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  1. Having looked again, the light coloured leggings or gaiters being worn remind me of Italian Colonial type Uniforms. May be way off the mark but it could be a meeting of Austrians and Italians somewhere along their mutual Border, Simon
  2. Just an observation but are they definitely Police Officers, they look a little over equipped and over armed to my mind. Regards Simon
  3. Having looked at similar MIC entries on the British Medal Forum site, one theory is that Gunner Tomlins may have lost his Medal at some stage, it was subsequently found by a third party and then returned to the War Office, who having no way of locating him scrapped the medal. An interesting theory and one which could tie in with the date of 1936 shown. Simon
  4. Having checked the relevant Medal Roll for your Man, it confirms the information on his MIC and states 'BW Medal Rtd CRSB85 15/6/36 NW/5/38275 scrapped' Basically I believe it means that the BWM was returned and scrapped 15/6/36! Now we just need to know why. Enquiries continuing and will get back to you if I find anything. Simon
  5. Accuracy in Movies - Does it Matter?

    Have you seen The Beast, a film about Soviet Armour in Afghanistan............again factually error strewn but a good watch, again begs the question raised! Simon
  6. Thanks Tony, could very well relate to an individual then. Simon
  7. Tony Difficult to say. Are the numbers 110 impressed or raised? I wouldn't have thought a badge with such a potentially small circulation would have individual number plaques produced and added but more likely a stamping system in use if the number refers to an individual. Could of course just be a Manufacturers badge model number or something similar. Does anyone know if this badge appears in Kipling and Kings badge book? I don't have a copy I'm afraid. Simon
  8. Robert, Will see what else I can dig up and let you know if I find anything. Simon
  9. Medal Bar of a Greek Officer

    Komtur, Sadly I know nothing about Greek Medals but just wanted to comment on what appears to me to be a nice looking bar and miniature group. Very Germanic looking to my eyes and very well presented. Regards Simon.
  10. Tony, Nice couple of badges you have shown there. The smaller of the two is quite common and I normally see them with a coloured enamel like finish. ( have one somewhere but can't lay my hands on it) The second badge would appear to me to be a beret badge for the Association judging by the lugs on the reverse. Not sure on the number 110, perhaps an ex Gunner may be able to enlighten us. All the best Simon.
  11. Robert, Your Man is shown on the Ancestry UK file, British Army Lists 1882 - 1962 and listed as Captain D.P. Somerville, The Royal Scots. Note only one M in the Surname which may assist with other searches you are conducting. I see in your text above you have him the 1966 List so this File may contain other information. Unfortunately the record is a Fold 3 Image on Ancestry which I do not have access to, perhaps someone else on the Forum who does have access may be able to assist further. Regards Simon
  12. Ahh yes Andy, But if it were Coldstream it would be 6 years older........................it was six years after us you were formed I believe! All good Blue Red Blue fun for those of you who are not of the Household Division! Regards Simon.
  13. Frederick mollett

    Tommy, Difficult to expand further on what I have said, sorry, And I see that someone using your email address buys and sells the odd bit of Militaria and Medals on the Shpock Boot Sale website, Please feel free to show us any other bits you have in your collection. Regards Simon
  14. Frederick mollett

    Tom? Not too much about your man on Ancestry UK other than his Medal Index Card which confirms his full WW1 entitlement as BWM and Victory Medal Roll RGA/216B Page 11669. This Roll shows his previous Unit as Base Details RGA. Which I believe basically means at the RGA depot awaiting posting to a Battery. All the best Simon
  15. Looking at the enlarged image of the Formation Badges it well not be 8th Army, a number of Commands used the shield shape, it obviously depends on the colours. Simon
  16. The men of "V" Force......

