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  1. Recent 1/9 busts

    Superbly painted, many thanks for showing us, more to follow I hope? Regards Simon.
  2. Very nice and would fit well with this uniform, would also need the Swan feather plume for the hat. Regards Simon
  3. Very nice uniform but I do not think it is Military, looks like a Victorian Lord Lieutenant or Deputy Lord Lieutenants uniform to me. See here for similar https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/chorleys-auctioneers-and-valuers/catalogue-id-srcho10019/lot-fd72d7ff-70cf-4bb1-b988-a4cf00e9634e Regards Simon
  4. Superb stuff, well done and thanks for posting. Simon.
  5. Congratulations on a positive identification, however long it took, personally I really enjoy that positive discovery or confirmed identification however long it takes. Regards Simon.
  6. Can we see the reverse and have the dimensions please Bill? Simon
  7. Ahh, well done, I remember the thread now. Simon
  8. Kris, Well done, look forward to an update on what you have. Simon.
  9. Well someone paid £67 for this, hope they are happy when it arrives! Simon
  10. Ian, Forgot to ask have you got your Great Uncle's medals or know where they are? I see he is also entitled to a SWB for his injuries Certificate number 291290 and address given as 3 West Terrace, Redcar. Simon
  11. What a shame. must have read it, Hopefully its still on here somehwere. Simon.
  12. Ian, As a start his Medal Index Card shows his WW1 Medal entitlement as the British War Medal and Victory Medal recorded on Roll 01/1/165B46 Page 11064, do you have them or they still in the Family? The Medal roll confirms that he served in 24/27th, 25th and 12/13th Battalions as you said. Will try and see if his Service or Attestation Forms are still available. Simon
  13. Tony, Will try and work through what you have as I can Mate. Regards Simon Lovely and rare medal Stuka, what research have you on her? Simon.
  14. Ian, Welcome to the Forum, will see what I can find and get back to you as time allows. Regards Simon.
  15. An excellent photograph, thanks for showing us. Nice clear image of the sporran and cantle badge, Regards Simon