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  1. Something similar currently listed on Ebay to the Greek Army Simon
  2. Surely the uniform to Reid-Daly will be will be a much sought after item for Unit Collectors, a very famous Man within the Selous Scouts I understand. Simon
  3. Absolutely Mike, close up of the shoulder titles may give an exact unit identification. Regards Simon
  4. Well that is some collection! Are the wings and uniforms attributable to individual Men? Simon
  5. Do you think that's the same Man, no sure myself, will take another look. Simon Take a look at 4.28, that is the Man with the medal bar and if you continue to watch the second Man with the single medal marches past! Doesn't assist us in ID but infact makes things worse, 2 QM'S...unlikely! Odd! Simon
  6. Have to say that I have been unable to work this one out. As you say the shape of the plume is unusual and not the shape normally associated with Quartermasters. One thing of note is the lack of Medals being worn by the Man in question, surely anyone of Quartermaster Rank would have to have a great deal of service and surely would have a fair medal bar. Will seek advice from a couple of ex Donkey Wallopers I know and see what I can find out Simon
  7. Sapper, Have checked my references and have to say I am none the wiser, sorry Sean Simon
  8. James Not my field of collecting but I am sure someone will be interested, this Unit appears to have a big following in the collectors world and having checked various sites appears to sell quickly when listed. Perhaps you could show some of the items in a relevant thread to gain Members interest. I would certainly like to see original examples. All the Best, Simon. Sorry Peter, Must have been typing at the same time! Simon.
  9. A fantastic result, well done ! Simon
  10. Can you repost the image, can't seem to see it. Regards Simon
  11. Chris, Could be Senior Constable but otherwise spot on I think. Simon
  12. Can we see the reverse please? Simon
  13. Well Done, glad to see that these impressive medals are back home again. Regards Simon
  14. Hugh It is however very similar to the Air Crew Europe Star ribbon
  15. Frosty, Can't really help much other than to say that the jacket follows the basic cut and design of Mess Dress but being made from what appears to be white light weight material would have been worn in hot climate postings such as Cyprus or Hong Kong. The epaulettes are unusual though, pretty sure that most Mess Dress uniforms do not have these and so could even be a jacket with no Military connection, House Staff, Doormen or something like that. Is there a Tailors Label inside? Regarding the other items, they may have a connection to a Public School somewhere but you would have to search and find out which School wore those colours. Sorry couldn't be of much help. Regards Simon.
  16. No first names, just initials I'm afraid, will see what else I can find and get back to you. Simon
  17. Have just checked and seen this hasn't worked, sorry must be due to subscription fees but the dates are correct, All the best Simon
  18. It is shown on the RAMC medal roll for your Man. Regards Simon Here is a link, hope it works!
  19. I would imagine there must be a Family link between the two men, a fairly uncommon name and both shown born in the same place. Couldn't access the link above so will take a look when I can. Should be fairly straight forward to research the Ship too. Good luck with the ongoing research and hopefully you'll find a link to the Submarine Service. Simon
  20. Hello and welcome to the Forum, Nice pair of Medals for Great War service you have there, of course we have no way of knowing if the Cap Tally is related to the medals, I assume you obtained them together? The National Archives have a record for one Thomas B Kinniburgh which may be your Man and he saw service with the Merchant Navy during the conflict. He is shown as born in Cadder around 1864. The NA are not free and the link below will allow you to purchase what they have. Good luck and will update you should I find anything else. Regards Simon
  21. Very nice group of medals you have there. As you are probably aware he landed overseas on 1st May 1915 and served until Demobilization to Class Z of the Army Reserve on 8th June 1919. It is difficult to talk about relative values between Gallantry Groups and Regiments. A lot will depend on the action itself, where it took place, who else was involved etc, etc. And obviously a Regimental Collector will pay more for that elusive group than a General Collector. Can't find his Service Record on line at the moment but will keep digging and update you with any findings. A superb find and hope it doesn't tempt you too much into British Medals! Regards Simon
  22. ByDand, Again welcome to the Forum. I am no expert regarding Scottish Regiments but I do have a few observations regarding this Tunic. Like you, I would have thought a connection to the Cameronians but the silver buttons are confusing. Perhaps as you say, it is connected to the Territorial Companies of the Regiment. The tunic appears to lack any evidence of collar insignia? Has this tunic been worn by Captain Atkins or was it some kind of undress uniform where Regimental distinctions were not worn. There appear to be no Medal ribbons or evidence of them ever being worn, one would expect a Captain in the fifties to have some medal entitlement. This of course could be some form of tunic worn informally but I would again expect to see the medal ribbons worn. I have tried without success to find reference to Captain Atkins but will keep at it and get back to you should I find anything. Regards Simon.
  23. Glenn, Great information, thanks again, will update my files accordingly and research him further. Simon
  24. Have had this Cabinet Card for a while and have always thought that this Man was a Bavarian, My knowledge really centres around the British Army and I am out of my depth with this one. Can anyone shed some light on this Man please. Regards Simon.