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  1. Chris, That Tankgewehr is one huge beast, she handles that better than most, some great weapons on show too. Simon
  2. Pierre, Below is a link to an excellent thread on this Forum concerning British Army helmets, if you scroll down to post number 10 you will see a photograph of a 5th Dragoon Guards helmet in the wonderful collection of Stuart Bates, coupled with the information in the Carmen book above I think we can positively id the last plume you show as that of the 5th Dragoon Guards although it appears to missing its top. Simon
  3. Tony Have just checked Ancestry UK site for Jacobs on the Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls 1793 to 1949 with no direct match unfortunately, will keep you updated. Simon
  4. Tony, As a start and by using this useful website it would appear that with your Man's number being 1246 he would have joined the Regiment between 29th July 1884 and 9th April 1885, next step will be to check the Regimental History to ascertain which campaigns the Regiment was involved in and then check the relevant Medal Rolls for him. Simon
  5. Pierre, My pleasure will try to give you positive identifications if I can as time allows. All the best Simon
  6. Welcome to the Forum Pete, look forward to seeing your posts! Simon
  7. Thanks Tony, can't say I've seen similar labels but that means nothing. Still searching for your Man and will let you know if I turn anything up. Simon
  8. Looking again at your photographs and consulting with the book , British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures by WY Carmen I have found the following:- Heavy Cavalry 1855 -1901 The brass helmet continued in use for the seven Dragoon Guards' Regiments as did the white metal pattern for the 1st or Royal Dragoons and the 6th or Inniskilling Dragoons. The 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons continued, of course, to wear their black bearskin caps with a nine inch white hackle feather. For the other Cavalry the three colours of red, black and white were chosen. Red was used by the Kings Dragoon Guards, white for the 4th Dragoon Guards and the 6th Dragoons, black for the 2nd and 6th Dragoon Guards and Royal Dragoons. Black and red were used by the 3rd Dragoon Guards, red and white by the 5th Dragoon Guards and black and white for the 7th Dragoon Guards. Lancers 1855 - 1901 The plume which had been of simple black horsehair for all Lancer Regiments was in the 1857 regulations noted as different for each Regiment. The 9th Lancers had black and white cock tail feathers, the 12th had scarlet, the 16th scarlet and white and the 17th all white. What you probably need to do now is check with online sources which relevant Regiment had which type of metal fittings and you may be able to narrow down the identity of each item. The one issue is of course the Yeomanry Regiments who had very elaborate uniforms linked to the regular Cavalry style uniforms and so there is always the possibility that these items could belong to them. I have no idea about the 7 inch white and red plumes, never seen anything similar before and the tall feather plume could well be Hussar or Corps related. Hope this helps and all the best Simon
  9. Welcome to the Forum. Regarding the various plumes you have shown us, the white over green over white short horsehair is worn by the Welsh Guards on left side of the bearskin cap, the all white similar one is worn by the Grenadier Guards also on the left side and both are for Non commissioned ranks. Regarding the longer falling type which were worn by Cavalry and Yeomanry Regiments, positive identification will need to be made on the fitting device and finial top as the colours shown were worn by more than one Regiment, for example black was used in the Albert pattern Helmet by the 2nd Dragoon Guards, 7th Dragoon Guards and Household Cavalry Farriers along with many others. They were also, of course worn by Lancer Regiments and again style of fitting will need to ascertained for identification. I will attempt to get a list together of the Cavalry Regiments and get back to you, nice items by the way. All the best Simon
  10. Paul Am no expert on this but below are two links to WW2 era Soviet uniforms that have sold on Ebay recently, may be of help. All the best Simon
  11. Thank Tony, Look forward to seeing them. will see if I can find any records of your Man. Regards Simon
  12. Interesting find Farkus, is the name label sewn in or stuck to the band, Hard to make out exactly. Simon
  13. Time Left: 15 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Cabinet Card as discussed and kindly identified by Glenn J in this thread, Asking for £15.00 and postage at cost please (Payment in GBP if possible please)


  14. Time Left: 15 days and 15 hours

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    A set of four autographed Post War Knights Cross Winner Photographs as follows:- Otto Gunsche, £20 Heinz Jurgens £15 Walter Girg £15 Otto Weidinger £20 For sale individually as priced or will sell all four for £60 and P & P at cost. (Payment in GBP if possible please)


  15. Many thanks Nick, sorry to be a pain. Simon
  16. Nick, Sorry to be a pain but once again I have tried to list items in the classified section and I am still encountering the same problem. Regards Simon
  17. The only one I can add, under a glass the cap tally says 1 Werft Division 1A or similar. The rear of this card has a Kiel Studio mark. Simon
  18. This Special Constabulary 1950s Poster has just been offered for sale at a Local Auction House near me, there are a number of other Police items including a City of London Helmet with SC badge if you take a look. Regards Simon
  19. Another excellent addition to your collection and another great write up, many thanks. Simon
  20. Your medal is shown as sold on 20th July 2014 where the description is indeed given as Ward Servant, Burma Military Police although I wonder what this task would have actually been within a Police Unit. Regards Simon
  21. Farkas, Lovely item and in excellent condition, I have seen similar items to other Units which have been described as being made by German PoW's and for some reason the font used in the carving here has a Germanic feel to it to my eye. A great find, well done. Simon
  22. Can't work out what the Mil M, reference is, not something I have heard of before. If we can identify the Unit it should narrow it down a bit. Will see what I can find. Simon
  23. Simon Thanks for the names and dates, I'll start working through the London Regiment first (Finsbury Rifles) as that may be more productive with a fairly common surname like Richards in the ASC. May take a while but I'll see what I can find. Best Regards Simon
  24. This link appears to confirm my earlier thoughts, if you scroll down you will find Stevedore. Regards Simon
  25. Oliver, Never seen this abbreviation before but my guess would be Stevedore, that is a Dock Worker or Labourer and may fit with the fact that your Man was employed on the Mesopotamia Railways. Will see what else I can turn up. Regards Simon