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  1. Excellent, thanks for sharing the link, Regards Simon
  2. If you can give us the exact dimensions to the sword this may help with identification and a photograph of the blade tip would help as well. Nice sword by the way, regards Simon
  3. Paul. Very nice medal, thanks for sharing, is your interest confined to the Napoleonic era or do you have medals to other periods? Either way I'm sure we would like to see more of your collection, especially if they are of such a similar high standard. All the best Simon
  4. Regarding German or Allies trenches I suspect the key lies in what I believe to be the North arrow marked on the photo, if indeed this does indicate North and the cog wheel type emplacements face the enemy then surely they face east and are therefore Allied in origin. Just a thought and certainly an unusual trench layout I have not come across before. Regards Simon//
  5. Kev, Not sure if you have access to Ancestry but the Silver War Badge Rolls are easily accessible on there site and give useful information to the Recipient if all you have is the Badge. Happy to look any up for you if you do not have access. All the best Simon.
  6. Mike Good luck with the cap and looking forward to seeing your collection here on the Forum. All the Best Simon
  7. I have only ever seen examples of this type of cap at the National Army Museum in London and they were obviously behind glass with no opportunity to examine them. From what you have shown so far Mike I would be inclined to hope that this is in fact a fine survivor of its type. It may sound silly but does the cap smell old, it's something that can't imho be replicated and something of this age will have a unique 'old' smell. The other thing I would be interested to know is what size the cap is? As a general rule the population is getting bigger and I know this will not give any definite answer but I would expect it to be a small size. I wonder if an enquiry with The NAM would provide any further proof, not sure how helpful they would be but worth a chance if you can contact them. Regards Simon
  8. Could this be a magazine for the M1 Carbine? The magazine base looks to be of US pattern and there must have been many contracted Firms making these to provide minor variations to the standard. Regards Simon,527 One for sale showing similarities. Simon
  9. Yes, definitely British Army issue, right down to the last four numbers of the last man issued with it written on the back. Simon.
  10. From the fact that the pouch is padded and the single brass belt fixing I would say that this is a pouch for carrying the prismatic compass. Can't make out the ink stampings so can't give you a date but these were still being used up to the late 80's at least. All the best Simon.
  11. The Silver War Badge records show one Harry Fraser with the Rank of Driver in the 15 Reserve Battery, Royal Field Artillery with Regimental number 58897. He is shown as enlisting on 04/1/15 and date of discharge as 24/7/15 being issued Badge Number B2699. Reason for discharge given as 'Sickness, permanently unfit for any form of military service.' He is also shown as aged 35. Could be your Man, I'll see what else I can find on him. Regards Simon
  12. Bilco, Thanks for the link, interesting and appears answer the original question posed in this thread! Regards Simon.
  13. Whilst this may be a made up badge I have to say that I have never come across a Sweetheart badge with a two lug fixing as shown, can't imagine any Sweetheart being to keen to make the required holes in his or hers favorite clothing item to wear this, Which leaves the question is this a badge none of us have seen before or has it been made to deceive or is at indeed some form of Sweetheart or unofficial item? Regards Simon. A trawl on the net shows a number of these badges and the link below shows one recently sold on EBAY Regards Simon
  14. Peter, Certainly bears a resemblance to a Berkshire Yeomanry badge but a very strange metal and stone configuration and also there appears to be no method of affixing this item to anything! The stone reminds me of those used in Scottish edged weapon hilts but this is of no help when trying to identify this piece. What size is the badge please? Regards Simon.
  15. Can we see the back of this item please?
  16. Hello there, I doubt that this is a tunic to the Coldstream Guards, the Garter star on the collar is like nothing I have seen before and there should be embroidered rose emblems on the shoulder straps. The skirt ornamentation is similar and it obviously should have Coldstream buttons. I'm wondering if this is in fact a tunic with connections to the Canadian Guards Regiments? Regards Simon
  17. Thanks Chris, still looking for those scans, will be in touch! Simon
  18. Chris. Nice photo, excuse my ignorance but what is the badge/emblem worn on the left breast of his tunic? Cheers Simon
  19. Gentlemen, I have recently acquired two photographs which I believe show members of Imperial German Feldgarmerie units in different uniform styles. My meagre reference library on the subject suggests that the intial Great War Feldgendarmerie were formed from Rural Police Officers and having viewed Chris' Kaisers Cross section on the subject it would appear that the uniform worn by the Man in photo 1 is similar. The men in photo 2 however wear distinctive items of uniform. ie, Spiked and Uhlan Helmets. What I am trying to understand is:- Were the Feldgendarme units issued with their own distinctive uniform or did they adopt the uniform of Units they were attached to? Did the German Army have a system similar to the British Regimental Police whereby a number of Non Commissioned Officers were assigned for the purpose of Regimental discipline and dealing with POW'S and so retained their own uniforms? Could a Soldier literally be handed a Gorget and told to henceforth adopt the role of Feldgendarme? I have searched the previous threads re this subject to no avail so any info or further reading would be much appreciated.
  20. Thanks for posting these photos. Had the opportunity to visit this cemetery myself many years ago and was struck with how serene the place was. The trip up to the Monastery also puts into focus just how difficult the battle must have been for the Infantry, steep, very high and extremely rough terrain.. Regards Simon.
  21. Thanks for showing this Mervyn, way beyond my wallet but lovely to see, particularly the pith style helmets. Regards Simon
  22. Glenn Nice to hear from you, thought you may have known him. Never seen that backing before, when you first recieved yours was it the red backing or like this one? Cheers Simon (H)
  23. Chris No, not made for showing at home. The Guards along with some other Regiments have their medals court mounted, ie on a stiff board backed ribbon so as not to swing about. Normally the backing would be red to match the colour of the Guards tunic when engaged on home service public duties. I have no idea why the backing cloth is green but this medal does appear to have been professionally tailored. Value anywhere from £50 to £70 imho. Regards Simon
  24. Hello Kornel Looks like an interesting book, just bought a copy on UK ebay, there is still one copy available if any one else wants one. Regards Simon