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  1. HELP

    David, Interesting, take it you have found the Man behind the dog tags? James Edwin Morrell 2 Air Mechanic 9852 Entitled to 15 Star Trio, entered France 27/10/15 and shown on his MIC as died 01/7/16 aged 23. Buried at East London Cemetery, Plaistow, son of James and Caroline Morrell of 42 Vesey Street, Poplar. Obviously this puts some credence as to the authenticity of the items but I'm pretty sure that an Air Mechanic would not have worn wings ( I stand to be corrected ?), so I wonder where he got them. Regards Simon.
  2. HELP

    Can only comment on the cloth wings I'm afraid as that's the only item I have had in the past which I knew to be original. The example you show appears a little flat in comparison to the set I had and the detail in the wings is lacking, unfortunately I can't find an image of the ones I had. The back also looks suspect compared to the one I had, I take it that the residue around the edge is a glue mark? The back of the one I had was a dark grey almost black backing with some threads showing through. As you know these wings have been reproduced and faked over the years but in this case and imho I would not be happy with them. Best regards Simon.
  3. Well done, another excellent addition to your collection, a nice rare group and as well written as ever. Thanks for posting and please keep them coming. Regards Simon.
  4. Excellent photographs Jerry, thanks for posting, never ever seen them before, and good to see them in wear on the uniform. Regards Simon.
  5. Tony, Nice little group to pick up together. Not very helpful I know but just to let you know that I have checked my books for the blue and yellow patch with no matches I'm afraid, never seen one in that shape before. The blue and yellow colours are correct for the RASC Arm of Service stripe which is normally just a horizontal bar and can only assume that this is a field made example in that particular shape. Here is a set currently for sale. http://www.britishmilitarybadges.co.uk/products/ww2-royal-army-service-corps-rasc-cloth-arm-of-service-strips-stripes-pair.html Fingers crossed you get a positive ID. Simon
  6. Justin, Something I have tried before, take one of the loose threads and put it next to a flame, if its modern it will melt and older textiles will burn as no plastics were used in their manufacture. Not fool proof but can give an indication of age. Simon.
  7. Kev, Thanks for posting these, enjoying reading them and sad to see another Pub turned into a House! Simon.
  8. Tony, Sounds good to me, look forward to seeing what you have there! Simon
  9. Tony, Never had the chance to examine an original so couldn't comment on yours, however thanks for showing a rarely encountered Cap Badge. Regards Simon.
  10. Well done, as Chris says nice to see a piece of history returning home, look forward to your write up and any information as to how the medal ended up in Australia. Simon.
  11. Not my area of expertise but believe these to be from the Freiwillnger Arbeitsdienst organisation (FAD) as opposed to RAD. Regards Simon
  12. Kev, Very interesting and brings home just how dangerous things were before the advent of Police radios. A shrill blast on the whistle and hope for the best in those days! Please keep posting the items you have, very interesting. Thanks again Simon
  13. Strangely enough I've seen that eye colour often on old records, not a colour one would associate with eyes but seems to crop up frequently. All the best Simon.
  14. Having had a further look, Hardcastle has a number of pages of his Short Service Attestation Form online. John Hardcastle 6049 Cheshire Regiment Attested ages 21 years 3 months from Birkenhead, Cheshire, Occupation Labourer. Height 5 ft 5 1/2 inches, Weight 135 lb, Chest 37 1/2 inches. Fresh complexion, Grey eyes, Brown hair, C of E. Attested 10/1/99 Transferred to Reserve 09/1/07 Termination of Service 09/1/11. Cheers Simon
  15. Ancestry has your Man as Private 6049 J Hardcastle 2nd Battalion Cheshire Regiment entitled QSA, Bars Johannesberg, Cape Colony and Orange Free State and KSA with both date Bars. Regards Simon.
  16. Kevin Thanks very much for the images, always like to study period photographs and note the uniform distinctions. A sad tale regarding the Chief Constable indeed! Thanks again for a very interesting thread. Simon
  17. Kevin and Dave, A very interesting and informative thread, thanks very much to you both. Kevin, sorry to be a pain, but if you get a chance can you show an enlargement of the seated Officers in the last Photograph. Would like to see the caps and Helmet being worn if that's possible. Thanks again Simon
  18. Well done everybody, learnt something new today Simon
  19. This is an intriguing puzzle, another thing I have only just noticed is that the word September is misspelt ! Simon
  20. Having again looked at the images close up is the second letter definatetly a 't'? it looks like it could be an 'i' or 1. Simon.
  21. Just an observation but wouldn't a Corporal be called a Bombardier in the Royal Artillery? Perhaps we need to look further afield? Regards Simon.
  22. My latest Belgian addition

    Could we see the liner please, Lovely Helmet by the way. Simon
  23. Hello there, I take it you are referring to the Gentleman in civilian clothes, if so my guess would be David Margesson, Secretary of State for War 1940 to 42. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Margesson,_1st_Viscount_Margesson Regards Simon
  24. Keith, My Course was within Unit too, not sure there was an Army wide external course at that time, not sure if there is now. A good course as I remember, though lugging that SF tripod about along with all the extra ammunition...............completed my Course in the Falklands just to add that bit of extra hardship Simon
  25. Hello and welcome to the Forum, Completed a SF Course myself in 1985 and wasn't aware that a Qualification Badge for this existed. Certainly never saw one or ever heard one mentioned. Did you complete the course internally in Unit or was it an external Course. Can only speak for the Household Division during my Service time (80 to 92) but would say this Badge didn't exist then, mind you having gained a Distinguished pass on the Infantry SAA Course at Aldershot I was issued with a Crossed Rifles badge to wear above the chevrons but on returning to Battalion was told that it wasn't to worn! Regards Simon.