1st September 1915 and was discharged on 5th December 1918. He was also awarded the SWB Number B206140 for wounds received overseas and gives his date of enlistment as 7th September 1914. Regards Simon.
  2. Have recently had a chance to examine a genuine WW2 DFC Typhoon Pilots tunic and comparing it with the one shown above I would say its a good one and would be happy to have it myself. A close up of the medal ribbons would be helpful because obviously they can be added but the make up and materials of the tunic look good. Simon.
  3. Another excellent addition to your collection and an excellent write up, thanks. Regards Simon.
  4. Another very nice item to add to your collection, never seen one for Newport before, thanks for posting. Regards Simon.
  5. Recent 28mm projects

    Colin, Have just seen this, congratulations again on some superb work, Excellent. Simon.
  6. Recent 1/9 busts

    Superbly painted, many thanks for showing us, more to follow I hope? Regards Simon.
  7. Very nice and would fit well with this uniform, would also need the Swan feather plume for the hat. Regards Simon
  8. Very nice uniform but I do not think it is Military, looks like a Victorian Lord Lieutenant or Deputy Lord Lieutenants uniform to me. See here for similar https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/chorleys-auctioneers-and-valuers/catalogue-id-srcho10019/lot-fd72d7ff-70cf-4bb1-b988-a4cf00e9634e Regards Simon
  9. Superb stuff, well done and thanks for posting. Simon.
  10. Congratulations on a positive identification, however long it took, personally I really enjoy that positive discovery or confirmed identification however long it takes. Regards Simon.
  11. Can we see the reverse and have the dimensions please Bill? Simon
  12. Ahh, well done, I remember the thread now. Simon
  13. Kris, Well done, look forward to an update on what you have. Simon.
  14. Well someone paid £67 for this, hope they are happy when it arrives! Simon