    An excellent account, superbly researched and written. everyone should read this. Regards Simon
  17. Can we see the Formation badge and Shoulder titles any clearer? May be of assistance. Regards Simon
  18. I would say, yes, British Army based on Uniform and Rifle and although not clear, probably 8th Army Formation looking at the Formation patch. Fought there way up through Italy and ended the War in Austria? Regards Simon
  19. Ernest Thompson 17913 1st Bt. Royal Dubs

    Good luck Rachel and as I said I'll keep you informed should anything turn up Simon
  20. Ernest Thompson 17913 1st Bt. Royal Dubs

    My pleasure, I failed to mention that there should also be a Plaque commemorating him, hopefully with the medals still. I have also listed his details on the British Medal Forum website asking for any details on the whereabouts of the medals. Will let you know if anything turns up. Regards Simon
  21. If its an old established firm as many of these Military Tailors are I see no reason why old stock shouldn't still be around, quite a small Unit would have worn these I would imagine so plenty of scope for having a few left on the shelves. Simon
  22. Ernest Thompson 17913 1st Bt. Royal Dubs

    Hello Rachel, Let me start by saying welcome to the Forum and I will try to cover a few points you have raised. Regarding Medals, during World War 1 British issued medals were named with the Recipients details either on the reverse in the case of the 14/15 Star or around the rim on the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Each recipient also had something called a Medal Index Card which recorded Name, Rank, Corps, Regimental Number, Medals that were entitled and their relevant Roll, Theatre of War first served in, Date of entry therein, Remarks and Correspondence. In the case of your GG Uncle his Medal index card shows that he was entitled to the 1915 Star Roll B/7b Page 465 and the British War and Victory Medals Roll B/101b6 Page 465. It also shows that he entered Theatre of War (2b) Balkans on 2nd July 1915 and was presumed Dead 8th August 1915. On the Medal Rolls there is a column which has three options regarding the Medals, a, Presented, b, Despatched by Post or c,Taken into Stock and in this case the column has been left blank. It is highly likely therefore that your GG Uncles medals are out there somewhere, check with other relatives if you do not have them or you can place an advert in the Medal News Magazine, Medal Tracker service for information on their whereabouts. He is also commemorated on page 147 of Irish Casualties of World War 1 with a small paragraph which gives no other information except for stating he was born in New Southgate, Middlesex. There is also a Document available which is titled Army Registers of Soldiers Effects, 1901 - 1929 with an entry for him dated February 1917 in Dublin which states that your GG Uncle had £2 18s 5d in Credits and that on 22nd March 1917 authourisation was given to pay these to his Father Alfred in full. Then on 4th October 1918 a further £3 was paid. All of these Documents are available on line via Ancestry UK should you wish to view them. To assist you further with your research I would recommend that you take a look at this site http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/ Which covers virtually every aspect of World War 1 research for both individuals and their Units. This Site may also help http://royaldublinfusiliers.com/ This may also be of interest as it gives an over view of Operation in Gallipoli for his Unit http://www.dublin-fusiliers.com/battaliions/1-batt/campaigns/1915-gallipoli.html As to the photograph shown imho they are Officers and so would not show your GG Uncle. Best regards and good luck with your write up, if I discover anything else of relevance to this Brave Man I will let you know. Simon
  23. Simon Just to update you that I haven't forgotten about this, still working through as my time allows. All the best Simon
  24. Nice Guards Division Regimental Sergeant Majors rank badge worn on both sleeves of the number 2 dress on the upper arm. This particular example is, to my eye, the better version as they changed in the late 80's, early 90's to a brighter version which can be seen at post 20 on this GMIC thread http://gmic.co.uk/topic/38875-badges-for-some-scary-people-the-rsm33/?tab=comments#comment-360436 As to price, it's obviously subjective as how keen any individual collector is but I would say IMHO anywhere between £10 and £20. Best regards Simon.
  25. Hello there, This is the WW2 era British Army Air Liaison Signals patch, should be white on dark blue? Shown as illustration number 195 in the book 'British Army Cloth Insignia 1940 to Present' by Brian L Davis. One listed here for sale currently (no connection to Seller on my part) http://dbgmilitaria.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1222 Regards Simon