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  1. Whilst on my travels I came across the grave of Captain Harry Cator East Surrey Regiment, who won the VC on 9th April 1917. His grave is located in Sprowston Cemetery near Norwich in Norfolk. His medals reside in the Lord Ashcroft collection, this link will show you the medal group and citation. Here is a picture of his grave.
  2. Not sure I can be of much help as I don't know a great deal about RAF insignia. The wings you show are imho Sweetheart style jewellery and not official issue. I am not even sure I have ever seen RAF pilot wings in anything other than cloth but I'm sure someone more RAF knowledge should be able to help. This link seems to cover everything Sorry can't be any more helpful Simon
  3. Bruce Perhaps we have been over thinking the connection between Kitchener and Bernard. Your wonderful Canadian Memorial Scroll clearly states the Mans rank and Regiment and yet poor Jack Bernard has only his name, Could he have been a member of one of the civilian services or Merchant Navy etc and that is why we have no exact match, He could even have been someone completely unconnected with any Service which his poor Mother decided to commemorate on this illustrated scroll as he died in the same year as the iconic Kitchener! All the best Simon
  4. After much searching about have found another unnamed example of this scroll which is ahown on the attached link. Hopefully I am not breaking any copyright law as we are not using the image for financial gain but education. Doesn't shed much light on the one above but shows others exist! Simon
  5. Lovely example and I would agree with you regarding the normal patriotic emblems usually used, As I said have not seen this Kitchener one before but of course that doesn't mean a great deal Look forward to seeing what you can find. Simon
  6. Mike, Just beat me to it! Well done Sir! Simon
  7. Hello Peppe864, RE does indeed stand for Royal Engineers and the relevant Medal Roll for the 1914-15 Star shows that your Man was entitled to this Medal with a Date of Disembarkation of 18th November 1915 and a Transfer to Class Z Reserve (Basically demobbed) on 4th March 1919. He would therefore also be entitled to the British War Medal which you have and the Victory Medal. Will have a dig round and see if I can locate his Medal Index Card for you. Regarding the Australian issued medal, this was awarded to Alfred Raymond Jones who served with 29/46th Australian Infantry Battalion who died from illness on 23rd December 1943 in New Guinea, He is buried in Lae War Cemetery, Lae, Morobe Province, New Guinea, You should be able to find his Service record here The CWGC site shows Him as the Son of William and Mabel Beatrice Jones of Collingwood, Victoria. He was aged 23 at time of death, Link here, ALFRED RAYMOND Hope this helps and all the best Simon
  8. Bruce, Have never seen this particular type before perhaps it is a Canadian produced piece? A check of the CWGC site for a Jack Bernard reveals no exact match but there are six Men with the Christian Name of John, and I have found that Jack can be used as an informal reference to John before. Interestingly there is a Canadian Casualty with the Initial J who served with the 22nd Battalion Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) with the service number 121026 who died on 4th October 1916, will try and find his service record and establish a first name. Nice looking item and a nice addition to your collection. Simon
  9. You could place an advert in the Medal Tracker which is published in each issue of Medal News and also try the British Medal Forum. Will keep a look out and let you know if they ever surface. Simon
  10. David, The Medal Roll you require is listed on Ancestry, I have searched for your Man with no Trace at this time. Not sure if Officers would have been recorded on this Roll or some where else, If I find anything I'll let you know. Regards Simon.
  11. Hello Herman, Basically each Unit would have a Roll recording the details of each Man entitled to the relevant Campaign Award for that Regiment, in this case the Royal Fusiliers Roll B Sheet Number GS/8795 dated 26th April 1922 records the Men entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal within that Unit. Details recorded are Regimental Number, Name, In sequence Units and Corps previously served with and relevant Regimental Numbers, Theatre of War served in, Record of Disposal and Remarks. These Rolls are not always filled in completely and so with your Man we have his Number, Name and Units served in during the Great War and obviously the confirmation of his entitlement to the BWM and Victory Medal. I have had a look for his 1914 Star entitlement and this is recorded on the Roll for 2nd Battalion Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment which is undated but shows your Man as Number S317 L/Cpl Allington, with a date of disembarkation of 8th November 1914. This Roll also shows that on 11th August 1919 this Medal was despatched by post to Him. Hope this helps, Simon
  12. Bruce Have checked Ancestry but can find no record of this Medal, will see what else I can find though and get back to you. Simon
  13. Herman The award rolls for the Royal Fusiliers shows previous service as follows:- 2 RW Surr Reg Sgt 317 6 RW Surr Reg 1 RW Surr Reg 6 RW Surr Reg 45 R Fus. Regards Simon
  14. Tried to look through Clan Badges on line but couldn't find a match, with a bit of patience you should find it. All the best Simon
  15. Think you are correct, nice find! Simon